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“The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature. I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles.”

Anne Frank

Being outdoors in nature is an elixir for our souls.

The love for being outdoors stems from a sense of wonder and awe at the beautiful tapestry of nature. Listening to the quiet flow of a stream, enjoying a gentle breeze, hearing the sounds of crashing wave, or the gentle melody of birds singing are all wonderful reminders of nature‘s precious gifts.

Being outdoors in nature is inspiring. The outdoors also provides a powerful motivator to reach the summit–literally or figuratively.

Walk in nature as you enjoy these stories.

Aerial picture of wooden walkway leading through picturesque cascade waterfalls of Plitvice National Park. Photo: Thomas Später

Take your time when visiting Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes National Park

By Thomas Später

In the central part of Croatia, close to the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina, lies the Plitvice National Park, one of Europe’s most famous and, by far the prettiest. This almost 300-square-foot area consists of a broad range of natural features, such as turquoise water, deep green forest surroundings, limestone … Read more   Read more

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1 Author overlooking the High Tatras Mountains from a sharp rock scaled

The Tatras Mountains: A Picturesque Hike Between Two Countries

By Thomas Später

With a total length of 60 km, the Tatras Mountains represent the highest part of the Central Carpathian Mountains, a 1,500 km-long mountain range winding its way through Central and Eastern Europe, all the way from Czech Republic to Moldova. The Tatras are further divided into four parts (Belianske Tatras, … Read more   Read more

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2. Top down view of the waterfalls dropping down into Sekumpul Valley scaled

The Journey to Bali’s Sekumpul Waterfall

By Thomas Später

Deep inside the jungle of Bali’s northern Sawan district of the Buleleng regency lies one of the most picturesque waterfalls in the world–Sekumpul waterfall. What makes this specific waterfall so special is its overall impressions and the layout of its surroundings.   Read more

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1. Aerial picture of the author walking alongside the turquoise river scaled

Hiking the “Bridge to Nowhere” after rainfall feels like paradise

By Thomas Später

Southern California has many hiking trails, but only a few are as famous as the trail heading towards the “Bridge to Nowhere.” This arch bridge is 120 feet high and 180 feet long, a majestic throne over the San Gabriel River.   Read more

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View of seaside arch in Ayia Napa Cyprus

The amazing sea caves of Ayia Napa

By Thomas Später

The island republic of Cyprus, located in the Mediterranean Sea, offers everything that anyone could ask for: amazing forests, ancient archeological sites, breathtaking waterfalls, diverse nightlife, and beautiful beaches. Amongst all those things, Ayia Napa must be considered one of the most special places on the island. Although a lot … Read more   Read more

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6 Author standing in front of Shengjergj waterfall scaled

A hike to the underrated Shengjergj waterfall of Albania

By Thomas Später

Shengjergj waterfall, which is locally called “Ujëvara e Shën Gjergjit”,offers an amazing 30-meters drop with breathtaking stratified rock formations surrounding the scenery. The water comes straight from the “Mali me Gropa Mountain” and is especially impressive during the fall-to-spring season, when rain increases and snow melts from the mountain tops.   Read more

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1 Beautiful pyramid of Chichen Itza scaled

A day trip to Mexico’s Chichen Itza

By Thomas Später

Because Chichen Itza is one of the new 7 world wonders according to UNESCO, this place represents the most-visited archaeological site in Mexico.   Read more

Mexico Nature & Outdoors
Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan

Michigan’s Sleeping Bear Dunes | A Natural Treasure

By Tonya Fitzpatrick, Esq.

Do you know that feeling of how a smell, sound, or taste takes you back to some of your fondest memories? That’s what happens to me when something reminds me of my summer family vacations in Michigans Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. So, after all these years, whenever I travel … Read more   Read more

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5 Aerial pictures of a huge waterfall dropping down into Osum Canyon scaled

Osum Canyon – A Day trip to Albania’s beautiful Gorge

By Thomas Später

During my road trip through the beautiful Balkan country of Albania, one specific destination was “number one” on my itinerary: Osum Canyon. In fact, my entire trip was inspired and initiated only by the desire to take photographs of this breath-taking natural attraction.   Read more

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iceland glaciers

Why the Westman Islands Should Top your Iceland Must-See List

By Kirsten Harrington

We had checked off a handful of well-known sights already on our three days in Iceland: soaking in the Blue Lagoon, zipping up close to icebergs in a zodiac and hiking up to Svartifoss, an impressive waterfall tumbling over Jenga-like basalt columns.   Read more

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At a bird santuary Maleny Australia

Grab a Field Guide: Birdwatching Enhances Your Connection to Place

By Cara Siera

“Once you begin bird-watching, no street, sky, or forest ever looks the same: Birds are everywhere, and their comings and goings tell stories most humans aren’t attuned to.”   Read more

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Seven Rila Lakes Bulgaria

The Seven Rila Lakes – A cold and very challenging Bulgarian winter hike

By Thomas Später

In November 2021, my best friend and I decided to visit the beautiful country of Bulgaria. We knew Bulgaria isn’t really a place for winter vacation (unless you like skiing and snowboarding), but wanted to check out a specific destination: The Seven Rila Lakes!   Read more

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1 Beautiful Santa Ana Mountain range scaled

Bedford Peak – A hidden gem with a breathtaking 360° view

By Thomas Später

Bedford Peak can be reached via a 12 km (7 miles) roundtrip hike and is located at an elevation of 1161 meters (3800 feet), offering an outstanding 360° view over the surrounding mountain range as well as the adjacent valleys. On days with good visibility, Lake Matthews can even be … Read more   Read more

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4 Amazing stone formation of Red Rock Canyon scaled

Red Rock Canyon – A perfect getaway from Las Vegas

By Thomas Später

Visiting the beautiful Red Rock Canyon, an often-overlooked national conservation area that is located only 15 miles outside Las Vegas and features hiking and trails, plants and wildlife, outstanding geology and camping.   Read more

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LakeChelanEstuaryViewJPG Eliza Amon

No Roads Lead to Stehekin

By Eliza Amon

Tucked in the rugged North Cascade Mountains near the Canadian border, is a town unreachable except by ferry, foot or flight. Remote as Stehekin is, the Washington town is a hub for nature lovers looking to hike, kayak, ride horses or fish in a national park whose glacier-tipped peaks are … Read more   Read more

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