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Baja California. Photo: Claudia Larios

New friends, adventures, and perspectives in Baja California Sur

By Claudia Larios

One of our friends had seen a photo of this place on the Baja peninsula, but other than that, we knew very little about our destination.   Read more

Mexico Experiences
Author Kellie Paxian Traveling during COVID

Fleeing the cold to weather the storms

By Kellie Paxian

A global pandemic, travel bans, and now hurricanes — what else have you got for us, 2020?!   Read more

Mexico Social Responsibility
Guanajuato, Mexico monument

COVID-19 Report from Mexico

For weeks it seemed like Mexico wasn’t as impacted by COVID-19 as other countries around the world and, certainly, not as affected as it’s U.S. neighbor.  But what was happening in Mexico and how is the country handling the coronavirus pandemic today? Was Mexico just slow to respond to the … Read more   Read more

Mexico Health & Wellness Insights
Whale shark up close and personal

Swim with whale sharks – the largest fish in the ocean

By Melissa Curtin

Swimming with whale sharks was something I had never contemplated until visiting La Paz, Mexico, a few hours north of Cabo San Lucas in southern Baja California Sur. My immediate response was “no way” until I learned the name “whale shark” is quite misleading. Whale sharks are the world’s largest … Read more   Read more

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Street dog in Mexico

Mexico’s street dog problem — and how travelers are part of the solution

By Jessica Barrett

“Watch us come back with a dog,” I joked to my partner as we packed our things for four months on Mexico’s Pacific coast. As it turned out, it was less of a joke than I thought.   Read more

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Handcuffed with sky background

One Night in Jail: A Travel Horror Story

By Katherine Bertrand

Imagine this: it’s your average Tuesday morning; the soft ping of your alarm has just woken you up from a blissful sleep. You yawn and as per usual, immediately turn to check your phone.  Suddenly, below several work emails and app notifications, a Whatsapp message from your mother catches your … Read more   Read more

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Fermacide photo by Eliza Amon.

Rats and Astronauts: Street Art in Oaxaca

By Eliza Amon

Famed for its artistic traditions in weaving, pottery and painted wooden animal carvings known as alebrijes, the Mexican city of Oaxaca is also brimming with contemporary art. Museums and galleries dot the central area, particularly north of the Zocalo, the central plaza, but Oaxaca also has a thriving street art … Read more   Read more

Mexico Off the Beaten Path The Arts

Traveling through Puerto Vallarta and Tequila, Mexico

World Footprints travels to Jalisco, Mexico where we’ll be met by dolphins, pirates and Jose Cuervo. Jalisco is the seventh largest state of the 32 states in Mexico.  It is rich in history and considered to be the true Mexico since many of the cultural characteristics of the country (Mariachis, … Read more   Read more

Mexico Agritourism History
Inside Jose Cuervo.  Photo:  Tonya Fitzpatrick

Following Mexico’s Tequilla Trail

By Jackie Jones

There is a beverage that has been able to pull the Mexican tourism sector out of its slump. Tequila is Mexico’s national drink, and a symbol of citizens’ pride and culture. As admiration for the spirit grows, tourism prospects are looking up. American tourists are especially enamored by the alcoholic … Read more   Read more

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