Prageleto, translated ‘icy meadow’ is arguably Northern Italy’s top skiing destination.

If you’ve never heard of it, you might have thought it was some kind of delicious ice-cream from an Italian gelato shop. While this is not quite the case, the wondrous sensations of taking in the kind of beauty that poets have raved about for centuries, as the wind caresses your face on the slopes, could be considered far better than the creamy dessert.

Found in the upper Val Chisone, to the west of Turin—a striking neo-classical location in itself—Prageleto is a wonderland in the winter months. Thick blankets of snow cover the ground and pine trees lend their scent to the fresh open air. You can choose to take to the slopes on your own, or if you’d prefer a little help, professional instructors are ready to get you on your way to exploring the gorgeous Italian Alps.

pasta noodlesAs Prageleto is such a draw for travelers, Club Med is there to ensure you’ll be well taken care of. Experience Italian food, drinks, and outdoorsy warmth, with décor and luxurious furnishings to match. Breakfast is traditional faire, complete with fresh espresso, warm pastries, and orange juice. Onsite restaurants feature meals that will leave you wanting more long after you’ve had them, and La Dolce Vita lounge bar is perfect for having great wine, or relaxing solo with a good book. For those who want a little more excitement, the resort’s nightclub is the place for you to dance the night away, or maybe meet someone new.

Before we get to dancing though, work off that delightful breakfast with a brisk hike in the valley either solo, or with a guide who’ll share all about Prageleto’s heritage and history. You can literally lose yourself in all the wonder that this location brings and whether you’re with friends, family, or traveling alone, you’re sure to be blown away by the experience.

Italy is a place where there is something for every traveler, and in Prageleto, whether it’s spa days, ski days, or curling up with your family in a private living room for hours at a time, you won’t want to miss out.