“Canada is a great country, one of the hopes of the world”

-Jack Layton

O Canada! You big beautiful and wonderful land.

Travel to Canada on your next solo or family trip.There is so much to love about Canada–it’s vast beautiful wilderness, indigenous culture, stunning coastlines, historic attractions, inspiring islands, amazing wildlife, welcoming people and incredible food.

On this page you’ll find stories that showcase the wonderful things that Canada has to offer in addition to stories that put a spotlight on its negative past with First Nations people and other people of color. In this respect, Canada is no different from any other country in the world but we share these stories to acknowledge our history and celebrate our humanity.

Travel to Canada as there is so much to explore. Canada‘s major cities are beautiful mosaics of multiculturalism. Some say that diversity is in Canada‘s DNA and friendliness is in its waters.

Delight yourself as you explore through our stories about Canada.

Toronto, Canada skyline

Experiencing Toronto Like A Local

By Shahraz Ali

Whether you stay in Toronto for a week or a year, not a day will go by without you finding something new and exciting to do.   Read more

Canada Experiences
Winter Camping Log Cabin photo by Nikki Gillingham

Don’t Let a Socially-Distanced Winter Keep You Inside: Camping at Dee Lake Wilderness Resort

By Nikki Gillingham

Winter camping, even in relatively mild temperatures, isn’t something to take lightly. It requires planning, preparation, and a bit of spirit to get you through the evening!   Read more

Canada Backpacking & Camping Nature & Outdoors
Hiking above okanagan-lake

How to Stay Safe on the Trails

By Nikki Gillingham

Whether we identify as travellers or not, a lot of us are taking time during the pandemic to connect with nature. Depending on where you live in the world, restaurants, shops, and even parks have been closed, so a lot of us are hitting the trails to enjoy the fresh … Read more   Read more

Canada Safety
Helen Hatzis Aloha Toronto Roots Canada

Toronto-based travel journalist Helen Hatzis offers thoughts about Travel’s future

If you want to hear about what the future face of travel might look like post-coronavirus ask someone who travels for a living.  That’s what we did when we sat down with fellow travel journalist Helen Hatzis of Trip Jaunt.   In addition to being a travel journalist Helen is … Read more   Read more

Canada Insights
Helen Hatzis Aloha Toronto Roots Canada

Travel Journalist Helen Hatzis, one of ‘Canada’s Nicest People’, on travel and life post-coronavirus

World Footprints sat down with fellow travel journalist Helen Hatzis, co-founder of Trip Jaunt, about the future face of travel for journalists and the traveling public post-coronavirus. Helen also talked about her community work including Aloha Toronto that earned her a Governor’s General Award and about the things that make … Read more   Read more

Canada Insights Social Responsibility
La Casa Cottages, my self isolation base. Photo: Kellie Paxian

From lockdown to isolation: My COVID-19-fuelled journey home

By Kellie Paxian

My greeting at YVR International Airport’s customs desk is about as warm as my farewell from Cape Town 27 hours earlier.   Read more

Canada Experiences Social Responsibility
The Roost Vineyard Bistro & Farm Bakery on Vancouver Island.

The Saanich Peninsula: A Family Farm Haven on Vancouver Island

By Christina Newberry

When I arrive at Healing Farm, I have an overwhelming sense that I’ve come home. This 18-acre organic farm on Vancouver Island’s Saanich Peninsula is everything I love about this part of the world, where I grew up.   Read more

Canada Agritourism Experiences Food & Drink History

TODAY IN HISTORY: Vancouver burns down (June 13, 1886)

Vancouver you’re on fire!!! On June 13, 1886, the newly incorporated city of Vancouver, British Columbia nearly burned to the ground. Officials attempted to clear brush with a controlled fire between Main and Cambie streets. However, during the controlled burn a strong wind arose off the Pacific Ocean and it … Read more   Read more

Canada History
New France festivalgoers dressed in period costumes

Quebec City’s New France Festival – a walk through Canadian history

Today on World Footprints we celebrate Canada’s Francophone roots in the Quebec region as we walk in the footsteps of history at the New France Festival in Quebec City. Plus, we’ll visit an Augustinian Monastery turned holistic spa and we’ll talk to an Old World wine merchant. The walled fortifications … Read more   Read more

Canada Events & Festivals History
Bronco riding at Calgary Stampede. Photo by Tonya Fitzpatrick

A Look at the Calgary Stampede – “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”

Because the world famous Calgary Stampede has just started, World Footprints takes a look back at our time at the rodeo. This rodeo spectacular IS the greatest outdoor show on earth. At Stampede you’ll find everything from Vegas & Broadway style shows to bull-riding, roping and an ice skating show … Read more   Read more

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New France festivalgoers dressed in period costumes

Quebec City: Where New France celebrates its heritage

By Tonya Fitzpatrick

In 1608 the first Europeans set foot on North American soil. Samuel de Champlain, considered to be the founding father of New France, built a settlement that would later be called Quebec City. For the last few decades the arrival of these first French settlers has been celebrated in the … Read more   Read more

Canada Events & Festivals History

Sustainable Vancouver Island’s Marmot Sanctuary

By Sam Treacy

After moving to Victoria, British Columbia from Alberta for university, I have definitely noticed a difference in the way Vancouver Island residents lead their lives. Some may say that it’s just the “island life” perspective, but people are much more sustainable, which can be seen through the widespread use of … Read more   Read more

Canada Sustainability
spa wellness-.jpg

6 Canadian Women’s Retreats Perfect for a Weekend Getaway

By Sam Treacy

After a long and exhausting work week, months filled with stressful schoolwork, or many hours spent with your children and family, many of us need a break from reality. A retreat can be the perfect way to do this, whether alone, or with close friends. Listed below are six retreats … Read more   Read more

Canada Experiences
Candian flag

Celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday

By Sam Treacy

2017 is Canada’s 150th birthday, and so far has been filled with a plethora of festivities and celebrations. Although Canada’s actual anniversary took place on July 1st, both visitors and residents alike can still celebrate the country’s achievements and accomplishments in a variety of ways. Values that Canadians hold dear … Read more   Read more

Canada Events & Festivals

Viewing Polar Bears in Northern Canada

By Sam Treacy

One of the North’s most recognized species, the polar bear (Ursus maritimus being its Latin Name) has a notorious reputation as a bold and brainy predator, not to mention its massive size. Arguably known as the largest predatory land species, with the Alaskan Kodiak brown bear being another contender, the … Read more   Read more

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