We’ve been longing to travel for nearly one year and we will likely have to stand by for several more months before we can experience the travels of yesteryear again.

So when we can finally pack our bags and reunite with the world we love we can begin crossing off the places that hold a spot on our travel wish list for 2021.

As travel journalists and curious explorers we could easily throw a dart on a map and begin our journeys from the place where the dart lands. After all, there is a whole wide world of cultures and places waiting for us to tell their story.

We do hope that we’ll be able to activate our Olympic and Paralympic media credentials for Japan and also explore other parts of Southeast Asia before, between and after the Games.

It is also our wish to travel to the places that we were scheduled to travel to in 2020 including a hike along the Inca Trail in Peru, Puerto Rico and Micronesia.

We were curious about the places other travelers are dreaming about so we asked some of our fellow travelers to share their travel wish list for 2021.

Travel wish list  - Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

“As a full-time travel writer and blogger, my top travel destination for 2021 is Roatan, an island off the coast of Honduras. Roatan checks all the relevant boxes for safe travel in today’s world: it’s a gorgeous tropical Caribbean island, but it’s often overlooked, as people tend to favor more well-known destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean. That means the beaches and attractions are remarkably not crowded (i.e., social distancing-friendly) and the island is generally far more affordable than its neighbors.

Roatan packs a big punch: It’s home to the second-largest barrier reef in the world, the Mesoamerican Reef, and boasts some the best diving and snorkeling anywhere. For those who prefer to stay on land, there are plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities including hiking through lush rainforests and taking zipline tours above the tree line.”

Taryn Shorr, Chasing Trail

Travel wish list  - Roatan


“On top of my travel wish list for 2021 is a kayaking trip on the Belize Barrier Reef.  My wife and I were supposed to go in 2020 but had to cancel. 

There are over 400 islands (maybe closer to 450) that make up Belize and the barrier reef (2nd largest on the planet).  We look forward to exploring different islands, snorkeling, and paddling. It’s a kayakers’ paradise.”

Steve Morrow, Founder of Paddle About

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“Having not been able to travel at all this year means I have this year’s travel budget, plus next year’s to play with so I will likely take more than one major trip in 2021.

First up will probably be a month-long trip to Mexico. During the Covid shutdown, I was fortunate enough to make a new friend who lives in Queretaro, so I’d like to go visit him. In addition to the beautiful sights of that city (of which I have only heard about), I might take a short flight or drive to Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, and the Yucatan and visit some of the pyramids and ruins nearby.

Using Queretaro as a base, I could explore a section of Mexico I’ve never seen and possibly even use the trip as a jumping off point to visit another friend in Guatemala City and write about another friend’s charitable work in Guatemala. Now we just need everyone to get a vaccine so it’s safe to travel again.” 

Walter G. Meyer, Author of If You Weren’t Here, This Would Not Be Happening: plogs from my life


“Although by profession I’m an IT engineer, my passion is for boating and fishing and the sea generally. 

The top of my travel wish list for 2021 is Costa Rica where I’d like to attend the fishing Offshore World Championships.

The event was canceled due to COVID. Hopefully, the pandemic will be under control by April, when it is scheduled to take place. 

Costa Rica is a beautiful place – with some of the best game fishing on earth. For me, it’s a perfect destination.”

Mark Barnos, Boat Priority

Travel wish list  - Costa Rica beach
Costa Rica beach

“You asked about the one destination you want to travel to and why. 

For me, the one destination I want to travel to is Sydney, Australia. Sydney has a fantastic cultural scene, and it’s a fantastic place to eat, experience beautiful weather, and enjoy a nice walk (something I really like to do).

With the world opening up in 2021, I also consider Sydney to be one of the safest places to visit in the world, simply due to its “island” status, and the extensive health and safety measures Australia is taking to prevent the spread of COVID.

Even after the world reopens, we will still need health and safety protocols to ensure COVID doesn’t spread further and I think Australia is a country with one of the best measures in place.”

Jamie Larounis, Travel Industry Analyst at UpgradedPoints.com

Travel wish list  - Sydney Opera House in Sydney Harbor
Sydney Opera House in Sydney Harbor

For Ian and me, our travel wish list will extend beyond 2021 because it is vast. But we plan to tick off every destination on our travel wish list as we explore intentionally and with new eyes. Until that time comes we will dream and plan for our return to the world.

What is on your travel wish list for 2021? Comment below and we may include your story in a future article.

Travel wish list  - Palau

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