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“The landscape affects the human psyche – the soul, the body and the innermost contemplations – like music. Every time you feel nature deeper you resonate better with her, finding new elements of balance and freedom.”

–Nikos Kazantzakis
There is nothing more humbling than to see yourself as a small dot in the center of a beautiful natural tapestry. Quench your thirst for adventure with landscape travel. Witnessing nature in its pure form ,the diverse and beautiful natural landscapes will surely make you wonder.
Landscape travel is a good way to explore nature’s beauty and spend some time in solitude. The stories below will take you on a transformative and powerful journey through majestic and pretty landscapes.

WF Roanoke Robert Mike and the Black Dog at Black Dog Salvage Dog Bowl scaled

Roanoke: Celebrating the Stars of Star City

By Terri Marshall

Of course, the state wouldn’t be for lovers if its cities and towns didn’t embody the same coveted qualities. Located in the southwest region of the state, Roanoke checks all the boxes.   Read more

United States Landscape History
Irelands iconic Cliffs of Moher

Why is Ireland called the “Emerald Isle?”

By Derek Cullen

Ireland is often referred to as the “Emerald Isle,” due to the vast greenery throughout the island. Most of the Irish countryside is dotted with farms and national parks, while the landscape in almost every county is dominated by some of the greenest hills anywhere in the world. But is … Read more   Read more

Ireland Landscape History
6 Author standing in front of Shengjergj waterfall scaled

A hike to the underrated Shengjergj waterfall of Albania

By Thomas Später

Shengjergj waterfall, which is locally called “Ujëvara e Shën Gjergjit”,offers an amazing 30-meters drop with breathtaking stratified rock formations surrounding the scenery. The water comes straight from the “Mali me Gropa Mountain” and is especially impressive during the fall-to-spring season, when rain increases and snow melts from the mountain tops.   Read more

Europe Adventure Landscape Nature & Outdoors
Palatinate Forest in the foreground of a bench overlooking the forest Germany

Palatinate Forest – A hidden gem in southwest Germany

By Thomas Später

Whenever I read about people planning a trip through Europe, Germany seems to be frequently skipped or, at least, at the end of the queue behind Spain, Italy, or France. And those who do decide to visit Germany, sadly often focus on Berlin and Munich only.   Read more

Europe Landscape Nature & Outdoors
1 Approaching Deadvlei Clay Pan Plateau1 scaled

Underestimating the Climb of Namibia’s “Big Daddy Dune”

By Thomas Später

At the end of my second week of traveling through Namibia during the pandemic, I reached the most-anticipated stop of my journey within the Namib-Naukluft National Park: Deadvlei, a white clay pan that represents an inevitable stop for nature lovers and photographers. I will never forget the second I stepped … Read more   Read more

Africa Adventure Landscape
7 Close up of Staubbach falls taken from Leithorn view point scaled

Lauterbrunnen Valley – Traveling to the world of “The Lord of the Rings”

By Thomas Später

Switzerland is known for its beautiful and dramatic landscapes. But there is more than just the natural aspect to it. Some of its most famous places have served as great inspirations for authors and movie directors. One such place is the incredibly picturesque valley surrounding Lauterbrunnen, a small village deeply … Read more   Read more

Europe Landscape
egyptians bedoiuns

The Endurance of the Mountains

By Ghada Emish

One way to be connected to nature is to learn about the history of the Earth. In the chain Red Sea Mountains in the Eastern Desert in Egypt, there are red granite rocks that are among the oldest on the planet, dating back to 600 million years ago.   Read more

Africa Landscape History
Aerial picture of Balandra Bay. Photo: Thomas Später

A day trip to Mexico’s Playa Balandra will leave every nature lover speechless

By Thomas Später

Although I usually have a hard time ranking landscape destinations, there is one specific beach I would easily consider the most beautiful in the Baja California area, if not even in all Mexico: Playa Balandra, a spectacular, crescent-shaped bay with crystal clear and shallow water.   Read more

Mexico Landscape
Aerial picture of wooden walkway leading through picturesque cascade waterfalls of Plitvice National Park. Photo: Thomas Später

Take your time when visiting Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes National Park

By Thomas Später

In the central part of Croatia, close to the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina, lies the Plitvice National Park, one of Europe’s most famous and, by far the prettiest. This almost 300-square-foot area consists of a broad range of natural features, such as turquoise water, deep green forest surroundings, limestone … Read more   Read more

Europe Landscape Nature & Outdoors
Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan

Michigan’s Sleeping Bear Dunes | A Natural Treasure

By Tonya Fitzpatrick, Esq.

Do you know that feeling of how a smell, sound, or taste takes you back to some of your fondest memories? That’s what happens to me when something reminds me of my summer family vacations in Michigans Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. So, after all these years, whenever I travel … Read more   Read more

United States Landscape Nature & Outdoors
02. Sunrise over the volcano complex of the Tengger caldera. scaled

Chasing a Volcanic Summit and its Legend

By Sugato Mukherjee

The small village of Cemoro Lawang is perched on the fringes of an undulating stretch of fine volcanic sand. This is Laut Pasir which, in Javanese, means Sea of Sand. My hotel, Bromo Permai, has a charming lobby that overlooks this unsettlingly unearthly territory.   Read more

Asia Landscape History
WF Niagara Falls View from Terrapin Point

Niagara Falls: An Intersection of History and Nature

By Terri Marshall

Formed during the Ice Age when large torrents of water released from melting ice drained into what is now the Niagara River, Native Americans would have been the first to witness the magnitude of Niagara Falls.    Read more

United States Landscape History
02. A panoramic view of the river and the canyon

Gongoni: Bengal’s Grand Canyon

By Sugato Mukherjee

Gongoni Danga, roughly translated from Bengali, means red-hot land. In the scorching summer months, locals say that the laterite textures of the canyon seem to sizzle from a distance, hence the name.   Read more

India Landscape Nature & Outdoors History
Harvesting rice in Malaysia

Exploring the Paddy Fields in Sekinchan Town, Malaysia

By Farah Kasman

Malaysia is one of the beautiful and unique countries to visit in Southeast Asia. It’s a melting pot of cultures, populated by Malays, Chinese, Indians, and the various indigenous groups.   Read more

Asia Agritourism Landscape
Cabarita Beach 02

A Trip Through Tradition on the Tweed Coast

By Ann-Marie Cahill

Wollumbin is not the first site to be ‘renamed’ in Australia, and it certainly should not be the last.   Read more

Oceania Landscape Indigenous