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Bertram vanmunster

Bertram van Munster co-created the Emmy-Award Winning reality television show The Amazing Race with his partner, Elise Doganieri. Bertram, a native of Holland who speaks five languages, is credited with creating the sweeping cinematic signature look of THE AMAZING RACE. Before creating THE AMAZING RACE with Elise, Bertram developed and brought to television the critically acclaimed reality series “Profiles From the Front Line,” about the U.S. men and women fighting terrorism in the Middle East. On both of these series, he has also partnered with film and television producer Jerry Bruckheimer (CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION). Bertram also is the creator and executive producer of “Wild Things,” Paramount Television’s hit adventure series that ran from 1997-2000, and is still in syndication around the world. He also served for many years as producer for Fox Television’s long-running reality hit series, “Cops”; earlier, he was a cameraman on several National Geographic specials. He also serves as Executive Producer for the Discovery Channel’s Raw Nature, as well as “Oprah’s The Big Give.” Click here to learn more about The Amazing Race

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The multi award-winning CBS reality show, The Amazing Race, has been entertaining audiences since 2001.  The show was created by partners Eleise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster as part of a bet.  Viewers have traveled around the world vicariously through The Amazing Race teams as they race for the $1 … Read more  

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