Uluru Rock in Australia

“Being lost in Australia gives you a lovely sense of security.”

– Bruce Chatwin, The Songlines

“Down Under” “OZ” “The Bush” “The Outback”–those are just a few names that Australia known as.

Australia is known for it’s beautiful beaches, wide-open spaces, natural wonders, and the architectural wonders that dot its urban landscapes.

The laid-back “no worries” Aussie lifestyle is the common thread that ties Australia’s very diverse population together.  Food, arts, sports, and the arts are vital to Australian culture but it’s the Aboriginal history that has the greatest influence on Aussie lifestyle today.

Explore Australia’s vase territory, learn about it’s history, gaze at the natural and man made wonders and enjoy a shrimp on the barbie while you peruse the stories that will take you to the land down under.

humpback-whale swimming

Like Peering into Human Eyes: Swimming with Humpback Whales

By Cara Siera

Whales, it turns out, are a lot like us. They live in family groups whom they go to great lengths to protect and care for. They love to sing, and “chart-topping hits” spread quickly from group to group. They’ve even been known to stand up for other, weaker species — … Read more   Read more

Australia Adventure Experiences

Game On: How Melbourne Leveled Up as a Playable City

By Ann-Marie Cahill

Melbourne is a Playable City; in both name and character. It is one of my favourite cities to visit, with its hidden laneways scattered throughout the bustling CBD.   Read more

Australia Experiences Off the Beaten Path