Totem Poles of the First Nations in Vancouver Canada

“Through travel I first became aware of the outside world; it was through travel that I found my own introspective way into becoming a part of it.”

Eudora Welty

Explore the history, diverse cultures and traditions of the North American countries of Canada, Mexico and the United States. North American culture reflects both the cultures of its indigenous people- the Native Americans as well as the culture that is influenced by European Colonization.

United States is the third largest country in the world and one of the most culturally diverse countries of the world. Described as the ‘melting pot‘ of North America , amalgamation of different cultures has given shape to the unique U.S. culture.

Mexico is the most populous state of North America and one of the largest city in the world.

Canada is the largest country of North American region and covering more than half of the continent’s area.

Detroit Riverwalk statue

Heartbeat of Detroit

By Breana Johnson

I didn’t know a single thing about Detroit when I moved here a year ago. Most people plan where they want to move but when your spouse is in medical school, you don’t always have the luxury of choice or time.   Read more

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WF Roanoke Robert Mike and the Black Dog at Black Dog Salvage Dog Bowl scaled

Roanoke: Celebrating the Stars of Star City

By Terri Marshall

Of course, the state wouldn’t be for lovers if its cities and towns didn’t embody the same coveted qualities. Located in the southwest region of the state, Roanoke checks all the boxes.   Read more

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Spiral Jetty: Making the Trek to the Famed Utah Earthwork

By Eliza Amon

Seventeen miles down a gravel road that cuts through an empty expanse of desert to reach the northeastern edge of Utah’s Great Salt Lake is an enigmatic art destination that’s worth the pilgrimage. And pilgrimage it is.   Read more

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Disney Springs Entrance scaled

How to Enjoy Walt Disney World for Free

By Cara Siera

Disney World and Disneyland parks and resorts have long been called, collectively, “the happiest place on earth.” But the joy of Disney parks comes with a large price tag — at the time of print, Disney World Orlando’s Standard Theme Park Ticket is priced at $109.00 per day.   Read more

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wupatki ruins

Exploring Arizona’s Ancient Native Dwellings

By Breana Johnson

Check top-ten lists of Arizona’s best destinations, and you’re not likely to see any ancient ruins on the list. However, these lesser-known sites are some of the most fascinating and significant locations in the state!   Read more

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Thanksgiving in Beijing with party favors scaled

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Beijing, China

By Kirsten Harrington

It was Fall of 2019 and Beijing was beautiful, with ripe persimmons hanging from trees like lanterns and golden gingko trees glowing in the park. But as the days grew shorter and the arctic chill set in, my spirits sank. Thanksgiving was just around the corner, and I longed for … Read more   Read more

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Texas Christmas Tree

Midland TX for Kids: Best Kid-Friendly Things to Do

Cradled in the embrace of West Texas, Midland shines as a dynamic city where the stark beauty of the desert stretches up to touch the expansive skies. The city, steeped in a rich heritage of oil discovery, is quickly becoming a magnet for families in search of a mix of … Read more   Read more

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plastic sled

Frozen Fun: 10 Top Winter Activities in Fort Collins

Fort Collins, a picturesque haven nestled in Colorado, bursts into a wonderland of activity when winter cloaks its landscapes in sparkling white. The city, known for its lively community and scenic beauty, is not one to retreat into hibernation as the colder months roll in.  Instead, it invites locals and … Read more   Read more

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mountain view city hall

10 Things to See in Mountain View, CA

Mountain View, California, nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, is a bustling city that attracts visitors and new residents alike with its unique blend of culture, innovation, and scenic beauty.  It’s a place where the past and future intersect, offering a plethora of things to see in Mountain View … Read more   Read more

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bench chair overlooking beach in Florida

Central Florida’s Autumn Adventures: Things To Do in 2023

Autumn in Central Florida is a magical time that unveils a different dimension of the Sunshine State. When most think of Florida, images of sunny beaches and swaying palm trees come to mind. However, fall activities in Florida present a varied tapestry that contradicts this stereotype.  The season transforms the … Read more   Read more

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volcanoes national park

Exploring the Depths of Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park

By Michael Fil

Lush rainforest and land transformed for millions of years by volcanic activity, all spread across 520 square miles of protected space. Welcome to Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park!   Read more

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goldsboro art square

The Rise and Fall of Goldsboro, Florida: An African American Town

By Kathleen Walls

Many people know the story of the African American town Rosewood from the movie about the massacre, but how many of us have heard of Goldsboro, Florida, the second black incorporated city in the United States, which also thrived and was subsequently destroyed?   Read more

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acadia national park

Exploring Acadia National Park

By JenLyn Fitz

Acadia National Park is one of the fifty-eight National Parks in the United States and it is in the state of Maine.  The park’s original   Read more

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My peoples market Portland Oregon

Exploring Portland’s Multicultural Offerings

By Becky Garrison

The cult TV show Portlandia pushed Portland, Oregon to hipster fame, but behind the city’s heralded “cool” veneer, lies a white supremacist history. Black people were explicitly forbidden from living in the city when the state entered the union in 1859.   Read more

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Understanding U.S. State Department Travel Warnings and Travel Alerts

By Tonya Fitzpatrick, Esq.

The U.S. State Department provides  American citizens with regular notifications of events that  may affect their safety and security.  These notices come in the form of Travel Alerts or Travel Warnings.   Read more

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