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“If you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

~ Yogi Berra

Whether spectating or playing, sports travel can be a passionate way to explore the world. From the big games and events that draw thousands of fans to the physical activities that test the mind, body and spirit, sports can bring together families, friends and strangers while reminding us what we have in common. No matter the season, there’s a sport or activity that can give meaning to life. And with sports travel , we can see and explore storied venues and some of the most spectacular places on the planet.

marthas vineyard house

Exploring Martha’s Vineyard and the American south

Experience a slice of American history as two journalists share their perspectives on Martha’s Vineyard and parts of the American south. Author, Bijan Bayne,has been a summer resident of Martha’s Vineyard since childhood.  He says that while most people may know about Martha’s Vineyard because of the Obama family and … Read more   Read more

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st louis arch

Pin-Up Bowl: St. Louis Trendy District Knocks Pins For a “Loop”

By Bijan C. Bayne

Smack in the middle of the booming, luminescent night life of St. Louis’ trendy Loop district is a place where you can knock down pins near where President Obama knocks down pies (pizza, that is).   Read more

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athens Greece

Today in History: The First Modern Olympics (April 6, 1896)

The Games of the I Olympiad were held from April 6 to April 15, 1896 in Athens, Greece, the first Olympic Games in modern times. The first Olympics, or “I Olympiad” also established the International Olympic Committee. At a cost of approximately $500,000 USD, I Olympiad hosted a large roster … Read more   Read more

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australia kangaroo

3 “Must See” Australian Sporting Events

When someone mentions Australia as a holiday destination, some of the things that spring to mind are sun, sand and maybe the odd Kangaroo. While it’s true that there are plenty of opportunities to top up your tan when you’re on the other side of the world, Australia is also … Read more   Read more

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Bronco Riding

A Look at the Calgary Stampede – “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”

Because the world famous Calgary Stampede has just started, World Footprints takes a look back at our time at the rodeo. This rodeo spectacular IS the greatest outdoor show on earth. At Stampede you’ll find everything from Vegas & Broadway style shows to bull-riding, roping and an ice skating show … Read more   Read more

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sochi 1

Start of @Sochi2014 Paralympic Games

World Footprints is broadcasting from Sochi, Russia where we have just arrived for the country’s first ever Winter Paralympic Games.  Before we left the United States, however, we caught up with Taylor Imus, a young journalism student from Ball State University (BSU) who traveled to Sochi with other BSU student journalists. … Read more   Read more

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Inspiring stories from the Sochi Paralympic Games

World Footprints continues to have a wonderful time in Sochi, Russia as the city plays host to the country’s first ever Winter Paralympic Games.  Today we will introduce two extraordinary athletes who will inspire you with their stories of courage, tenancity and strength–skiier Stephanie Jallen and hockey player Nikko Landeros.  Both … Read more   Read more

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Copacabana Beach Rio

Initial reflections on Brazil

We heard many things about Rio de Janeiro before traveling to the country of Brazil for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.  Some things we heard were not positive so we were determined to explore the city upon arrival and form opinion.  This short reflection segment offers our initial impressions. Rio … Read more   Read more

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Panther.LarryRichardson.US FishWildlife

IZOD Indycar”s Simona de Silvestro, History of Catholicism & Panther Conservation

Simona de Silvestro driving in the Baltimore Grand Prix.  Photo:  Tonya Fitzpatrick On today’s show World Footprints explores the plight of the endangered Panther, we chat with one of the rising IZOD Indycar stars Simona de Silvestro, and we also view Catholicism through the lens with Father Robert Barron.  As … Read more   Read more

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Calgary Stampede

Inside the Calgary Stampede and Siksika Nation

 World Footprints will take you inside “The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth”—the Calgary Stampede.  The Calgary Stampede is an annual rodeo, exhibition, and festival held every July in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The ten-day event, which bills itself as “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”, attracts over one million visitors per year and features one of the world’s largest rodeos, a parade, midway, stage … Read more   Read more

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DSC 0717

Eastern Montana – From Dinosaurs to Drag Racing

World Footprints travels through Eastern Montana and explores the history and diversity of Big Sky Country’s eastern border.   Eastern Montana is a loosely defined region of Montana. Some definitions are more or less inclusive than others, ranging from the most inclusive, which would include the entire part of the state … Read more   Read more

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Im Possible

Sochi beyond the Paralympics

The country of Russia celebrated a very successful Olympic and Paralympic Games and we thoroughly enjoyed our time in Sochi.  For us, the Paralympic Games were transformative.  We saw many examples of courage, strength, humanity and the belief that all things are possible, especially in the face of great adversity. For a … Read more   Read more

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The Sochi, Russia Paralympics Opening Ceremony (2014)

World Footprints was privileged to cover the entire 2014 Sochi Paralympic Games from the Opening Ceremony to the Closing. This video showcases some of the artistry of the Opening Ceremony. Each scene had a special meaning. For example, the Titanic-like ship at the end was symbolic of “breaking the ice” … Read more   Read more

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cafe girl 2 300x168

The Sochi Olympics from a local perspective

By Holly Demaree

For a spectator, traveling to the Olympic Games takes about 24 hours of constant travel, but once you see Sochi and all it has to offer, the inconvenience and jet lag drift away. Others have endured and waited for this moment far longer than 24 hours. Residents of Sochi have … Read more   Read more

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montreal biodome olympic stadium

The Attraction of Olympic Stadiums

By Jackie Jones

Olympic stadiums around the world are not only places with famous history. Often they also serve as an important landmark and tourist attraction. Among the most popular stadiums is the Beijing complex or Montreal stadium.   Read more

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