Bangkok floating market

Asia’s marvelous floating markets

By Jackie Jones

Experiencing different cultures in all their diversity is one of the most fascinating aspects of exploring Asia. What all tourists ought to see there are local wondrous floating markets.   Read more

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The City of Bath – a Georgian Masterpiece

By Tonya Fitzpatrick

The City of Bath has a glamorous reputation of one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Its charm lures millions of heritage enthusiasts; no wonder – it has made the list of UNSESCO World Heritage Sites more than twenty years ago.   Read more

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World Footprints wins two travel journalism awards

By Ian Fitzpatrick

The North American Travel Journalist Association (NATJA) announced that World Footprints has received two top awards for journalism excellence.   The historical podcast “Gettysburg – Past and Present” earned a GOLD Award and the live broadcast from New Orleans French Quarter Festival took home a BRONZE Award.   Read more

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Biodome stadium in Montreal

The Attraction of Olympic Stadiums

By Jackie Jones

Olympic stadiums around the world are not only places with famous history. Often they also serve as an important landmark and tourist attraction. Among the most popular stadiums is the Beijing complex or Montreal stadium.   Read more

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Armenia monastery

Armenia: an ideal destination for history lovers and adventurers

By Jackie Jones

The Caucasus has been attracting an increasing number of travelers recently, and Armenia is one of the major region draws. Local tourist traffic is expected to boom as the region’s heritage and cultural and natural riches are so overwhelming.   Read more

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Asturias, Spain

Asturias – “Green Spain”

By Jackie Jones

The Asturias region is often dubbed ‘Green Spain’ thanks to the diverse wilderness of the region. It is one of the most charming areas which still remain in the shade of southern beaches and cities like Madrid or Barcelona.   Read more

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Angel and Belgium National Flag

Wallonia, Belgium: A Budget and Family Travel treasure

By Jackie Jones

When looking for a relatively cheap, active holiday, many travelers tend to overlook Belgium. However, one of its three federal regions, Wallonia, might hit all the buttons for a family holiday.   Read more

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Black History.freedmens-bureau-.jpg

Unique African-American History Attractions – Beyond Black History Month

By Tonya Fitzpatrick

Americans have recognized black history annually since 1926, first as “Negro History Week” and later as Black History Month and we greatly owe the celebration of this month of Black Heritage, more so, the study of black history to Dr. Carter G. Woodson.  The Harvard scholar was disturbed to find … Read more   Read more

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The art of Thaipusam- a measure of Devotion

By Jackie Jones

Looking for a travel experience that’s religious-based? Each year in January or February, over 1.6 million devotees and visitors make their way to Malaysia’s most popular Hindu shrine at the Batu Caves, to join in celebration for their religious holiday Thaipusam. The shrine is dedicated to Murugan, the God of … Read more   Read more

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A customer.

De Caravan: Serving Pie on Vintage Vinyl Records

By Robbert Sas

Is the old family RV slowly gathering rust in the backyard? Want to help the world, make people happy and healthy, while at the same time spread the word on using recycled materials to create beautiful new items? That’s what a creative young Dutchwoman named Karlijn has done.   Read more

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Nazca line in Peru

Nazca Lines in Danger – Protecting the Ancient Geoglyphs

By Jackie Jones

The famous Nazca Lines in Peru remain a mystery. The geometric designs date back to 200BC and today draw the attention of tourists and archaeological enthusiasts. However, drastic weather changes as well as increasing visitor presence are threatening the lines.   Read more

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The Raja Ampat Islands – A Marine Paradise

By Jackie Jones

Diving is a gateway to a different world revealing wonders of the natural kind. The list of top sites keeps on changing; however, those who have seen Raja Ampat look no further. This place is magical.   Read more

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Colonge Cathedral

Exploring North Rhine – Westphalia

By Jackie Jones

The region around the confluence of rivers Rhine and Moselle is wonderful. There are castles, pubs, vineyards, simply things tourists are fond of. North Rhine-Westphalia is definitely worth visiting.   Read more

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Greece, un reve devenu realité

By Marie-Noelle Araella

When thinking of Greece, we have the tendency to collect the following clichés; bailout from the European Union (EU), jobless youth, suicidal trend among citizen, laziness, poor in knowledge, pride etc…however, this was not the same when I visited the land of Greece. I had the best and unforgettable experience … Read more   Read more

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