One of the last inhabited medieval fortresses of Europe lies in a small Romanian town, deep into the wonderful land of Transylvania, a land of legends and myths. Unknown to many tourists, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most interesting attractions of Romania, with a history that goes back for centuries and a cultural heritage far beyond its small size. The small Romanian town of Sighisoara is home to one of the best preserved medieval fortresses of the area and even Europe, with gates and towers that tell the story of a magnificent medieval stronghold. A fascinating historical fact about Sighisoara is that Vlad Tepes, the historical character behind the fictional character of Count Dracula, has been born in this small town. Today, there is a hotel and a restaurant bearing the name of Dracula and it a truly amazing experience.

Signisoara town

Apart from all these, the old town was first founded by German colonists over 700 years ago. Along the years, it became an important strategic point with a vivid commercial life. Considered by many one of the most beautiful fortresses in Europe, Sighisoara offers plenty of things to see and discover, beginning with its 9 medieval towers, each one representing one of the guilds of the town. The most impressive of them all is the Clock Tower, also representing the main gate into the old town. Sighisoara Fortress is set on the slopes of a hill, with the traditional tall and colorful houses following the winding cobble streets up and down the hill. Among its most interesting landmarks, we can include the Church of St. Nicholas, the Church of St. Mary, the City Hall and other charming smaller monuments. But overall, the charm of the town comes from the preserved medieval atmosphere.

For tourists that wish to visit this amazing architectural and historical treasure, there are several good accommodation options within the city, the big advantage being the one can visit everything on foot, leaving right from the hotel. Among the best accommodation choices, we can recommend Wagner House, Cavaler Hotel, Korona Hotel and other guesthouses, hostels and private houses. While traveling to Romania, it would be a shame not to try the traditional food and drinks, with some delicious local specialties that can be tasted at the Vlad Dracul House Restaurant, Ferdinand House Restaurant and others. Finally, for a truly rewarding and amazing experience, tourist can visit the two during the yearly medieval festival, taking place at the end of July, when the whole fortress is filled with medieval costumes, music and crafts.

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