Bogota Colombia street

“Travel, for me, is a little bit like being in love, because suddenly all your senses are at the setting marked “on.” Suddenly you’re alert to the secret patterns of the world.”             

– Pico Yver

Explore what awaits you in Central and South AmericaCentral America has a rich cultural heritage that is defined by the seven countries that sit within its borders:  Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.   The swamp land that divides the Pan-American Highway between Panama and Colombia identifies the border for South America—a country with a rich biodiversity and natural heritage that includes Venezuela’s Angel Falls, the world’s highest waterfall; the largest river, the Amazon River; the largest rainforest, the Amazon Rainforest; the longest mountain range, the Andes; the highest single drop waterfall on Guyana, the Kaieteur Falls; and the driest non-polar place on earth, the Atacama Desert.

The Central and South America region is home to the most dynamic cities in the world like Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Santiago, Buenos Aires, and Caracas. The South America region offers so much to explore like the glacier laden mountains, the greatest rivers in the world, jungles, beaches, and an unimaginable amount of wildlife. In the Central America also, the travelers can make a huge list of things to see and do – villages, inland lakes, volcanoes, ocean side beaches, mountains, coffee plantations, and all kinds of wildlife. A whole new adventure awaits you in the Central and South America region.

Traditional Colombian dress

9 Reasons to Visit Colombia

By Tonya Fitzpatrick, Esq.

Colombia is now a go-to destination in Latin America. While they face economic hardship and loss, the people of Colombia live life to the fullest. Majestic landscapes and views are waiting to get explored, and your next vacation will be everything you have dreamed it would be and more!   Read more

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Volcan Irazu National Park, Cartago Province, Costa Rica

Budget-Friendly Destinations in Costa Rica

When people think of the lush landscapes and pristine beaches of Costa Rica, many imagine a destination suitable only for those with deep pockets. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Costa Rica is abundant with locations that are as budget-friendly as they are beautiful. Let’s explore some of … Read more   Read more

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Ecuador Amazon

The Ecuadorian Amazon: Visiting with a Local

By Hana LaRock

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve dreamed of visiting the Amazon Rainforest. Whether it was the nature shows on the Discovery Channel or birthday dinners spent at the Rainforest Café, an Amazon themed-restaurant, the animals, the sounds of the rain and seeing all the colors come together to … Read more   Read more

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Falklands Island penguins

The Falkland Island | A Birdwatcher’s Paradise

By Tonya Fitzpatrick, Esq.

So let’s discover why the Falkland Islands are an excellent place to visit and how you can have a unique birdwatching experience.   Read more

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Picturesque sunset over El Paredon Beach in Guatemala. Photo: Thomas Später

El Paredon: A Safety Guide to Guatemala’s Premier Beach Town

By Thomas Später

Among the picturesque beach towns in Guatemala, El Paredon Buena Vista, situated on the southern Pacific coast within the Escuintla municipality, stands out as the ultimate destination for beach lovers and surf enthusiasts alike.   Read more

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Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf in Brazil

Brazil: A Country for Every Travel Budget

By Tonya Fitzpatrick, Esq.

Brazil has a rich cultural heritage, countrywide celebrations, locally sourced scrumptious cuisine and natural attractions that attract millions of travelers every year.   Read more

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The picturesque El Salvador’s most beautiful waterfall, Tamanique Falls. Photo: Thomas Später

Exploring the Enchanting Tamanique Waterfalls in El Salvador

By Thomas Später

El Salvador, though compact in size, boasts a plethora of natural wonders waiting to be discovered. Among its treasures lies the breathtaking Tamanique waterfalls, nestled deep within a tropical forest, approximately 55 km from the international airport, 16 km from El Tunco (a renowned beach town), or 40 km from … Read more   Read more

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16 Night safari Patti Morrow

Adventures on the Amazon

By Patti Morrow

Since pre-Colombian times, the Amazon has been the source of intrigue for outsiders, from daydreams of riverboat adventures to nightmares of shrunken heads.   Read more

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coffee cup and beans

Touring a Coffee Plantation in Costa Rica

By Lola Méndez

Traveling has made me a coffee lover. I’ve enjoyed the perfect espresso in Italy, strong traditional brews made in copper pots in Albania, cortados in Uruguay, and learned to take my coffee with coconut milk in Vietnam. Throughout my adventures, I’ve visited coffee plantations in India, Indonesia, and Vietnam. I … Read more   Read more

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San Telmo Beloved comic characters Mafalda, Manolito and Susanita

Historic San Telmo, the Beating Heart of Buenos Aires  

By Ana Astri-O’Reilly

With its cobbled streets, wrought iron balconies, and eclectic architecture, San Telmo is Buenos Aires’ oldest and most historic neighborhood. And, although it is the smallest one with an area of half a square mile, it is packed with fascinating local history and culture.   Read more

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Drone image of the author at the edge of Santa Ana Volcano. Photo: Thomas Später

A Guide to Conquering Santa Ana Volcano in El Salvador

By Thomas Später

Most people that visit Latin American countries, such as El Salvador and Guatemala, probably do so to see some volcanoes. Especially because there are so many of them, it may sometimes get a little overwhelming when it comes to deciding which ones to see.   Read more

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Soltice Bolivia

Welcoming the Return of the Sun to Lake Titicaca

By Renee Alexander

Our winter welcome to Bolivia wasn’t exactly warm. For Americans, the visa requirements are extensive.   Read more

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Pulperías: Where the gauchos gathered

By Ana Astri-O’Reilly

Imagine spending days, even weeks, in the vast plains with only your horse and your loyal dog for company. Herding cattle during the day, sipping mate next to the campfire at night. The need for human interaction will be met at the nearest pulpería, although near and far are relative terms in the … Read more   Read more

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Finding the Perfect Costa Rican Beach

By Eliza Amon

Costa Rica has 300 beaches along nearly 800 miles of coastline so choosing the right one is challenging. Playa Espadrilla, a serene mile-long beach on the Pacific side of Costa Rica met my family’s antithetical needs, providing a perfect base for a weeklong vacation.   Read more

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paine national park Patagonia

Patagonia’s Indigenous Communities: 5 Cultural Experiences to Discover on an Expedition

In Patagonia, a sub-region of Chile and Argentina, there are many exciting cultural experiences to discover.  However, wherever you go, responsible travel is what you should strive for. It is important to understand how your actions impact your destination. Let’s dive into a list of the indigenous communities you can … Read more   Read more

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