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“Travel is never a matter of money, but of courage.”

–Paulo Coelho

Whether you’re a high-roller in Macau or a jet-setter in Monaco or stepping out in Miami Beach, luxury travel is a world unto itself. From high-end cruise ships to yachts on the high-seas, from luxurious trains to private island villas, from five-star resorts to glamorous safaris, traveling like the rich and famous is not only fun, but is within reach of many because of the sharing economy. The multifaceted world of luxury travel is constantly changing as exclusivity, uniqueness and privacy shape this most demanding form of travel. A fine dine experience in a world class hotel definitely is worth every penny, don’t be ashamed to splurge for a high end travel experience.

Grape vines harness the power of vinotherapy

Unlocking Youthful Beauty: The Caudalie Story of Anti-Aging Discovery and Vinotherapy

By Jackie Jones

Explore the remarkable journey of Mathilde Thomas and Dr. Joseph Vercauteren, who harnessed the anti-aging power of grape seeds to create the renowned Caudalie skincare line. Discover the world of vinotherapy and luxurious wine spas that help you turn back the hands of time.   Read more

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9. Belgadia Palace

Mayurbhanj: Odisha’s Hidden Secret

By Sugato Mukherjee

The stately manor that dates back to 1804 is the residence of the Bhanj Deo royal family that had ruled the princely state of Mayurbhanj in eastern India   Read more

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16 Night safari Patti Morrow

Adventures on the Amazon

By Patti Morrow

Since pre-Colombian times, the Amazon has been the source of intrigue for outsiders, from daydreams of riverboat adventures to nightmares of shrunken heads.   Read more

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Monaco city port

Moments in Monaco: Impressive Historical Sites to See During Your Next Trip

If you’ve set off on a euro trip anytime in your life, you’ve probably visited some of the most-frequented countries on the continent: France, Spain, Italy, or the United Kingdom, just to name a few. However, many travelers tend to skip over the locations that elicit some of the most unique … Read more   Read more

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Planning the Perfect Trip to Maui

Maui is the second largest island in Hawaii and undoubtedly is a paradise in a lot of aspects. Maui is not Disneyland so for best enjoyment and safety, a trip to this Hawaiian island requires some planning.   This article offers some helpful tips to guide you to planning your trip … Read more   Read more

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city palace jaipur

Royal Family Rents Palace Suite on Airbnb

If you like the idea of spending the night at a castle, you can live like royalty when you rent out a palace suite in Jaipur. Visit India in November, and you can book a suite on Airbnb in its 300-year-old City Palace of Jaipur, which is the home of … Read more   Read more

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torres del paine Chile

Outpost Camp To Send Chile Tourists To Remote, But Spectacular Areas

Outpost, a luxury pop-up camp, has been set up in Aysen, which is a remote area of northern Patagonia, to help people reach some of Chile’s less traveled tourist locations. Travel company Upscale is responsible for coming up with the camp. The goal is to change how visitors) experience the … Read more   Read more

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london Kensington Palace

What to See and Do at Kensington Palace

By Ali Jennings

As the birthplace and childhood home of Queen Victoria and the current home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children, Kensington Palace is a place of fascinating insight into the British Royal Family.   Read more

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hello kitty

Hello Kitty Could Be Your New Glamping Partner

In the past four decades of its existence, Hello Kitty has grown in popularity emerging as a global marketing phenomenon that ranks close to $7bn a year. The product was coined and brought into existence by the Japanese company Sanrio, the white bobtail kitty has been etched onto almost every … Read more   Read more

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clown fish

World’s First Underwater Hotel Residence Opened in The Maldives

Ever dreamed of sleeping under the sea? Well, your window of opportunity has just opened up. The world’s first ever underwater hotel residence was recently opened in the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island by Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Hilton. Through residency’s aspiring display of design, architecture, and technology, guests are urged … Read more   Read more

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Christmas decoration in Monte Carlo   panoramio

Monte Carlo events for more than the luxury traveler

There are always many exciting things to do on vacation when you have the money to spend. Monte Carlo is a place that often comes to mind when you think about extravagance and a good time. Regardless of what your idea of holiday relaxation or recreation might be, chances are … Read more   Read more

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Regent of the Seas luxury cruise ship

Are Cruises the New Luxury Travel Trend?

What first comes to mind when you think of a luxury travel experience? Perhaps it’s an extended shopping trip through the ritziest corners of Paris. Maybe it’s a decadent blowout in Las Vegas or a decadent period of rest on the most exclusive resorts in the Caribbean. Whatever it is, … Read more   Read more

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the palm dubai

Modern Traveling Habits Changing Notions of Wealth and Luxury?

Is travel changing people’s conceptions of wealth and a life of luxury? With the increased ease in traveling abroad, more and more people are trading things for experiences, and travel (along with its associated industries like hotels and experience-based attractions) are seeing an increase in business to coincide with this … Read more   Read more

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high flyer

The Return of Supersonic Passenger Jet Travel?

When the Concorde died, so too did the dream of supersonic intercontinental passenger jet travel…or so the world thought. Of course, there have been persistent rumors over the years of the return of supersonic travel, even rumors of the return of the Concorde itself, but nothing has materialized and those … Read more   Read more

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Aruba palapa

Aruba: One Happy Island

By Tonya Fitzpatrick

Located some nineteen miles north of Venezuela, the small island of Aruba surprises the imagination and tantalizes the senses of the most intrepid traveler.    Read more

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