The future of libraries is uncertain with the digital age advancing every day, but what is certain is that libraries can provide a research experience the internet just can’t offer. Most libraries aren’t just places filled with accurate information and exquisite art pieces; they’re also designed with some of the most beautiful architecture you could only ever dream of seeing. So what libraries are the most beautiful on our planet?

Royal Library Copenhagen
First floor in Royal Library of Denmark.  Photo: Mik Hartwell

The Royal Library – Copenhagen, Denmark

The Royal Library situated in the heart of Copenhagen sets it apart from all the other libraries out there, thanks to its black diamond design. The library was built in 1999 with a black granite structure, which makes looking across the harbor very pleasing to the eye, especially when the sun sets and its main lights reflect on the water. The ceiling within the library is based on a fresco design, which was created by famous artist, Per Kirkeby.

Central Library of Vancouver – Vancouver, Canada

The Central Library of Vancouver very much resembles the design of your typical Roman colosseum. The sky lit structure has multiple shops and coffees shops on hand so your tour into the main area can be broken up into sections. With multiple bridges within the library to different sections of studies, the Central Library of Vancouver should be at the top of your list when it comes to beautiful libraries to visit. There are also plans in place to restructure the top floor of the building so the sky garden can be expanded.

Musashino Art Museum and Library – Tokyo, Japan

The Musashino Art Museum and Library is where library architecture gets truly special. Designed by Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto, the library design itself consists of library bookshelves that are walled in with glass. The outer structure certainly has a unique essence and it’s one of the main reasons why the 26,900-square foot library is in demand at the heart of Tokyo.

New York Public LibaryNew York Public Library – New York City, United States

For a library experience that provides your studies with something unique, the New York Public Library main reading room is just one giant open space that is the same length of two city blocks. Chandeliers, art décor, and old bookcases are all it takes to give this library the unique setting many New Yorkers crave. It’s the place to go to if you’re studying for an online MLIS degree via Rutgers Online using their online MLIS program.

Marciana Library – Venice, Italy

Your Italian library experience doesn’t get much better than the one the Marciana library offers. With more than 750,000 books and 24,000 prints to take advantage of, the beautiful Marciana Library offers much more than just information. The building itself is one of the longest standing libraries in Italy, so it’s the place to come if you want to gain some knowledge of the Italian people and to take in the décor within the building itself.

There are still hundreds of thousands of libraries that can offer the non-digital research experience you crave, but the ones above will certainly help with your librarian degree and, of course, will provide you with the exquisite architect that sets these libraries apart from the rest.