This old Lithuanian city is adored by thousands of people who have visited it at least once. Locals love Vilnius even more and are ready to share the most quirky and unusual places where you can explore modern art or have an amazing picnic. With its spectacular Old Town that’s part of UNESCO heritage and an abundance of cute cafes and cozy restaurants, Vilnius is an ideal place to spend more than just a few days during your vacation. So where do you start?


This ‘city within a city’ is an absolute must-see for all visitors. Located in the very heart of Vilnius, this bohemian self-proclaimed republic has everything of its own – flag, currency, army and even a President! 39 articles form the local Constitution that proclaims everyone’s right to be happy and a dog’s right to remain a dog. The area is ideal for walking and spending days at local pubs and unusual cafes.

View spot at Giedyminas Tower

While wondering the streets of Vilnius is the most amazing thing you can do in the city, nothing can quite compare to the pleasure of enjoying its scenery from above. It’s simply breathtaking! Head to the Upper Castel where you can climb the oh-so-popular Giedyminas Tower and view the town’s many spectacular churches and rooftops of ancient buildings. It’s also a great sunset spot.


Street art

Like many European cities, Vilnius has also been infested with all kinds of street art that is both modern and beautiful. You can look for it all over the town in small nooks and unexpected corners of buildings – it’s literally everywhere! Old Town and Uzupis have enough modern art to satisfy even the pickiest street art-lover. Make sure you visit the Odminiu Street where the popular ‘Think!’ mural is located.

Books, art and vinyl

Head to Rudninku Knygynas and you’ll end up in a music-lover’s heaven. The vinyl collection here is pretty extensive, and you can ask the owner to play something while you browse through the shop. There’s always something to see as this place hosts various art exhibitions. Apart from that – it has stacks of incredible books on fashion, art, design and whatnot.

Historical Park

It’s always great to have a break in the midst of the city and escape from all the noise and usual activities. What better way to do this then retreat into the shady meadows of Bernardine Gardens? With the views of River Vilnele and more than just a few picturesque fountains, this place is an ideal spot to grab a book, a cup of coffee and enjoy the serene atmosphere of peace and quiet. It’s also a great place to relax with kids.

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