Is Nepal the ultimate cultural experience in Southeast Asia?

By Derek Cullen

Nepal is one of the few countries in the world which can feel unspoiled by the effects of tourism. Immense and majestic in every way, it is also here that you will find the infamous Mount Everest but make no mistake; this isolated pocket in the mountains is popular for … Read more   Read more

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pregnant woman

Traveling when pregnant: 7 things to consider

By Tonya Fitzpatrick

Travelling when you’re pregnant can be a rewarding and relaxing experience. But many mums-to-be worry about the logistics and risks of going away when they’re carrying a baby.   Read more

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Entering the Siksika reservation. Photo: Tonya Fitzpatrick

Exploring the Unique Culture at Siksika Nation

By Sam Treacy

Before Europeans landed on North America, the continent was filled with a plethora of different native groups, with one of these being the Blackfoot Confederacy.   Read more

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Local experiences in Vietnam and doing something different

By Derek Cullen

Many years have passed since the infamous war that divided Vietnam, but the scars are still evident: for the variety of food, busy cities, and rolling landscapes are a distinct contrast to dark times in Vietnam such as the Chu Chi tunnels or the War Remnant Museum in Ho Chi … Read more   Read more

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British Methodist Episcopal Church - Salem Chapel

St. Catharine’s, Ontario: Experiencing the Impact of Harriet Tubman

By Breana Johnson

As the small congregation of the Salem Chapel streams into the church dressed to the nines and illuminated with bright smiles for all passersby, our Caribbean little league team gathers around a bust of Harriet Tubman.   Read more

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Middle Kingdom. Photo taken by Ji Dong

Traveling in China – under the skin of the culture

By Jon Geldart

Travelling by train in China is not as difficult as you might first think, though buying tickets can be a fraught affair with the many booths and total lack of any language other than Chinese which can confront you.   Read more

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Cows on Goa beach

Goa: It’s Not All About The Hippies

By Ivanka Yurchenko

Today Goa is mostly popular due to Arambol, its world-known hippie enclave that’s becoming more and more touristic with each passing year.   Read more

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5 Things That Will Make You Fall in Love with Vilnius

By Ivanka Yurchenko

This old Lithuanian city is adored by thousands of people who have visited it at least once. Locals love Vilnius even more and are ready to share the most quirky and unusual places where you can explore modern art or have an amazing picnic.   Read more

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Parc tete dor in Lyon, France

5 Popular Attractions To Check Out While In Lyon, France

By Tonya Fitzpatrick

Lyon, France – it’s the second biggest city in France, situated between Paris and Marseille.  Although it’s regarded as the gastronomy capital of the country, there are fewer restaurants than attractions for tourists to see.   Read more

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Viewing the Burundi landscape from two angles

A Trip to Burundi

By Breana Johnson

Ask any average Westerner, and they likely won’t be able to point out Burundi on the map. Although this tiny country is virtually ignored when it comes to East African tourism, that’s no reason why it shouldn’t be on your travel bucket list.   Read more

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Grand Canyon

Seeing the Grand Canyon from different angles

By Jackie Jones

The Grand Canyon National Park is a location that just the name alone sends feelings of awe through any traveler.   Read more

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Barbados Blue.jpg

Eco-tourism in Barbados

By R. Hoyal

Life in the modern world is often a high stress and fast paced wild ride and sometimes, we all just want to get away from it all and go to some tropical island and get there fast and take it slow. When that need takes hold of you, there is … Read more   Read more

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Taj Mahal India

8 Tips for the Solo Female Traveler in India

By Ivanka Yurchenko

Many people consider India an utterly unsafe place to travel alone, and while that may be true to some extent, there’s no denying the fact that this country is beautiful and each state has something amazing to offer in terms of sightseeing and cuisine.   Read more

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The Carpathian Mountains

5 Breathtaking Spots to see in Ukraine

By Ivanka Yurchenko

Ukraine is a versatile country with a lot of different sceneries and places suitable for all kinds of vacations. Whether you are a backpacker or prefer luxurious hotels – there’s everything for everyone! Travel to the city of Lviv to get the best cup of coffee in Europe, climb the … Read more   Read more

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Along the bund in Shanghai

Shanghai – Where the Ancient Meets the New

By Jackie Jones

From historical significance, to popular culture, Shanghai is a Chinese city that intrigues millions.   Read more

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