There was a time, not that long ago, when if someone was asked what the natural industry of a certain country was, the term ‘medical tourism’ barely existed and was not likely to be a part of the answer. However, the answer to that same question has changed drastically. With more and more people seeking plastic surgery and other medical procedures, going international to have these needs met has become increasingly popular.  This global healthcare, which is also widely known as health tourism, medical tourism and medical travel, has become a booming, multibillion-dollar industry. With more than 44 countries offering medical procedures to international clients, medical tourism has become a well-known national industry. If this concept of healthcare is new to you or it is something you’re considering, it may help to be clear on what it is.

Medical tourism is exactly as it sounds. It is the practice of going to another country for a specific medical need, generally surgeries. Procedures involving plastic surgeries, liposuctions, facelifts, gastric bypasses, dental work, hernia surgery, joint (such as hip and knee) replacements and in vetro fertilization are available as part of the medical tourism experience. However, traveling for other medical options such as alternative (herbal) treatments, psychiatry and convalescent care are becoming increasingly popular as well. As the nation’s healthcare system goes through its ups and downs, many people have opted for international medical travel for several reasons. Not only are some surgical procedures much less expensive, even with the cost of travel factored in, it eliminates long wait-times. Also, some other countries are more technically advanced than our own, so depending on the aliment, traveling can prove beneficial in many aspects. There are dozens upon dozens of companies that offer package deals for medical tourism. They will include everything that one would expect when thinking about a travel package, such as transportation, hotel, meals and personal services.

The only difference is these particular packages include a medical surgery. With millions of people around the world exercising the option of medical travel, it’s no wonder it has become a national industry for so many countries. If this is something you have considered in the past, you may want to check into your healthcare plan as some of these procedures could be fully or partially covered. Looking into government subsidies is also worth the time as they too may offer help to pay for some of the more common medical procedures