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“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”

— Albert Einstein

Technology is booming and growing faster by the minute.

It seems like every week there’s a new innovative technique that helps us to travel faster, smarter and easier. As exciting as new technology is the learning curve never flattens.  With Travel technology ,we can now have a better travel experience and plan our trips in advance innovatively.

The stories below are meant to introduce new technologies to travel and offer some resources to shorten the learning curve. But keep in mind that by the time you read an article the information may be archaic.

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Green Book Global: The Black Traveler’s TripAdvisor

Traveling is a fun and exciting experience. However, it can also be stressful and uncomfortable; especially for Black travelers because concerns over safety and racism have are considerations in the travel planning process.   Read more

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Temple in Java Indonesia

An Indonesian Village that Changed its Fate with the Internet

By Rose Munday

When it comes to Indonesia, you might wonder how islands like Java can compete with the likes of Bali.   Read more

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christmas in New York

Holiday from Home with Virtual Tours

By Ann-Marie Cahill

Virtual tours have been a massive hit in 2020, thanks in a large part to the COVID-19 lockdowns. When lockdowns first started in early 2020, many popular venues and institutions were offering virtual tours via social media.   Read more

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mauna kea

Maunakea – The White Mountain

By Manali Shah

A sacred mountain for Hawaiians, it is also an Observation facility with telescopes bigger than the Hubble Space telescope.   Read more

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Traveling Virtually during COVID-19

Thanks to travel journalist Terri Marshall, she is sharing some great resources that are sure to curb the wanderlust inside that is screaming go somewhere—ANYWHERE! We know this lockdown is for the best and we know it is our responsibility to stay home in order to help save lives. But … Read more   Read more

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WF Virtual Travel Elephant Cam

Virtually There: Traveling through Technology

By Terri Marshall

With travel stalled around the world, those of us with acute wanderlust continue to look for ways to keep the rewards of globetrotting in our lives.   Read more

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