“Memories made together last forever”

The definition of family travel has been evolving over years. As families grow and as older generations live longer, a typical family vacation becomes more than a visit to a trip with mom, dad and the kids. Today, many family trips are multi-generational and include travel opportunities that combine everyone’s interests.

Explore the world with your family. From the most youngest family member to the oldest one, the world has so much to offer to all those who don’t wish to leave any member behind. Every member can find something of their interest or taste even while traveling with family.

Take a road trip or explore some nearby mountain village or be mesmerized by Iguaza Falls, or explore American History. Just move out of your homes and take the kids and oldies along to explore the beauty of nature, learn some new culture or try some unknown dish.


SeaWorld Ending Surfing Dolphin Performances, PETA Cheers

After the 2013 release of the documentary Blackfish, SeaWorld made some significant changes. It terminated its orca breeding program. It ended all the whale dancing and kissing orca performances. The company also changed how people interacted with the animals, making it more educational rather than entertainment. The latest SeaWorld change … Read more   Read more

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Amtrak train offers greener travel

Travel greener in 2020 with these 5 incredible Amtrak journeys

By Katy Spratte Joyce

As travelers seek ways to minimize their impact on the environment while moving about the globe, Amtrak trains are standing out as an increasingly desirable option. The eco-friendliness of this transportation option is a big selling point, as the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that trains use about 50 percent less … Read more   Read more

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Image of apps on the world

8 Must-Have Apps Families Can Use During The Holiday Season

There are thousands of smartphone apps that can help people find restaurants, stores and other things around town or on vacation. And, just like adults have their favorites, kids have favorites for themselves. Use their apps to help you keep your sanity and them occupied while you’re busy traveling during … Read more   Read more

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Santa's Reindeer

Airbnb Listing Offers Visitors A Chance To See Santa’s Reindeer (Farm)

Airbnb offers all kinds of animal experiences for people to try, and now it’s bringing the Christmas spirit with a trip to Santa’s Reindeer Herd. The farm, which is located in Eatonville in western Washington, is a family-owned company that says they believe in Christmas’ magic. According to the Airbnb … Read more   Read more

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Norway To Build “The Whale” Observatory For Visitors

Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, with its amazing countryside, mountains and fjords. You can also check out the Northern Lights from here. Soon, there will be another reason to check out the country. If you love sea creatures, Norway will soon allow you the opportunity … Read more   Read more

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Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona

The Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizonia

Explore a bit of Sedona, Arizona in this legacy video. Sedona is a desert town near Flagstaff, Arizona that’s surrounded by red-rock buttes, steep canyon walls and pine forests. Noted for it’s mild climate and vibrant arts community, some say that Sedona’s red rocks hold a spiritual energy.    We … Read more   Read more

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Super Bowl XLIII

The Best American Sporting Events to Watch or Attend

Sports are a huge aspect of American culture. It therefore makes perfect sense that the nation regularly hosts some of the biggest and best events on the planet, which are each a celebration of exceptional talent and fandom. There are, however, numerous sports to choose from, which each have various … Read more   Read more

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A whirligig from the Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park.  Photo:  Tonya Fitzpatrick

Reviving North Carolina Towns through Art and Tourism

On one side of the state, North Carolina has the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains.  On the coastal side, the state boasts wild horses and deep blue waters.  However, the center of the state holds surprising treasures and a rich history. After losing the tobacco and textile industries, Kinston’s Mayor, B.J. … Read more   Read more

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Norfolk Historic House.JPG

Exploring historic Norfolk, Virginia

Norfolk, Virginia is a vibrant city with a rich cultural and historical heritage. From the outstanding culinary scene (the best She Crab soup is served in Norfolk) to the world-class museums and historical attractions like the Chrysler Museum of Art, Botanical Gardens, Virginia Zoo and Nauticus maritime museum, visitors can … Read more   Read more

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Typical house on Martha's Vineyard.

Exploring Martha’s Vineyard and the American south

Experience a slice of American history as two journalists share their perspectives on Martha’s Vineyard and parts of the American south. Author, Bijan Bayne,has been a summer resident of Martha’s Vineyard since childhood.  He says that while most people may know about Martha’s Vineyard because of the Obama family and … Read more   Read more

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Standing guard outside of Windsor Castle.

What to See and Do at Windsor Castle

By Ali Jennings

Most people know Windsor Castle as the venue for the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, swiftly followed by the wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank, but there’s far more to Windsor Castle than just royal matrimonial events.   Read more

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Shiloh, Mississippi monument. Photo: Kathleen Walls

Civil War History at a Crossroads

By Kathleen Walls

Located within the Shiloh National Military Park, the Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center tells the story of the railroads that crossed in Corinth and led to two Civil War battles for control that were some of the bloodiest ever fought.   Read more

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Potomac River

Sailing the Potomac River on the Minnie V

We welcomed a cool breeze as we stepped aboard the historic Skipjack Minnie V at Maryland’s National Harbor. Only one of 30 skipjacks in existence, this beautiful vessel treated us to a relaxing excursion along the Potomac River.   Read more

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Royal Caribbean cruise ship

Royal Caribbean Genies Take Action to Swerve Health Danger

The Royal Caribbean cruise line offers its passengers an extra special day to enhance their journey but huge demands such as these require the crew going above and beyond. The onboard Royal Genies make all your travel dreams come true. From one of a kind adventure, an onshore adventure or … Read more   Read more

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Cliffs of Mohar, Ireland

Tonya and Ian on The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

This is our personal take on one of our favorite attractions.  The Cliffs of Moher offers an extraordinary view can be found on the west coast of Ireland. From atop the vertical drop of the cliffs one can see the heaving Atlantic ocean below and across the water to the … Read more   Read more

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