Monique Pean

Monique Pean

Monique Pean was raised in Washington D.C. and has traveled the world, visiting more than 30 countries. Monique is thankful that her mother, Gail, solidly encouraged her to pursue her love of art. She credits her inspiration to the art and cultures encountered during her travels to destinations such as Haiti, Bali, Russia, Egypt, Brazil, China, Greece and more. With a Haitian father and American Jewish mother, Monique was no doubt inspired by her own heritage. Before founding her accessories company, Monique worked in finance and took fashion design classes in New York for three years. Monique graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, where she majored in Philosophy, Political Science and Economics. Click here to visit her website

Monique Pean  is an American artist whose practice is focused on fine jewelry, sculpture, painting and furniture. Her studio is based in New York City. Her work explores themes of space, temporality, identity, and origins, and makes use of materials such as fossils, meteorites, and sustainable recycled metals.

A recurring theme in Monique Pean ‘s work is the idea of “deep time”. She uses fossils and meteorites that can be billions of years old, intending to transport the viewer or wearer back in time. Her use of ancient natural materials is meant to “collapse time and space”. Pean has stated that her work “striveto create a balance between organic textures and geometric structure”. Another key theme in her work is inspiration from travel, and reflecting different landscapes, architecture, art and cultural diversity. When acquiring materials for her works,  Pean contacts scientists and researchers in order to gain in-depth information about the fossils and meteorites, as well as ensuring that they are sustainably sourced. The craftsmanship used to produce her work is carried out by artisans around the world and Pean works with indigenous peoples who have generational knowledge of the materials.

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