Chiesa San Gavio from Spiaggia di Balai

Porto Torres: A case for slow travel

By Torrance McCartney

Sardegna, Italy. An idyllic and rugged island in the middle of the Mediterranean. The mountain ranges at the heart of the island are surrounded by a coastline spotted with small cities and fishing towns, all wrapped in sparkling blue sea. It was finally my time to experience this oasis I … Read more   Read more

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Zero Waste earth

Zero-waste travel: Can it be done?

By Jessica Barrett

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a huge push for greater sustainability and concrete steps towards reducing waste. San Francisco was the first American city to ban plastic bags back in 2007 (and many more followed suit), new bulk food stores are opening up around the world, and places like Singapore … Read more   Read more

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selfie-with-monkey-animal tourism

The trouble with animal tourism and how you can help

By Nikki Gillingham

The dangers and harmful effects of animal tourism on the individual animals are starting to become more widely known, thanks in large part to a recent National Geographic article by Natasha Daly. Natasha’s research helped expose the truth about the conditions that surround many animals in captivity, which include elephants, tigers, … Read more   Read more

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Orangutang in Sumatra

The positive influence of eco-tourism in Sumatra

By Bianca Caruana

Green Hill tracking rangers in the village of Tualang Gepang, North Sumatra, received a call last month concerning a solitary orangutan who had wandered up a durian tree nearby the local village. The great ape was spotted by villagers who notified the rangers, and the case was quickly escalated to … Read more   Read more

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Aran island, Ireland

Aran Mor: Reliving a Traditional Way of life in Ireland

By Derek Cullen

For many visitors, it comes as a surprise that two languages are spoken in certain parts of Ireland. That is to say, Ireland is predominantly an English-speaking country but specific pockets known as “Gaeltacht” regions use Gaelic (Irish) as their spoken tongue. Now, that’s not to say these locals will … Read more   Read more

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Walking Amongst Flags photo by Jen Tousey

Rediscovering and Reviving American Culture

By Jen Tousey

When we think of cultures on the brink of extinction the mind usually wanders to earth based cultures world wide being infringed upon by modern development. Another common image is that of oppressed peoples being forced to assimilate, flee, or possibly be put to death in a hostile regime takeover. … Read more   Read more

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Rottnest Island bay

Why every visitor to Western Australia needs to visit Rottnest Island

By Audrey Lim

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from living abroad over the past two and a half years, it’s that Western Australia is truly unrivaled when it comes to their beaches. While I may be quite biased, just picture fine white sand as far as the eye can see and clear … Read more   Read more

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albuquerque-Hot Air Balloons

Have a high time in Albuquerque

By Kathleen Walls

A major highlight in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a hot air balloon ride at daybreak. But floating through the sky into the sunrise is not all there is to do in Albuquerque, and this city is full of culture and education to provide a well-rounded and enriching experience. Before you … Read more   Read more

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Derek Cullen overlooking the habor on the Great Blasket Island in Irleland

One Magical Night on the Great Blasket Island in Ireland

By Derek Cullen

I was frustrated when the Wi-Fi died. My trip to the Great Blasket Island was hinging on the availability of a small boat, and I was now unable to contact the owner. However, after a ten-minute jog to the harbour in Dunquin, I was welcomed on board – the result … Read more   Read more

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Birds-eye view of the historic city center - the old town of Warsaw.

Why You Must Visit Warsaw: 30 Years After the Fall of Communism in Poland

By Patti Morrow

Careening through the backstreets of Warsaw in a minibus that bumped and jostled us through a former Communist neighborhood, I immediately regretted that extra pierogi I’d had for lunch that now threatened to expel itself. As if clairvoyant, Tomas, our guide, stopped and shepherded us into an area where partially destroyed, … Read more   Read more

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bushfire ravaged bush land regrowing after the fire

Is it safe to travel to Australia after the bushfires?

By Ann-Marie Cahill

The Australian bushfire season for 2019/2020 has been the worst on record. Globally, news reports have tried to capture the enormity of the situation, often falling short. Red, orange, and black smother the traditional Australian green-and-gold. And yet, from the ashes, there is a sprout of new growth; as a … Read more   Read more

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Whale shark up close and personal

Swim with whale sharks – the largest fish in the ocean

By Melissa Curtin

Swimming with whale sharks was something I had never contemplated until visiting La Paz, Mexico, a few hours north of Cabo San Lucas in southern Baja California Sur. My immediate response was “no way” until I learned the name “whale shark” is quite misleading. Whale sharks are the world’s largest … Read more   Read more

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Author Derek Cullen along the Pacific Coast Trail

How Spending Time Alone on the Pacific Crest Trail Changed My Life

By Derek Cullen

I recently spent five months hiking from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. It was an incredible backpacking trip through stunning deserts, mountains, and forests but also a journey of self-discovery. At the same time, my trips were now motivated by self-growth rather than deficiency. That is to … Read more   Read more

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Eco-lodge photo by Chelsea Wiersma

Traveling with small footprints: A guide to eco-tourism

By Chelsea Wiersma

Eco-tourism has been rapidly growing in popularity over recent years. There are now eco-friendly stores, eco-lodges, vegan restaurants, and sustainably made products in almost every major travel destination. It is the responsibility of travelers to be mindful of their impact on the environment and make informed decisions while exploring our … Read more   Read more

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The Musée des Confluences is a science centre and anthropology museum in Lyon, France.

The rise of ‘second city’ travel

By Katherine Bertrand

I’m going to take a wild guess here: following your latest travel adventure, the story you were most excited to entertain your friends and family with wasn’t one of the long, winding lines at the Louvre. Or the sea of tourists obstructing your view of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. … Read more   Read more

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