The condition of Landak river before the flash flood

How one Indonesian community is using ecotourism income to fight deforestation and climate change

By Nayla Azmi

Climate change is impacting the world in significant ways. We know this. But it’s impacting the beautiful islands of Indonesia, in particular…   Read more

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Cabarita Beach photo by Ann-Marie Cahill

A Trip Through Tradition on the Tweed Coast

By Ann-Marie Cahill

Wollumbin is not the first site to be ‘renamed’ in Australia, and it certainly should not be the last.   Read more

Oceania Landscape Indigenous
The Oxalis Morada is indigenous to the Galapagos Islands and many regions of South America. Photo: Brent Cahill

Indigenous Food Travel: A Culinary Postcard

By Ann-Marie Cahill

While many of my friends have turned to books or television documentaries, I have been exploring the world of culinary travel — but not just for cooking recipes. I found inspiration in the preservation of Indigenous food. And that has me planning my next adventure.   Read more

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Las Cholitas of Bolivia are indigenous women

Bolivia’s Las Cholitas

By SJ Armstrong

The cholita indigenous women from Bolivia’s countryside, are an indomitable symbol of resilience. In a country ravaged by colonial greed, ransacked resources, and periods of crippling poverty, the Bolivian people are no stranger to adversity. But as recently as ten years ago, the cholita faced the greatest hardships, because they … Read more   Read more

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Dream catchers were originally created by Native Americans.

Exploring Indigenous Tourism and Istanbul

World Footprints discusses Indigenous Tourism opportunities in America and the cultural influences that have shaped Istanbul, Turkey. There are 573 federally recognized American Indian tribes in the United States and 326 reservations. Some reservations are open to visitors and most are known for their Casinos. However, Indigenous Tourism consultant Anna … Read more   Read more

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An indigenous Oma woman in Laos.

Max Mara: A Fashion House Under Fire for Stealing Indigenous Designs

By Tara Tadlock

Max Mara, a multi-billion dollar Italian fashion label, has been blasted on social media for stealing the traditional clothing designs of the Oma, a tiny ethnic minority in Southeast Asia. To add insult to injury, the privately owned brand has not acknowledged the intellectual property rights of the Oma and … Read more   Read more

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Visiting Panama’s Embera People

By Chez Chesak

Our wooden longboat plied the Chagres River deeper and deeper into the Panamanian rain forest. Soon the boatmen, one wearing a loincloth and the other a beaded skirt, were poling us through channels so narrow that it looked like the river had disappeared. We pushed on through the jungle growth … Read more   Read more

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Mapuche house in Chile #Indigenous #heritage

Chilean Tourism and the Indigenous Mapuche

By Leijia Hanrahan

The regions of Biobío and Araucanía, which lie somewhere in the middle of the 2,653 miles that stretch from Chile’s top to bottom, are nevertheless known as “the south.” A tourism hot spot for culture, handicrafts, and its pastoral landscape, this area is also a center of conflict— the indigenous … Read more   Read more

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Garifuna culture and history throughout St. Vincent and Grenadine Islands

By Tonya Fitzpatrick

Traveling throughout the Caribbean and especially the West Indies, one can experience the cultural influences of the Garifuna people in the food, music, dance and island traditions.  The Garifuna people are the mixed-race descendants of Carib, African and Arawak people.  When indigenous Amerindian inhabitants of these Caribbean islands, intermarried Western … Read more   Read more

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An evening on the Blackfoot Crossing Reservation in Alberta, Canada

Enjoy a glimpse of our night under the stars in a teepee on the Blackfoot Crossing Reservation in Alberta, Canada.  We were treated to a bear skin rug, music and dance traditions and all of the comforts that a teepee offers in the middle of a vast territory.    Read more

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