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“The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature. I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles.”

Anne Frank

Being outdoors in nature is an elixir for our souls.

The love for being outdoors stems from a sense of wonder and awe at the beautiful tapestry of nature. Listening to the quiet flow of a stream, enjoying a gentle breeze, hearing the sounds of crashing wave, or the gentle melody of birds singing are all wonderful reminders of nature‘s precious gifts.

Being outdoors in nature is inspiring. The outdoors also provides a powerful motivator to reach the summit–literally or figuratively.

Walk in nature as you enjoy these stories.

cross country skiing

Ski Trip Secrets: Insider Tips For An Unforgettable Winter Holiday

A ski vacation is more than just a simple break from the bustle of the world – it is an adventure that can enrich your life in ways you might not have imagined. If you’re already a seasoned skier, you’ll already be well aware of how incredible the experience can … Read more   Read more

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plastic sled

Frozen Fun: 10 Top Winter Activities in Fort Collins

Fort Collins, a picturesque haven nestled in Colorado, bursts into a wonderland of activity when winter cloaks its landscapes in sparkling white. The city, known for its lively community and scenic beauty, is not one to retreat into hibernation as the colder months roll in.  Instead, it invites locals and … Read more   Read more

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bench chair overlooking beach in Florida

Central Florida’s Autumn Adventures: Things To Do in 2023

Autumn in Central Florida is a magical time that unveils a different dimension of the Sunshine State. When most think of Florida, images of sunny beaches and swaying palm trees come to mind. However, fall activities in Florida present a varied tapestry that contradicts this stereotype.  The season transforms the … Read more   Read more

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Clayoquot Sound   Near Tofino Vancouver Island BC Canada   06 4569762325

Exploring the history and heritage of the Clayoquot Sound

By Sara Perillo

Why do certain experiences resonate with us the way they do? I spent a single day kayaking around the Clayoquot Sound – such an insignificant amount of time – and yet the experience was   Read more

Canada Nature & Outdoors
Chihuly art at DBG. Photo credit Breana Johnson copy scaled

Three Desert Gardens to Visit near Phoenix

By Breana Johnson

When you think “Phoenix,” you probably picture a city surrounded by desolate wilderness. Tourists rarely arrive with a list of gardens on their itinerary. However, you may be surprised to learn that the Valley of the Sun offers many gorgeous garden experiences!    Read more

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6 Author standing in front of Shengjergj waterfall scaled

A hike to the underrated Shengjergj waterfall of Albania

By Thomas Später

Shengjergj waterfall, which is locally called “Ujëvara e Shën Gjergjit”,offers an amazing 30-meters drop with breathtaking stratified rock formations surrounding the scenery. The water comes straight from the “Mali me Gropa Mountain” and is especially impressive during the fall-to-spring season, when rain increases and snow melts from the mountain tops.   Read more

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At a bird santuary Maleny Australia

Grab a Field Guide: Birdwatching Enhances Your Connection to Place

By Cara Siera

“Once you begin bird-watching, no street, sky, or forest ever looks the same: Birds are everywhere, and their comings and goings tell stories most humans aren’t attuned to.”   Read more

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Seven Rila Lakes Bulgaria

The Seven Rila Lakes – A cold and very challenging Bulgarian winter hike

By Thomas Später

In November 2021, my best friend and I decided to visit the beautiful country of Bulgaria. We knew Bulgaria isn’t really a place for winter vacation (unless you like skiing and snowboarding), but wanted to check out a specific destination: The Seven Rila Lakes!   Read more

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1 Beautiful Santa Ana Mountain range scaled

Bedford Peak – A hidden gem with a breathtaking 360° view

By Thomas Später

Bedford Peak can be reached via a 12 km (7 miles) roundtrip hike and is located at an elevation of 1161 meters (3800 feet), offering an outstanding 360° view over the surrounding mountain range as well as the adjacent valleys. On days with good visibility, Lake Matthews can even be … Read more   Read more

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4 Amazing stone formation of Red Rock Canyon scaled

Red Rock Canyon – A perfect getaway from Las Vegas

By Thomas Später

Visiting the beautiful Red Rock Canyon, an often-overlooked national conservation area that is located only 15 miles outside Las Vegas and features hiking and trails, plants and wildlife, outstanding geology and camping.   Read more

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houston skyline

Historical Highlights and Attractions of Houston

By Courtney Campbell

The city of Houston, Texas is currently the fourth largest city in the United States. It serves as a twenty-first century melting pot, welcoming a myriad of cultures, communities, and ethnicities.   Read more

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Mount Ijen: A Tale Of Toxic Trail

By Bandita Mukherjee

I have come here in East Java to experience a midnight hike to the volcanic crater of Kawah Ijen and watch the blue fire created by the spontaneous combustion of subterranean gases and toxic yellow smoke.   Read more

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Palatinate Forest in the foreground of a bench overlooking the forest Germany

Palatinate Forest – A hidden gem in southwest Germany

By Thomas Später

Whenever I read about people planning a trip through Europe, Germany seems to be frequently skipped or, at least, at the end of the queue behind Spain, Italy, or France. And those who do decide to visit Germany, sadly often focus on Berlin and Munich only.   Read more

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1 Ancient petroglyphs on Atlatl Rock Valley of Fire State Park1 scaled

Valley of Fire Slot Canyon – A geological masterpiece

By Thomas Später

“What could it mean?” was crossing my mind as I carefully tried to interpret the engravings covering an entire wall of fiery red sandstone within the Valley of Fire State Park (Nevada, USA). It was 10 AM, and I found myself standing on a metal platform in front of a … Read more   Read more

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The picturesque El Salvador’s most beautiful waterfall, Tamanique Falls. Photo: Thomas Später

Exploring the Enchanting Tamanique Waterfalls in El Salvador

By Thomas Später

El Salvador, though compact in size, boasts a plethora of natural wonders waiting to be discovered. Among its treasures lies the breathtaking Tamanique waterfalls, nestled deep within a tropical forest, approximately 55 km from the international airport, 16 km from El Tunco (a renowned beach town), or 40 km from … Read more   Read more

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