Black History Month - Bust of George Washington Carver. Photo: Tonya Fitzpatrick

“A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.”

Moslih Eddin Saadi

No matter where you go, every place has a story and historical travel unpacks those stories.

From great struggles against oppressive forces to human ingenuity, the people and the places who have defined significant eras in human history move many to travel see where history was made. Travel through the historical places, see and observe what was then and how things are now. Every place has evolved over ages and become what it is today , hence you must visit history to understand the struggles and changes that came through with time.

Being able to walk where history was made, seeing the places that shaped legendary figures or experiencing life as our ancestors did, historical travel allows history to come to life in ways that transcend a history book.

auschwitz-gateway signboard

Rays of hope: Visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau I and II

By Rachel Flynn

One of the best parts of traveling is discovering the history of the place you are visiting. I like to consider myself a bit of a history buff, so when I booked a weekend trip to Poland while studying abroad in London, I knew I would spend most of my … Read more   Read more

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Dream catchers were originally created by Native Americans.

Exploring Indigenous Tourism and Istanbul

World Footprints discusses Indigenous Tourism opportunities in America and the cultural influences that have shaped Istanbul, Turkey. There are 573 federally recognized American Indian tribes in the United States and 326 reservations. Some reservations are open to visitors and most are known for their Casinos. However, Indigenous Tourism consultant Anna … Read more   Read more

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Ireland's iconic Cliffs of Moher

Why is Ireland Known as the “Emerald Isle?”

By Derek Cullen

Ireland is often referred to as the “Emerald Isle,” due to the vast greenery throughout the island. Most of the Irish countryside is dotted with farms and national parks, while the landscape in almost every county is dominated by some of the greenest hills anywhere in the world. But is … Read more   Read more

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Replica of Columbia's original bar at Tamps Bay History Center. Photo by Kathleen Walls

Florida’s Little Melting Pot, Ybor City

By Kathleen Walls

Don Vicente Martinez Ybor, a Spaniard, came to Florida from Cuba. He first set up his cigar-making factory in Key West but found his mostly Cuban workers often left to return home.   Read more

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Bronze steers in Dallas park

Discovering Dallas: The Diverse History and Attractions of the Metropolis

By Courtney Campbell

The current city of Dallas, Texas was once called the Peters Colony and inhabited by a variety of Native American tribes, including the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Tawakoni, Delaware, and Waco tribes.   Read more

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"casper wyoming" by Slideshow Bruce is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Casper, Wyoming: A Gateway to the Wild West and So Much More

By Tara Tadlock

Cowboys. Covered wagons. Campfires. Welcome to Casper, Wyoming’s sweet little secret, centrally located and ideally suited for autumn travel.   Read more

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Robert Mike and the Black Dog at Black Dog Salvage Dog Bowl. Photo: Terri Marshall

Roanoke: Celebrating the Stars of Star City

By Terri Marshall

Of course, the state wouldn’t be for lovers if its cities and towns didn’t embody the same coveted qualities. Located in the southwest region of the state, Roanoke checks all the boxes.   Read more

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Dade-battlefield-bushnell.jpg" by Ebyabe is licensed under CC BY 2.5

Dade Battlefield: Small Park, Big Story

By Kathleen Walls

Dade Battlefield is a small state park in Bushnell, Florida that tells a big story of one of America’s most forgotten wars. The Second   Read more

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Casa Mila (Gaudi)

Walking with the Ghosts of the City: A long weekend in Barcelona

By Bianka Cramblit

An ever-evolving city full of history, culture, and a buzzing atmosphere, you can visit Barcelona countless time after time without having the same experience.   Read more

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Ghost Towns and Goblins: Halloween Traditions in the Lone Star State

By Courtney Campbell

The Lone Star State contains some unique Halloween traditions. Filled with ghost towns, haunted hotels, and spooky lore, Texas has summoned attention for its intense connection to the paranormal.   Read more

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Chieftains Museum

Three Stops on the Trail of Tears

By Kathleen Walls

The rich culture and heritage of the Cherokee people and the story of their forced removal from their homeland is sometimes lost amid undifferentiated accounts of indigenous people in the United States. Three stops along the Georgia section of the Trail of Tears, a National Park Service site that documents … Read more   Read more

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Sri Lanka temple offering

Five Ways to Have a Deeper Cultural Experience in Sri Lanka

By Zinara Rathnayake

Sri Lanka has emerged as the “it” destination, catering to visitors of all kind. The island nation, with its warm, welcoming people, abundant wildlife, hidden beaches, and quaint mountain hamlets, packs a hefty punch for its small size.   Read more

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Tour guide Anna prepares group for bike tour through Katutura, Namibia. Photo: Chris Chesak

Biking Windhoek’s Bustling Township of Katutura

By Chez Chesak

Before your wildlife safari or self-drive adventure, take a day or two to discover Windhoek’s history, particularly the township of Katutura, where the city’s black population was forcefully moved under Apartheid.   Read more

Africa Adventure History
Statue honoring the underground railroad along the Riverwalk in Detroit.

Heartbeat of Detroit

By Breana Johnson

I didn’t know a single thing about Detroit when I moved here a year ago. Most people plan where they want to move but when your spouse is in medical school, you don’t always have the luxury of choice or time.   Read more

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aquinnah-Martha Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard: Along the Deaf Heritage Trail and beyond

Nancy Gardella, executive director of the Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce, says that Martha’s Vineyard is so much more than its pretty beaches and famous residents. Among the stories Nancy reveals is the Vineyard’s troubling story of colonization and the island’s surprising legacy of sign language.   Read more

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