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“He who does not travel does not know the value of men.”               – Moorish proverb

Ecology, sustainability, social and economic development are the underpinnings of volunteer travel.  Many travelers, particularly socially-responsible ones, use travel opportunities as a way to give back to communities in need.   Although voluntourism isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, these types of experiences can bring travelers new perspectives on people, places and cultures and change the lives of everyone involved whether on the giving or receiving end of a good deed.  (photo credit:  Piers Brown)

New Orleans’ French Quarter Festival 2012 – Hour 2

World Footprints broadcast center at the Hard Rock Cafe in New Orleans.  From left to right:  Mark Romig, Kelly Schulz, Tonya Fitzpatrick, Ian Fitzpatrick, Ed Cole.  (c) World Footprints MediaIn the second hour of our French Quarter Festival 2012 broadcast we will keep the good times rolling, Mark Romig, President … Read more   Read more

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Saving the Cheetah, Reviving Detroit, Sailing with Rick Steves

Travel around the globe with World Footprints today as we go to Namibia, the Mediterranean and Detroit. First stop…Namibia with Dr. Laurie Marker, Founder of the Cheetah Conservation Fund.   Read more

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VolunTourism: Making your vacation count

By Tonya Fitzpatrick

Are you passionate about travel? service? or both?  If so, consider making your next vacation a VolunTourism experience.  As we discussed on a recent show, the volunteer vacation allows us an opportunity to see the world and give back to the community we’re visiting.  Whether it’s helping to save Leatherback sea turtles in Costa … Read more   Read more

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Gary Chapman’s Love Languages, Global Volunteers and Circumnavigating the Globe

As travel experts we know that understanding new languages play an important part in the travel experience. But what about the journey of marriage?  World Footprints talks to best selling author Dr. Gary Chapman about his book, “The 5 Love Languages” and he'll walk us through the different languages that … Read more   Read more

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Surviving human trafficking & community-based adventure travel

World Footprints will present two powerful stories of survival from unlikely human trafficking victims and how they’re using their ordeals to support other victims and raise awareness about this elusive crime.  We will also share the story of a former Peace Corp volunteer whose experience inspired the development of a … Read more   Read more

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Volunteers repairing a trail in Mt. Ranier National Park.

Dive into Volunteer Travel

By Jackie Jones

All around the world natural disasters ruin people’s lives. It often takes months if not years for a community to recover. The need for volunteer work in these areas is thus essential.   Read more

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Endangered Languages, Culinary Dreams and Sylvia’s Children non-profit

Every 14 days a language dies.  National Geographic author and renown linguist, David Harrison, joins World Footprints to discuss his latest book: The Last Speakers:  The Quest to Save the World’s Most Endangered Languages. Then celebrated personal chef to the stars, Chef Jermome Brown–a.k.a. Chef Rome, is fresh on the heels … Read more   Read more

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Actor Eric Braeden, Exploring Egypt & Voluntourism

Actor Eric Braeden. This is Part 3 of our wonderful conversation with Emmy-winning actor Eric Braeden. Eric is best known for his role as Victor Newman on the #1 Daytime drama “The Young and the Restless” and he opens up about his transition to Hollywood, his hope for peace in … Read more   Read more

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We entered the St Benedict Orphanage with a greeting of music by the children. Photo: Tonya Fitzpatrick

Visiting the St. Benedict orphanage on the island of St. Vincent

Even in the middle of paradise you can find poverty. That was somethings we witnessed while traveling through St. Vincent and the Grenadines. On one day we visited St. Benedict’s Day Nursery and Orphanage. Our visit was purposeful as we had brought a few supplies to share. It was also … Read more   Read more

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The Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary on the island of Bequia

Meet "Brother" King from the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary on the island of Bequia and discover how he became an accidental champion of the sea turtle.   Read more

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Travel Tip: Volunteer Travel

By Tonya Fitzpatrick

Volunteer travel, also known as, “Voluntourism” – combining travel with volunteer work – is a growing trend because it offers a great opportunity to immerse yourself in local cultures while making a difference in the community you’re visiting.   Read more

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Camp Joy – A young traveler experiences the joy of voluntourism

By Melissa Johnson

Every year, my church participates in a summer volunteer program in West Virginia called Camp Joy. This camp is a very special camp that allows citizens surrounding the area of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia to have the opportunity to receive free help fixing up their homes. It is a one … Read more   Read more

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Mountain climber

LEGACY SHOW: Adventure Travel and Voluntourism

This broadcast is a favorite legacy show that we produced under our old name Travel’n On and before re-branding as WORLD FOOTPRINTS. Adventure travel and volunteer travel experts, Alexia Nestora of Lasso Communications and Christina Heyniger from XOLA Consulting, joins the show to discuss the emerging best practices in adventure … Read more   Read more

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LEGACY SHOW: Volunteer Vacations 101

Rick Webster , VP of Public Policy at the US Travel Association, joins Travel’n On Radio to talk about the Travel Promotion Act and his Associations efforts to promote tourism in the United States.   Read more

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Celebrating travel during National Travel and Tourism Week in the United States.

LEGACY SHOW: National Travel and Tourism Week

This broadcast is a favorite legacy show that was produced under our old Travel’n On name and format before re-branding as WORLD FOOTPRINTS. This year’s National Travel and Tourism Week features the first-ever U.S. Travel Rally Day on Tuesday, May 12. On that day, cities across the country will unite … Read more   Read more

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