John Edelheit

jon edelheit

John Edelheit is affiliated with the Medical Tourism Association.  Prior to that, Mr. Edelheit was in charge of United Group Programs a large US healthcare administrator with clients such as DaimlerChrysler, Sysco, State of Florida and Idaho. Mr. Edelheit was the pioneer of medical tourism in the US and the first person to implement medical tourism into a US health insurance plan. Believing that Medical Tourism could be a solution to the US healthcare crisis, Mr. Edelheit left United Group Programs to work for the Medical Tourism Association and to help educate the world on the high quality of care available overseas. Mr. Edelheit has been featured or mentioned in over 40 magazines from Time Magazine to Newsweek, and in February who was featured as a visionary in US healthcare for his activities in Medical Tourism by Executive Managed Healthcare Magazine, which goes out to 40,000 top US healthcare executives. Mr. Edelheit is also an attorney and is considered an expert in US healthcare.

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