One of France’s most beautiful regions is Provence, featuring an unique blend of mountains and sea, old cities and traditional villages, nature and culture blending in an unforgettable atmosphere. While most people visit Provence for the high luxury of the Cote d’Azur or for the ski slopes of the Alps, Provence is also a heaven for gastronomy lovers, with dishes that have inspired and intrigued generations of travelers. With unbelievable beaches, inciting casinos, magnificent castle, mountain villages, cultural heritage and hundreds of things to do, it is obvious why so many people overlook the gastronomy of Provence when traveling to this unique province. Whether you are looking for the next holiday destination or you wish to sample the captivating cuisine, Provence is a great choice.

The gastronomy of Provence is unlike any other in France, given the unique geography and history of the region, its close link to the Mediterranean Sea and the Greek, Spanish and Italian influences. The cuisine of this region relies heavily on lean Mediterranean recipes, with olives, fresh vegetables, fish and seafood, herbs and other spices. It is a sensual and organic cuisine, leaning heavily on more healthy recipes. Being located along the Mediterranean coast, fish and shellfish are present in many recipes.  Unlike other parts of France meats are not used as much, although some traditional recipes do call for sheep and beef. The preferred cheese of Provence is goat cheese.

BouillabaiseAs with any part of the world, the French Provence region boasts its own authentic recipes and specialties.  One of the region’s most popular dishes is Bouillabaise, a delicious seafood, vegetables and herbs stew that is prepared with olives, anchovies, capers, olive oil and lemon juice. There are many other traditional recipes in Provence and it would take forever to describe all the aromas and delicacies of this region. The sweets of Provence are worth a special mention, with North African influences and a lot of unbelievable tastes. Although not as famous as other regions, the wine of Provence is loved by many people. This is one of the oldest wine producing regions of Europe and this can be felt through the hundreds of small wineries offering rich and hearty wines.