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“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

St. Augustine

Learning about the places that shaped and inspired writers and musicians can add deeper understanding to a work of literature or a song.  Because of the significance these works have in our lives, traveling to explore the life of a famous writer or see the creative communities that produced music that defined a generation can touch and enrich travelers in profound ways.

Explore the historical and cultural impact on literature and music as you travel the globe.  Literature and music go hand in hand, the beautiful verses when played with tunes bring out the most enjoyable renditions.

atkins art museum kansas city

Kansas City – More than just a Sleepy Mid-Western City

By Tonya Fitzpatrick, Esq.

Kansas City, founded in 1838 (the Missouri side), is a city that has a full and rich history for being in the mellow Mid-West region of the United States.   Read more

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Eye of criminal or detective in a fiction novel

Exploring the World of Crime Fiction: Unveiling the Best Destinations for Thriller Enthusiasts

By Tonya Fitzpatrick, Esq.

For crime fiction lovers, there’s nothing quite like diving into a gripping mystery novel or getting lost in the intricate web of a thrilling detective series. The genre has a way of transporting readers to captivating settings and immersing them in suspenseful narratives. But what if you could take that … Read more   Read more

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White House Christmas 2015

World Footprints Holiday Music Special

‘Tis the season with the gift of holiday music.  As you enjoy the musical selections from around the world, please accept our gratitude for your support of World Footprints over the years.    Read more

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wf Mark Twain Boyhood home

The Two Sides of Mark Twain

By Kathleen Walls

With the arguments in schools about Critical Racial Theory and not teaching many facts about history because they might embarrass some people, some books are being banned. Mark Twain’s books have long been on the firing line for opposite reasons, i.e. his use of prejudicial language. Because Huck Finn helped … Read more   Read more

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NewOrleansGirl 1 scaled

Take Me To The River: New Orleans – a celebration of music history and legacy

The music of New Orleans is not just considered a birthplace of jazz music but carries various styles of music. It is a unique global collaboration that gave birth to an exceptional musical genre that was never experienced tradit   Read more

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LOL Love Out Loud at Busboys and Poets Hyattsville

Washington DC: An Exploration of a Thriving Poetry Scene

By Daniel Baldwin

Poetry is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Washington DC. Despite its storied literary history, diverse music communities, and world-renowned museum system, visitors and residents alike have trouble seeing beyond the shadow of Capitol Hill.   Read more

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austin mural

Visiting Austin: The Live Music Capital of the World

By Courtney Campbell

Officially deemed the “Live Music Capital of the World” in 1991, Austin, Texas is a city ripe with musicians, politicians, authors, activists, artists, and other creative types   Read more

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wf fame

Music Made for All in The Shoals

By Kathleen Walls

Perhaps no place in America has merged music from artists of all races more than The Shoals area, which consists of Florence, Sheffield, Tuscumbia, and Muscle Shoals, Alabama.   Read more

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shakespeare and company bookstore

Shakespeare and Company: A Literary Legacy

By Sugato Mukherjee

A quiet stroll through the stretch of Rue de la Bûcherie has led me up here at Shakespeare and Company, arguably the most famous independent bookstore in the world, a literary institution that began its journey in 1919.   Read more

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Five Books about Travel (That You Probably Haven’t Read Yet)

By Breana Johnson

In fact, we can do what armchair travelers have been doing for centuries: find a good book and let it transport us to the sights, sounds and smells of somewhere far away.   Read more

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Rubenstein author photo Credit Robert Severi e1600043451709

Philanthropist and Author David Rubenstein on Leadership and Travel

David M. Rubenstein, author of The American Story, visionary cofounder of The Carlyle Group, and host of Bloomberg TV’s The David Rubenstein Show returns to World Footprints to discuss his newest book: “How to Lead: Wisdom from the World’s Greatest CEOs, Founders, and Game Changers.”   Read more

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piano keys

St. Vincent pianist, Kendol Bacchus, shares healing music and updates from the island

Pianist Kendol Bacchus, who hails from the island of St. Vincent, is riding out the COVID-19 pandemic in Florida. He had a concert tour planned when he arrived in the U.S. two months ago so he is hunkering down until he can resume his concert schedule. Until that time comes, … Read more   Read more

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psalm 22 394107 1920

TODAY IN HISTORY: King James Bible published (May 2, 1611)

On this date in the year 1611, the King James Version of the Bible was first published. The year 2011 thus represents 400 years of the KJV’s influence on the English language. The King’s Printer, Robert Barker, began the project in 1604 at the command of King who faced the … Read more   Read more

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us library of congress 3762072 1920

TODAY IN HISTORY: Founding of the Library of Congress (April 24, 1800)

President John Adams signed into law an act establishing the Library of Congress on April 24, 1800. The same act transferred of the seat of government of the United States from Philadelphia to the District of Columbia. The law made available the sum of $5,000 “for the purchase of such … Read more   Read more

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Little Free library box

Books for Nomads: Little Free Libraries

By Breana Johnson

I don’t need to keep my voice down to use this library. I don’t need a library card, and I don’t even need to go inside. Actually, I can’t go inside, because the building, elevated to eye-level by a sturdy post, is only about 18 inches wide— big enough to … Read more   Read more

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