“I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it.”               – Rosalia de Castro

How we get to where we want to be is fundamental to any traveler and transportation makes that happen.  Whether by plane, train, automobile, boat or spaceship—coming soon to a spaceport near you—getting around safely and securely is at the forefront of any traveler’s mind.   Because of the explosion of affordable travel in developed and emerging economies, global air networks, public transport systems and ride sharing services have made it easier to go anywhere than at any point in human history.  

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Family RV Travel

Hear about RV travel, the joys of multi-generational family travel. and traveling across the country as people of color.   Read more

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Across the river

Celebrating the joy of travel on National Shop for Travel Day

By Tonya Fitzpatrick, Esq.

The technological resources that are available make research and planning for vacations much easier. This was the reasoning behind the creation of National Shop for Travel Day.   Read more

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mauna kea

Maunakea – The White Mountain

By Manali Shah

A sacred mountain for Hawaiians, it is also an Observation facility with telescopes bigger than the Hubble Space telescope.   Read more

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RV camper

Road trip tips: Spend less and make the most out of your journey on wheels

By Kellie Paxian

As airborne travel is still largely discouraged due to the pandemic, many of us have taken to exploring our backyards by wheels…   Read more

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Top Tips for Campervan Travel (AKA #Vanlife)

By Tara Tadlock

As country borders remain closed and travel restrictions show very few signs of lifting, many people are turning to domestic travel alternatives. Instead of flying to far-flung places, tourists are taking to campervan travel. While campervanning is nothing new to tourists in destinations like New Zealand or Australia, there has … Read more   Read more

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RV Camper and Stars

Traveling Route 66 and Crossing Europe in an RV

As we travel through Iceland you will hear about America’s historic Route 66 with Route Magazine editor, Brennan Matthews and Kat Bird of the Wandering Bird blog will share her adventures crossing Europe in an RV.   Read more

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Airport passenger in terminal

Air Travel Becomes A New Experience

The coronavirus pandemic has treated the world to new norms that have never before occurred. The total shutdown of essential services and normal life during the total lockdown directives and a massive meltdown of economies leading to job losses and restructuring of revenue streams are scenarios that have not been … Read more   Read more

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coronavirus airplanes

Airlines Hit Hard By Coronavirus Hit Back With Industrial Cleaning Products

Airlines are using the most potent disinfectants to eliminate the coronavirus (COVID-19) from its planes. Korean Air Lines Co., Qantas Airways Ltd and Singapore Airlines Ltd.’s Scott unit were some of the airlines that helped in the evacuation of people in Wuhan, the Chinese city that’s the center of the … Read more   Read more

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boeing 737 Max jet

Discounts Unlikely When Max Fleet Returns To Service

If you hope Southwest Airlines, United, American and other airlines would give travelers a discount for when they bring back the 737 Max Jet, you can forget it for now.  According to Tom Nealon, presidents of Southwest Airlines, said discounts are not being considered at this time. He said the … Read more   Read more

pit bull service animal

Agency Introducing Proposal To Ban “Emotional Support” On Flights

The U.S. Department of Transportation has submitted a proposal that just specially-trained dogs designated as service animals be allowed on airplanes. This would mean emotional support animals – from dogs to cats to rabbits to snakes – would no longer be permitted on airlines.   According to airlines, there has been … Read more   Read more

amtrak train

Travel greener in 2020 with these 5 incredible Amtrak journeys

By Katy Spratte Joyce

As travelers seek ways to minimize their impact on the environment while moving about the globe, Amtrak trains are standing out as an increasingly desirable option. The eco-friendliness of this transportation option is a big selling point, as the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that trains use about 50 percent less … Read more   Read more

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Four Travel Trends We’ll See in the New Year

The travel world has changed significantly in the last 10 years with the rise if responsible and increased international tourism. Today, people are more concerned than ever with green travel and the increase in carbon offsets for hotels with doing away with miniatures bottles and flying. There are many social … Read more   Read more


Longanair Defends Actions Of Passengers’ Removal

A U.K. Longanair flight asked five passengers to leave the flight over concerns the aircraft was too heavy to make its short trip to Derry, Northern Ireland. According to one flier Ben Kelly, a journalist with the Independent, said, the flight, which was scheduled to leave Saturday morning, was initially … Read more   Read more

airplane seats are generally blue

4 Reasons Airline Companies Use Blue For Their Cabin

Ever though about blue interiors of airlines ? Flying can be stressful even with seats in business or first class. In most cases, you’re trying to find room in the overhead compartment for your stuff without accidentally hitting someone in the head with those items. You’re so concerned with this, … Read more   Read more

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american airline

American Airlines Will Continue To Ground Max Fleet Through Labor Day

American Airlines has decided to remove even more of its Boeing 737 Max aircraft fleet from its flight schedule through Sept. 3. The move may be a suggestion that recertifying the grounded fleet is going much more slowly than the company was hoping for. This means American Airlines is going … Read more   Read more