Brazil has always been a hot tourist destination.  However, since hosting the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics Games, Brazil has also become the hottest ticket in town.  This means that everything from your airline ticket, hotel, meals and activities can cost more.  But, there is an affordable Brazil and we’ve found a few options for accommodation and attractions in some popular cities that you can enjoy without breaking the bank

Sao Paulo

If you are after culture, Sao Paulo is the place for you! At Alberta, the first floor is dedicated to drinks and artwork, while rock ’n’ roll fans will enjoy the basement. Samba bands play live music at the O do Borogodo bar. If you are looking for artists displaying their works, you should consider visiting Mercearia Sao Pedro. You never know who you’ll run into, as fashion designers, directors, actresses, artists and writers all congregate in this restaurant/bar. If your holiday trip budget is a bit lower, you can always enjoy the free Brazilian music offered every weekend at Studio SP; however, keep in mind that this is offered only for early evening shows. Vegetarians aren’t left out, as they can find great treats at Z Carnieria.

Rio de Janeiro.  View from Sugarloaf.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is not only the best destination for tourists seeking adventure, but it is also renowned for its awesome nightlife as well! If you are at The Maze Inn B&B, you can catch amazing views of the Sugar Loaf and Guanabara. The Maze is a hostel/hotel and is considered an institution on the jazz scene because of its jazz bar. A double room to spend the night here will set you back less than 38 dollars (at last check).

If you want views of the great Christ the Redeemer and Corcovado Mountain, consider going to Palaphita Kitch. You’ll definitely get your fill of the plentiful Brazilian fruits sold locally. For the adventurous people, $219.99 will get you a one hour helicopter tour. If you prefer staying on the ground, the walking tour takes four hours to complete, but costs only $52.99 each. Don’t forget that Rio also has the most incredible beach culture as well.

Fernando de Noronha

For the more romantic travelers, this is the best low-cost holiday destination. Even if Valentine’s Day isn’t celebrated in Brazil, you and your partner can enjoy this area for a romantic experience or even to enjoy a honeymoon. At the Pousada Ze Maria, you’ll find plenty of hammocks to help take advantage of the time to cuddle. You’ll also get the opportunity to view some amazing beaches.



If you are a food aficionado, you’ll want to experience the numerous restaurants in this quaint little village. Because it is a fishing village, you can spend the time watching the fisherman catch the fish, learn how to fish or even participate in catching the fish with them. It doesn’t matter who caught the fish, you can be assured that it will be fresh there! The best place to stay to experience the culinary delights of Brazil is the Pousad Casas Brancos hotel.

Ilha Grande

For the sun lovers, the perfect destination is Ilha Grande. In addition to the large number of great beaches here, there is also a very wide range other outdoor activities, such as hiking through the mountain jungles. The weather here is pleasant all the time, as it is located on a tropical island just offshore from the mainland. Accommodation can be found at the Pousada Naturalia or the Pousada da Cahoerira.