Philip of Macedon fountain in Skopje's main square.

Macedonia: Five Places to Visit

By Ali Jennings

One destination, which is still considered fairly off the beaten track, is Macedonia, a small country with a rich history and beautiful nature. If you’re looking for an interesting Balkan destination with fewer tourists, Macedonia makes a great choice. Here are the top five places to visit in Macedonia.   Read more

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Tbilsi, Georgia

Georgia: Five Reasons to Choose it Over Neighboring Turkey

By Ali Jennings

Previously overlooked in favor of its neighbor Turkey, the Caucus country of Georgia, which sits at the crossroads of Western Asia   Read more

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Map of Poland and surrounding European Union countries.

Five Lesser-Known Polish Cities Worth A Visit

By Ali Jennings

When travelers think of Poland, Krakćw and Warsaw, the country’s two largest and most popular tourist centers are typically what come to mind. But Poland is a huge country with a myriad of interesting cities for visitors. Here are five alternative cities you should check out when in Poland.   Read more

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Coconut on a Sint Maarten (Saint Martin0 beach.

Sint Maarten: A Youth Program Reaches Out After Hurricane Irma

By Breana Johnson

September 2, 2017, was a calm and sunny Saturday on the Dutch Caribbean island of Sint Maarten. In a small cluster of brightly painted shipping containers, a group of children gathered to play games, read books, and toss around a baseball. It was just another normal weekend at the Player … Read more   Read more

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Elephant in Zimbabwe

Why You Might Want to Visit Zimbabwe Sooner Rather than Later

By Derek Cullen

When I first visited Zimbabwe ten years ago, hyperinflation had sent the entire country into a controlled state of panic.   Read more

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Heart hands on a sunset for Valentine's

18 Valentine’s Day Customs From Around the World

By Lola Méndez

Looking for unique ways to shower the ones you love with gifts and praise for Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered with inspiration from different cultures around the world who honor love in unique ways. Here are 18 of the sweetest ways that people declare their love on Valentine’s Day … Read more   Read more

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Candi Plaosan, also known as the 'Plaosan Complex', is one of the Buddhist temples located in Bugisan village, Java, Indonesia.

An Indonesian Village that Changed its Fate with the Internet

By Rose Munday

When it comes to Indonesia, you might wonder how islands like Java can compete with the likes of Bali.   Read more

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The 2019 Sydney Festival (SydFest) celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing. Photo: Ann-Marie Cahill

Sydney Festival 2019: Out of This World

By Ann-Marie Cahill

Sydney comes to life in summer. It is a glorious city, no matter what time of year but in the summer, we have long days, warm nights, hot beaches, and the biggest party in all of Australia: The Sydney Festival.   Read more

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Namibian desert on the African continent.

Why Namibia Should Be Your Next Travel Destination in Africa

By Derek Cullen

Let’s be honest, most people head for the same places when they visit Africa for the first time like the Masai Mara, Kruger, and Serengeti National Parks. However, some of the most fascinating experiences on the continent are far off the beaten track and this is certainly true of Namibia … Read more   Read more

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Aerial view of Niagara Falls with a Maiden of the Mist boat.

Exploring Niagara Falls

By Kathleen Walls

Niagara Falls, one of America’s most scenic wonders, wasn’t always a pristine park open to the public.   Read more

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Stairway to Heaven. Photo: Len Cristobal

World Footprints Top Stories of 2018

By Eliza Amon

Last year, World Footprints published stories about people and places all over the world. Our writers told stories that helped our readers make deeper connections to a community, understand more about a foreign place while traveling more mindfully.   Read more

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Descent to Tagana. Photo: Diana Condrea

Tenerife Off the Beaten Track: Five Ideas to Escape the Crowds

By Diana Condrea

The volcanic island of Tenerife, the largest and most diverse of the Canary Island Archipelago, is a fabulous year-round destination with record-breaking numbers of visitors each year.   Read more

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Tree frog in Costa Rica.

Sustainable Hotels in Costa Rica: 5 Eco-Conscious Choices

By Lola Méndez

Costa Rica is a top eco-conscious destination with many properties implementing sustainable initiatives to keep their environmental impact to a minimum to preserve the biodiversity of the country. This movement is a natural extension of the country motto, Pura Vida!   Read more

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Capt. Tucker and Hercules. Photo: Kathleen Walls

Cajun Culture in Lafayette Parish

By Kathleen Walls

In Southern Louisiana, French Canadian migrants settled and intermingled with the existing community to create a unique ethnic group, the Cajuns, whose culture continues to thrive today. Visitors can learn more about the Cajuns through a visit to Lafayette Parish, where they can explore their history, customs, music and food.   Read more

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Choral Temple in Bucharest. Photo: Diana Condrea

Jewish History Behind the Communist Blocks of Bucharest

By Diana Condrea

Hidden behind Bucharest’s Soviet-style apartment blocks are the traces of the city’s once thriving Jewish community, 70,000 people strong, who lived in the capital before World War II and Soviet demolition nearly obliterated their culture.   Read more

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