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“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Dalai Lama reminds us that humanity cannot survive without love and compassion. Love and compassion, he says, are not luxuries they are necessities.

Humanity includes the entire human race, but it also refers to human characteristics like kindness, empathy, service and sympathy.

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Coffee in Laos: an Unlikely Pathway out of Poverty

By Tara Tadlock

When people think of Southeast Asia, Thailand and Vietnam often come to mind first. But squeezed between them is Laos, a country covered in dense jungles and lush mountains perfectly suited for growing coffee, a relatively new crop that has grown recently in importance to the nation’s economy.   Read more

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stone with plaque telling events

Japanese American Exclusion Memorial

By Kathleen Walls

On March 30, 1942, armed soldiers with rifles and bayonets marched 276 men, women, and children of Japanese descent aboard a ship to be sent to exclusion camps. Most of them were American citizens. This didn’t happen in Japan or some foreign country. It happened on Bainbridge Island, Washington.   Read more

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Emmett Till exhibit scaled

Remembering Emmett Till

The Let the World See exhibit tells both Emmett’s story but also illuminates the courage of his mother, Mamie Till-Mobley, who insisted on an open casket funeral for her son so that the world could see the brutality of his senseless murder. Her act fueled a movement that changed the … Read more   Read more

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Little Rock Central High School by Steve Snodgrass is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Revisiting the Little Rock Nine experience with Ernest Green

This event was the first experiment in school integration and came three years after the U.S, Supreme Court’s Brown vs. Board of Education landmark ruling…   Read more

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Empowerment By Stringing Beads in East Africa

By Julie Dee Suman

Irene patiently showed me her technique for rolling clay into beads using a tiny mold. While I needed more practice, the women at Kazuri worked diligently to produce ceramic jewelry. Kazuri, located in Nairobi, employs single mothers. This small business provides a daily income and healthcare in a country where … Read more   Read more

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jerusalem Hasdic Jewish men at Western Wall

Brooklyn’s Hasidic neighborhood and Ecuador’s Huaorani people

Join World Footprints as we learn about the cultural heritages of Brooklyn’s Hasidic Community and Ecuador’s Huaorani people.   Read more

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Muslim prayer in Islamic country

Top 10 Things Westerners Should Do Before Travelling to an Islamic Country

By Mohammad Aamir Arafat

Islam is the second-most followed religion after Christianity. Out of the 195 countries on Earth, 56 have a Muslim majority and are governed by Muslims.   Read more

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Rays of hope: Visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau I and II

By Rachel Flynn

One of the best parts of traveling is discovering the history of the place you are visiting. I like to consider myself a bit of a history buff, so when I booked a weekend trip to Poland while studying abroad in London, I knew I would spend most of my … Read more   Read more

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WF Travel and Friends in Tanzania  scaled

Expanding Friendships Through Travel

By Terri Marshall

Changing careers from an estate and trust administrator (think death and taxes) to a travel journalist brought me more than a flexible fulfilling career.   Read more

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Cover of Alicia Rae Olafsson in Palestine scaled

Opinion: Why You Should Care About What’s Happening In Palestine

By Alicia-Rae Light

Until I spent time in Palestine’s West Bank, seeing it with my own eyes and listening to people’s stories…I didn’t have a grasp or understanding of what was happening or why.   Read more

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Racism not patriotism

Eric Deggans, NPR TV critic and Author of ‘RACE-BAITER” on Language, Travel and Media

Join World Footprints for an engaging conversation on race-baiting, travel, media and music with NPR TV critic Eric Deggans.   Read more

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forest bridge

Surviving COVID-19 with Kindness in Florida

Being socially distant does not mean that we must also be emotionally distant. As human beings we have a natural need to feel connected to a community and the common experiences we all share as a result of the coronavirus pandemic has reminded us of the dynamic global community we’re … Read more   Read more

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Pictures of Humanity, Traveling Through Depression

On this show World Footprints discusses the power of travel to generate social change and heal depression with two amazing guests. Matilde Simas is an award-winning documentary photographer who uses her gifts to generate social change. Her work focuses on human rights, people affected by trauma, and endangered ecosystems. Matilde … Read more   Read more

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School Girl

UN Foundation’s Girl Up! conference

On today’s World Footprints radio show we will showcase some remarkable young women who are doing extraordinary things. World Footprints was invited to attend the GirlUp Leadership Summit in Washington, DC.  GirlUp is an innovative campaign of the United Nations Foundation that gives American girls the opportunity to become global leaders … Read more   Read more

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UN Foundation: Women’s Voices in Fragile States

On the occasion of International Press Freedom Day, World Footprints was invited by the UN Foundation to attend a powerful event sought to change the narrative and examine women’s voices in fragile states and why those voices matter. The UN Foundation co-hosted a distinguished panel which was led by Ambassador … Read more   Read more

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