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“I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.”

–– Mary Anne Radmacher

Study or Teach Abroad, either way you will get exposure across the globe and explore other lands and their unique cultures. Studying or teaching abroad allows students and adults to grow and develop as global citizens while gaining an education beyond the classroom. From the growing popularity of cultural exchanges, to gap years between high school and college, to earning academic credit as an international student, studying abroad can enrich one in ways that a classroom cannot.

As the world becomes more interconnected because of technology and social media, there is growing demand for teachers of all sorts to help people around the world understand each other through communication and cultural training. To study or teach abroad is an amazing way of exploring other places, having leisure while gaining or imparting education.

Moving beyond borders will be challenging but is a fruitful learning experience. The educational bodies and institutions are now very encouraging and open to people from other countries who wish to gain some education or teach their students. Education has moved beyond the local boundaries and is now looked upon as an opportunity to gain global exposure.

austria voralberg

The Tastes of Vorarlberg

By Sam Treacy

Vorarlberg is probably the least touristy area in all of Austria, and yet is filled with surprises, wonderful experiences and stunning beauty.   Read more

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foreign language books

How to Excel in a Foreign Language Environment: A Short Guide for Students

Learning a foreign language is not easy. However, it doesn’t have to be a slow and boring process. You have to put in the time and work to be fluent. Once you learn a second language, it will be easier to learn other languages since the principles are the same. … Read more   Read more

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Student travelers at airport

Countries with best minimum wage for student travelers

The minimum salary is an important government policy because it helps nations protect workers’ rights and ensure that they are well compensated for their sacrifices and efforts. While they are good, they are only set as a protection line where workers including students can negotiate for higher wages. Most international … Read more   Read more

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selfie with friends

Why is it Important for a University Student to Travel from Time to Time? 

Traveling alone or with a group of friends is an invigorating experience for a student that will stick with them the entire lifetime. Being able to enjoy life without any worries is one thing. Gaining experiences, collecting memories, and exposing oneself to new cultures is quite another. The lessons you … Read more   Read more

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monument valley is a popular movie set location

Best Movie Locations a Student Can Actually Visit

While green screens and other advancements create the most spectacular settings in movie making, nothing beats the incredible locations of these movies. Whether it involves scenic landscapes, exotic settings, or historical sites, moviegoers crave the real thing.  Many movie locations include popular tourist destinations, like the Caribbean islands, desert towns, … Read more   Read more

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makkah Saudi Arabia

My Time in the Kingdom

By Thomasina Tafur

I’m encouraged that real change for women is happening in Saudi Arabia. Women can now drive, attend sporting events, and go to the cinema, and the government has recently approved women to travel outside of the country without a male guardian’s approval.   Read more

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Airport Terminal

Preparing to Live and/or Study Abroad

Being well traveled doesn’t prepare you to live in another country and/or study abroad. In addition to learning a new language there is subtle cultural differences that require some adjustment. Susan Haskins and Dan Pressure, International Living writers and authors of the new book, Live Richer, Spend Less, moved from … Read more   Read more

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School Girl

UN Foundation’s Girl Up! conference

On today’s World Footprints radio show we will showcase some remarkable young women who are doing extraordinary things. World Footprints was invited to attend the GirlUp Leadership Summit in Washington, DC.  GirlUp is an innovative campaign of the United Nations Foundation that gives American girls the opportunity to become global leaders … Read more   Read more

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White House Travel Summit explores Global Citizenship

Study abroad and global citizenship were front and center at a recent White House Travel Summit.  The White House invited the most influential travel journalists and bloggers to join Administration officials, policymakers and thought-leaders here in Washington, D.C. to discuss how the U.S can build stronger relationships to the rest … Read more   Read more

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South African flag heart

South Africa beyond safari to student exchanges, conservation and Nelson Mandela’s legacy

As the world remembers Nelson Mandela on the anniversary of his death, Tonya and Ian travel full circle from their law careers to South Africa, a destination they hold close to their hearts.  (Hint:  they honeymooned there).  World Footprints shares the lasting legacy of Mandela as it showcases other sides … Read more   Read more

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military boots

Black Patriots and Global Learning

black patriot World footprints showcases positive footprints around the world with today’s guests.  Dr. P. Bai Akridge talks about the importance of study aboard programs and how students can discover their potential through global learning.   Frank Martin, producer of the PBS documentary, For Love of Liberty: The Story of America’s Black … Read more   Read more

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sailing boat

Gary Chapman’s Love Languages, Global Volunteers and Circumnavigating the Globe

As travel experts we know that understanding new languages play an important part in the travel experience. But what about the journey of marriage?  World Footprints talks to best selling author Dr. Gary Chapman about his book, “The 5 Love Languages” and he’ll walk us through the different languages that … Read more   Read more

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