Live the History in Romania’s Sighisoara Fortress

By Tonya Fitzpatrick

One of the last inhabited medieval fortresses of Europe lies in a small Romanian town, deep into the wonderful land of Transylvania, a land of legends and myths. Unknown to many tourists, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most interesting attractions of Romania, with a history that … Read more   Read more

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Walking Israel cover

Walking Israel: An Author’s Perspective

By Martin Fletcher

Martin Fletcher, author of “Walking Israel,” (St Martin’s Press) provides a first-hand perspective of his walk along the coast of Israel, in which he reveals the country and its problems, drawing on the experiences of his trek, a year’s research, and twenty-five years of life in the country.   Read more

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Rafting in Nepal

By Jackie Jones

One of the most popular features Nepal has to offer is its striking natural setting, and especially its mighty rivers. Whitewater rafting has become the third most popular sport that tourists want to try here.   Read more

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Parliament Palace in Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest offers a great Budget holiday

By Jackie Jones

Dubbed "Little Paris" by many affectionate citizens and tourists, Bucharest's stunning beauty and rich history make it a popular spot for leisure travelers and history lovers.   Read more

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The Sochi Olympics from a local perspective

By Holly Demaree

For a spectator, traveling to the Olympic Games takes about 24 hours of constant travel, but once you see Sochi and all it has to offer, the inconvenience and jet lag drift away. Others have endured and waited for this moment far longer than 24 hours. Residents of Sochi have … Read more   Read more

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pet travel. man-.jpg

Traveling with Pets in the USA

By Jackie Jones

Nowadays more and more business travelers as well as leisure travelers take their pets with them on trips. This brings various problems. For example, almost every airline in the USA has its own rules concerning the transportation of pets.   Read more

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The Worst Food in the World: Ñachi

By Richard Bangs

On the way to the headwaters of the Bio-Bio River in Chile, where we hoped to make the first descent, we stopped at a Mapuche Indian farm house and asked if we might camp in an untilled field. Yes, Yaco, the owner, replied, but only if we joined for dinner. … Read more   Read more

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Rock formation on Kangaroo Island

Australia’s Kagaroo Island

By Jackie Jones

South Australia’s Kangaroo Island quietly attracts wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers along with adventure seekers. It is a unique and exciting place.   Read more

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Bangkok floating market

Asia’s marvelous floating markets

By Jackie Jones

Experiencing different cultures in all their diversity is one of the most fascinating aspects of exploring Asia. What all tourists ought to see there are local wondrous floating markets.   Read more

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Press Release from NATJA announcing the two journalism awards for World Footprints.

World Footprints wins two travel journalism awards

By Ian Fitzpatrick

The North American Travel Journalist Association (NATJA) announced that World Footprints has received two top awards for journalism excellence.   Read more

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Biodome stadium in Montreal

The Attraction of Olympic Stadiums

By Jackie Jones

Olympic stadiums around the world are not only places with famous history. Often they also serve as an important landmark and tourist attraction. Among the most popular stadiums is the Beijing complex or Montreal stadium.   Read more

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Armenia monastery

Armenia: an ideal destination for history lovers and adventurers

By Jackie Jones

The Caucasus has been attracting an increasing number of travelers recently, and Armenia is one of the major region draws. Local tourist traffic is expected to boom as the region’s heritage and cultural and natural riches are so overwhelming.   Read more

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Asturias, Spain

Asturias – “Green Spain”

By Jackie Jones

The Asturias region is often dubbed ‘Green Spain’ thanks to the diverse wilderness of the region. It is one of the most charming areas which still remain in the shade of southern beaches and cities like Madrid or Barcelona.   Read more

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Angel and Belgium National Flag

Wallonia, Belgium: A Budget and Family Travel treasure

By Jackie Jones

When looking for a relatively cheap, active holiday, many travelers tend to overlook Belgium. However, one of its three federal regions, Wallonia, might hit all the buttons for a family holiday.   Read more

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The art of Thaipusam- a measure of Devotion

By Jackie Jones

Looking for a travel experience that’s religious-based? Each year in January or February, over 1.6 million devotees and visitors make their way to Malaysia’s most popular Hindu shrine at the Batu Caves, to join in celebration for their religious holiday Thaipusam. The shrine is dedicated to Murugan, the God of … Read more   Read more

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