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Larry Shortell is a special education teacher by day and a world traveler, author and photographer during every other free second he has.  Larry shares many of his travels in his newest book Summers Off: The Worldwide Adventures of a School Teacher.  Larry travels the world photographing natural wonders.  His photographs depict flora, fauna, people, and places with nature as it was intended – without filters or digital enhancement. His interest in photography began when he started traveling. He saw plants, animals, and people that were all so different than what he had known from the first part of his life.  Larry knew he wanted to capture those incredible memories not only to relive them later in life, but also to share them with others. Over time, Larry realized that he enjoyed experiencing the natural wonders of our world first-hand and creating images that were natural not only in composition but in production.

Larry Shortell wanted to relay the exhilaration he felt when his eyes first set on such rich and unique sights. Over the last twenty years, Larry has had the pleasure of traveling to over 80 countries, all seven continents, and each of the 50 states. He’s learned that the beauty and simplicity of nature are seen not only in far off exotic places, but also in our own back yard. In the last several years, Larry has compiled a portfolio of over 200 of his favorite images from each of the continents. Larry’s goal is to represent the richness of color, light, and expression often found in the uncomplicated, natural splendor of our world.

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