Our campsite in the Namibian desert. Photo: Tonya Fitzpatrick

“There is pleasure in the pathless woods. There is rapture on the lonely shore. There is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea and music in its roar. I love not man the less, but Nature more.”
–Lord Byron

An immersion in nature is a gift to the soul.  Enjoy the outdoors with a backpacking or camping trip and allow nature to be your teacher.  But embark on your journey a prepared adventurer.Whether a first time or seasoned backpacker or camper, it is important to know about the best destinations, gear, hiking trails and travel tips.   What should you pack?  What are the best weigh limits for your gear? What equipment has received the best reviews?  What do you need for mountain trails vs beach trails vs forest trails?Find some of the best practices, equipment reviews and tips here for backpacking and camping.


Adopt a Backpacker: Seeking Refuge During the COVID-19 Crisis

By Ann-Marie Cahill

For many long-term backpackers, it has been a new adventure in survival and endurance as their usual fallback job opportunities have also been affected by the shut-down.   Read more

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Big Sur photo by Torrance McCartney

Silence in Big Sur, silence in between

By Torrance McCartney

As I write this, the majority of the world is in isolation; the pandemic of COVID-19 has forced us indoors and away from each other.   Read more

United States Backpacking & Camping
Begpacking | Street begger

Russian Begpackers Caught in Cambodia

A Russian family was recently cautioned by police in Cambodia after being caught begging in the town of Battambang, raising the issue of the growing trend of begpacking and the effect it has on the countries where people practice it. Traveling can be expensive and it’s not unusual for people … Read more   Read more

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east-coast trail

The East Coast Trail: How far are you willing to go?

By Derek Cullen

Lesser known and far less populated than the long distance trail in British Columbia, the East Coast Trail stretches for more than 300 kilometers from Cappahayden in the south to Cape   Read more

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Hello Kitty figurines

Hello Kitty Could Be Your New Glamping Partner

In the past four decades of its existence, Hello Kitty has grown in popularity emerging as a global marketing phenomenon that ranks close to $7bn a year. The product was coined and brought into existence by the Japanese company Sanrio, the white bobtail kitty has been etched onto almost every … Read more   Read more

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Backpack travelers

10 Tricks all Backpackers Should Know

By Ivanka Yurchenko

Backpacking is one of the most adventurous and, we must admit, dangerous ways to travel. But if you’ve decided you want to venture into the ‘wild’ and explore exotic cultures and ancient ruins on your own, then there are a few rules you should follow and a few tricks that … Read more   Read more

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Entrance to Blackfoot Crossing Visitor Center. Photo by Tonya Fitzpatrick

An evening on the Blackfoot Crossing Reservation in Alberta, Canada

Enjoy a glimpse of our night under the stars in a teepee on the Blackfoot Crossing Reservation in Alberta, Canada.  We were treated to a bear skin rug, music and dance traditions and all of the comforts that a teepee offers in the middle of a vast territory.    Read more

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