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It all began for Jerome Brown at Gardener’s BBQ in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. As a teenager, he spent endless hours absorbing the wisdom shared by his mentors at this popular neighborhood restaurant.  Jerome was a quick study in the kitchen and his confidence and skill set grew rapidly.  He was a natural.  Jerome had the ability to master any dish with the greatest of ease. All it took was a single lesson or a mere taste of a dish and he could recreate it to perfection. Those around him knew that Jerome had a special gift. After all, he dazzled his family with his very first creation at the tender age of seven – pancakes.  It was the lessons learned at Gardener’s BBQ and those taught by his mother and other elders in his family that would prepare Jerome for a heralded career in the culinary as Chef Rome -“Personal Chef to the Stars”. After high school, Chef Rome enlisted in the US Army where he proudly served his country and fellow soldiers in the kitchen.  He traveled around the world perfecting his skills and expanding his repertoire to include international cuisine.  After military service, Chef Rome returned to Rocky Mount. He began work at the upscale Bienvenue Country Club and trained under renowned Executive Chef Larry Kennedy.  Although he was not placed at Bienvenue Country Club on a college externship like many of the aspiring Chef’s with whom he shared a kitchen, once again, Chef Rome excelled.  He soon learned of a single culinary opening at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida and decided to take a chance. The odds were four hundred to one, but Chef Rome was neither intimidated nor deterred. And it was with that ‘can do’ attitude that he shattered the odds by beating out the other three hundred ninety-nine applicants to win the position.

For more than twenty years, Chef Jerome Brown has been working to master his craft.  But along this journey, he has always maintained a sincere desire to help educate and empower young professionals in the field.   In 2000, he started Chef to the Stars, a chef placement service that, to date has successfully placed more than seventy-five top chefs in celebrity homes. His command of the culinary arts extends far beyond the magic he creates in the kitchen. In 2001, he was commissioned by former NBA star Isaac Austin to consult on the opening of his restaurant. Chef Rome single handedly created the menu, designed the floor plan and synthesized the operation, management and overall flow of the kitchen.  So, it was no surprise when his services became in high demand. Chef Rome has shared his passion for cuisine with a variety of A+ list celebrities, dignitaries and elite professional athletes such as Colin Powell, Shaquille O’Neal, Priscilla Presley, Star Jones, Nancy Kerrigan, Carl Gustaf (King of Sweden), Byron Cage, Mike Bibby and more.  He has earned an international reputation for being trustworthy and results driven.  “Chef Rome allowed me, for the first time in my entire career, to lose weight while inactive,” stated NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal.  Chef Rome was also a featured African American celebrity Chef at the prestigious 2010 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. Whether he is offering guidance to a client struggling with weight issues, an athlete desiring to gain muscle or a novice who simply wants to be educated on healthy food choices and preparation – Chef Rome delivers tailored programs with a kilowatt smile. With his popular ‘southern meets gourmet’ twist   on cuisine, clients are amazed to learn that low calorie dishes can still be flavorful, filling and completely satisfying.  More important, Jerome Brown is on a mission to use food as a tool to bring families back to the dining table to fellowship, reconnect and create lifelong memories. Chef Rome is often called upon to share his expertise and participate in the national dialogue on popular health and lifestyle hot topics ranging from energy boosting foods, cooking techniques to how to set a table. He has numerous media placements on a variety of media outlets such as The Gospel Music Channel, ABC, Fox, NBC, CBS and more. Chef Rome was the healthy chef correspondent for The Good Life Radio, a former nationally syndicated show and his “Cooking With Rome” radio segment can be heard weekly on the top rated “Donnie McClurkin Show” also airing in syndication.  In addition, Chef Rome was a founding member of Basil Magazine, an online food, wine and lifestyle magazine where he answered questions and shared a variety of tips with readers in the column “Ask Chef Rome.”  Launched in September 2009, the publication targets food and wine professionals and patrons with discriminate tastes. It has been a successful stepping stone for minority chefs and is considered by insiders to be a valuable networking and educational resource worldwide. Through its partnership with the World Food Programme, the frontline agency of the United Nations, Basil Magazine is helping fight the global battle against hunger. A versatile talent, Chef Rome continues to develop new and exciting multimedia projects and consumer products.  He is the mastermind behind Rome Couture, a line of custom Chef’s apparel and is also creating a collection of Chef’s footwear, cookware and knives.  He will soon add author to his already impressive list of accomplishments with the highly anticipated release of “Cooking With Rome.” The cookbook will be his take on a variety of family recipes and client favorites. It will include a hint of low calorie healthy delights and is scheduled to hit stores in spring 2011. Chef Rome will fulfill another lifelong dream with the “Cooking With Rome” television show. The production is also in development and promises to be as unique and stylish as its namesake showcasing his vibrant personality, sense of humor and exceptional culinary flare. Visit Chef Rome’s aka Jerome Brown’s website.

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