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Adventure travel is for the thrill seekers, those who love adrenaline rush. More and more travelers now want to explore more than just the comfort of hotel rooms and city rides. Adventure travel lovers want to embrace everything from hot volcanoes to cold mountains, go trekking in the wild, see and enjoy the nature’s beauty ,rafting in mighty rivers and so on. They approach their vacations with an active and open mind and want to explore nature’s wilderness.

“What is adventure? If a lone wolf lifts his plaintive call into the moonlight near your campsite, you might call that adventure.

While you’re sweating like a horse on a climb over a 12,000 foot pass, that could be adventure. When howling head winds press your lips against your teeth, you face a mighty struggle. When your pack grows heavy on your shoulders as you climb a 14,000 foot peak, you feel the adventure.

When you suffer freezing temperatures and 20 inches of fresh powder on a hut to hut trip in the Rockies, that could be called adventure. But that’s not what makes an adventure.

It’s your willingness to conquer it, and to present yourself at the doorstep of nature. That creates the experience. No more greater joy can come from life than to live inside a moment of adventure. It is the uncommon wilderness experience that gives your life expectation.”

– Frosty Wooldridge, Golden, Colorado

marina in the Arctic Circle

Arctic Cruises Damaging Environment

It may be seen as one of the last bastions of adventure travel, but the recent boom in tourists travelling to the Arctic Circle is having a devastating effect on its environment, being damaging to both the local landscape and its inhabitants. Arved Fuchs, a German polar explorer and environmentalist, … Read more   Read more

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Grand Canyon dark sky

Grand Canyon Will Be Designated As International Dark Sky Park

The Grand Canyon is well-known for all its amazing rock formations, but Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park is about to claim the title of the most recent International Dark Sky Park. This is where the land possesses a unique quality of starry nights and night-time environment that has been protected … Read more   Read more

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Boats on the water in the Caribbean.

The Adventurer’s Guide to First Time Travel in the Caribbean

The Caribbean! This is no doubt one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. It boasts of clean blue seas, sparkling white sand and the summer sun just makes everywhere else seem very drab. It is made up of more than 7000 different islands and each of them … Read more   Read more

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Biking the Aran Islands, Ireland

“Insurance Crisis” Shuts Down Well-Known Ireland Bike Park

Due to an “insurance crisis,” a popular Ireland tourist attraction in Ballingarry, North Tipperrary has closed its doors. According to its Facebook page, the Bike Park Ireland will stay closed until the insurance crisis is addressed. Graham Kenny with his family runs the park said the company would have celebrated … Read more   Read more

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View of Dominica.  Photo by Tonya Fitzpatrick

Exploring Dominica, the Nature Island

Many people say that if Christopher Columbus were to return to our modern world today, Dominica would be the only island he would recognize.  This volcanic island is called “The Nature Island” for a reason.  It has a breathtaking natural beauty that sparkles like an emerald jewel and has remained … Read more   Read more

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City of David.jpg photo by Tonya Fitzpatrick

City of David, Namibia, Tasting Sicily

Entrance wall to the City of David in Jerusalem, Israel.  Photo:  Tonya Fitzpatrick World Footprints will explore Biblical history at the City of David, Namibia’s political, economic and natural landscape and small town treasures that offer a taste of Sicily and more. According to Hebrew tradition, the area outside of … Read more   Read more

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Along the Camino de Santiago.

Moscow misadventures, Camino de Santiago, pet travel and country music

Some extraordinary people sharing a bit of travel advice, insights and experiences from Moscow to the Camino de Santiago and destinations in between take us to some surprising places.   Read more

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Caesar's Palace Las Vegas

FLY LINQ Zip Line Opens In Las Vegas For Daredevils and Enthusiasts

For those adventurous enough and not scared of heights, there is a new attraction in Las Vegas that is sure to give people a thrill. The new attraction is called the FLY LINQ at the LINQ Promenade, which is a zip line along the infamous Vegas strip. The zip line … Read more   Read more

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Diving with a Whale shark

Keeping Whale Shark Tourism Sustainable in Madagascar

By Melissa Hobson

Madagascar’s Nosy Be was recently identified as a hotspot for whale sharks, which could boost the island’s ecotourism to rival the likes of global whale shark hotspots in Tanzania and Mozambique.   Read more

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Solovki Airport

Wooden Airports in Russia let visitors go into a time-travelling experience

For constant travellers airports are an unavoidable part of their world-exploring experience but it is not the most enjoyable part of traveling.  Airports around the world are generally overcrowded, chaotic and stressful environments packed within a generic structure.  However, there are a few airports throughout the former Soviet Union that … Read more   Read more

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Cycling in Uzbekistan

By Kelly Sheldrick

In many ways Uzbekistan is a fantastic country to cycle through – the friendly hospitality, exotic culture, stunning architecture and, of course, the excitement of exploring faraway lands, well away from the beaten tourist trail.   Read more

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Kakadu National Park. Darwin, Australia

Diversity is one of the many Faces of Darwin, Australia

By Jackie Jones

Darwin, the capital of Australian Northern Territory, is one of those places where people come for a visit and often decide to stay. Its diversity is fascinating and local atmosphere seems to always cheer up.   Read more

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National Geographic Adventure, Born To Explore & Cherry Blossoms Centennial

Today we’ll go on some remarkable adventures and we’ll review the history of friendship between the United States and Japan. Mary Anne Potts has worked in the adventure travel editorial space for more than eleven years. She started on the editorial staff of National Geographic Adventure magazine in 2001 and … Read more   Read more

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Greece crossing by sea

Greece By Sea

By Eliza Amon

I’d traveled to Greece with four friends, some of whom I’d known for more than 25 years. We had been dreaming and plotting a “swimcation” for a decade and finally signed up with the British company SwimTrek, one of several organizations that offer swimming vacations around the world, including in … Read more   Read more

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Arch leading into Tehran, Iran

Discovering Iran by bicycle

By Kelly Sheldrick

When I told my Dad I had plans to cycle across Iran, he freaked out. Sadly, western media depicts Iran as a dangerous place. Even the government travel advice is to avoid all travel to the country. In reality, Iran is home to some of the friendliest people I have … Read more   Read more

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