Community - Thailand - Empty bungalows in Krabi, Thailand. Photo: Jennifer Richardson

Community, collectivity, and COVID-19

By Jennifer Richardson

I was living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, when the coronavirus became known around the world back in January.   Read more

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Tiger in wild

How to Spot Ethical Animal Tourism in Southeast Asia

By Lola Méndez

Help stop animal cruelty in Southeast Asia by avoiding inhumane experiences with captive animals—we’ve got the details on ethical animal tourism in Southeast Asia.   Read more

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California Hike. Photo: Torrance McCartney

Giving Up On Perfect: A Road-Trip Through USA

By Torrance McCartney

As a child, the cinematic perfection and endless romance of America beckoned me from the warm tropics of my Australian home.   Read more

United States Rail & Road Travel
Guatemala Girls selling handicrafts. Photo Terri Marshall

Traveling Post COVID-19: Focusing on Sustainable Tourism

By Terri Marshall

With the COVID-19 virus attacking our world, looking on the bright side seems like a daunting task. But as with every cloud, a silver lining emerges, and while it may not be visible to all humans, it is crystal clear for our planet.   Read more

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Travel lovers - adventure-navigating during COVID-19

Re-entering the world with new footprints: Navigating the current landscape

By Kellie Paxian

The future is uncertain, but a few things are for sure. We still love to experience the adventures, landscapes, and cultures that our planet has to offer. None of us wish to go through another pandemic. And travel, as we know it, may never be the same.   Read more

United States

Adopt a Backpacker: Seeking Refuge During the COVID-19 Crisis

By Ann-Marie Cahill

For many long-term backpackers, it has been a new adventure in survival and endurance as their usual fallback job opportunities have also been affected by the shut-down.   Read more

Oceania Backpacking & Camping

Luxembourg: Spotlight on Sustainability

By Katy Spratte Joyce

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a lesser-known European entity sandwiched between France, Belgium, and Germany.   Read more

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Solo Travel - View of the Great Wall of China. Photo: Lydia Klemensowicz

How solo travel prepared me for self-isolation 

By Lydia Klemensowicz

Once I returned from my first solo trip, I knew I had changed. It started with me sitting nervously on a flight to Vienna, butterflies swirling around in my stomach and desperately hoping to meet at least one person.   Read more

The World Insights
Travel Restrictions banner

What travel will look like in a post-pandemic world

By Tara Tadlock

Rest assured, the tourism industry is remarkably resilient. Whether for work or leisure, once travel bans are in the rear-view mirror, it is likely that people will be back out and at it, albeit traveling a little differently than before.   Read more

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La Casa Cottages, my self isolation base. Photo: Kellie Paxian

From lockdown to isolation: My COVID-19-fuelled journey home

By Kellie Paxian

My greeting at YVR International Airport’s customs desk is about as warm as my farewell from Cape Town 27 hours earlier.   Read more

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Elephant Cam. Photo: Terri Marshall

Virtually There: Traveling through Technology

By Terri Marshall

With travel stalled around the world, those of us with acute wanderlust continue to look for ways to keep the rewards of globetrotting in our lives.   Read more

The World Technology
Big Sur photo by Torrance McCartney

Silence in Big Sur, silence in between

By Torrance McCartney

As I write this, the majority of the world is in isolation; the pandemic of COVID-19 has forced us indoors and away from each other.   Read more

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Trixie Pacis gazing out a window in India

How travel has changed my definition of ‘home’

By Trixie Pacis

I left home without looking over my shoulder. I quit my job, packed my apartment, and bid home farewell in a whirl of excitement and spontaneity.   Read more

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covid-19-social distancing

How I’m Dealing with the Coronavirus Lockdown in Ireland

By Derek Cullen

Ireland was quick to respond to the coronavirus situation. While many world leaders were waiting to “see what happens”, social gatherings were banned and even the pubs were closed.   Read more

Ireland Social Responsibility
Look our for each other sign. Community at a distance

How the world is coming together by staying apart

By Tara Tadlock

From the U.K. to the beaches of Uruguay, people around the world are coming together despite being mandated to stay apart.   Read more

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