Author Kellie Paxian Traveling during COVID

Fleeing the cold to weather the storms

By Kellie Paxian

A global pandemic, travel bans, and now hurricanes — what else have you got for us, 2020?!   Read more

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Safe and Spooky: Where to enjoy Halloween from a Social Distance

By Tonya Fitzpatrick

Halloween is around the corner and the ghouls and goblins are coming for us whether we’re ready or not. This time they will be frightening us from a safe distance. But don’t worry because your adrenaline will still run high.   Read more

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Top Tips for Campervan Travel (AKA #Vanlife)

By Tara Tadlock

As country borders remain closed and travel restrictions show very few signs of lifting, many people are turning to domestic travel alternatives. Instead of flying to far-flung places, tourists are taking to campervan travel. While campervanning is nothing new to tourists in destinations like New Zealand or Australia, there has … Read more   Read more

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Canoe Camping. Photo: Nikki Gillingham

Canoe Camping: Tips to Survive The Ultimate Physically-Distanced Adventure

By Nikki Gillingham

If you haven’t tried canoe camping yet and are on the hunt for new physically-distanced activities, you may want to find a spot for it on your list of things to try before winter officially arrives.   Read more

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Blue Mosque Istanbul

Unearth Istanbul In Rumi’s Footsteps

By Lipsa Das

Rumi. That is one of the first thoughts that would cross your mind when you visit Istanbul. When you google Istanbul, Hagia Sophia, the Grand Market, the Blue Mosque would be the topmost tourist attractions on the list.   Read more

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Airport seats in an empty airport. Every other seat is blocked off for social distancing because of COVID

How to fly safely during COVID

By Tara Tadlock

Travel may never be the same, but that only means that you’ll need to be more prepared for flights in the COVID era. If you must travel, or as lockdowns lift and travel restrictions loosen, if you decide to travel, there are precautionary measures you can take to lessen your … Read more   Read more

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Pena Palace.Portugal.Sintra

Amid Covid-19 Pandemic, Portugal Launches Travel Insurance for International Tourists

    COVID-19 has spread throughout the world, forcing people far and wide to change how they live their daily lives.  The world came to a standstill at the first half of 2020 when cities and towns went into lock down. In June, countries began with soft reopening efforts in … Read more   Read more

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Airport traveler

U.S. State Department Lifts Global International Travel Advisory

The travel advisory which had been put in place for 5 months, advising against international travel, has been lifted by the US State Department. In a news release on Thursday, the state agency said it had coordinated the lifting of the travel advisory the Center for Disease Control and Prevention … Read more   Read more

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Traveler overlooking city

Where Would American Vacationers Be Interested To Travel Again?

Allianz, which is a financial and travel insurance company, conducted a survey of 4,300 random clients who had purchased a policy between June 19, 2019, and February 29, 2020, with the policy ending by March 1, 2020. The survey’s intention was to askt: “what would make you comfortable enough to … Read more   Read more

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Cruise Ship

CDC Seeks Public Opinion on Resumption of Sailings

Cruise travel is at a standstill during this period of uncertainty with the Covid-19 pandemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has sent out a request for information related to cruise ship embarkation and planning and infrastructure. This measure is an effort by the CDC to develop a … Read more   Read more

Covid test swabs

Travel Industry CEOs Request Trump to Expand Coronavirus Testing

Fourteen leaders of top travel-related companies sent a letter to President Donald Trump and House and Senate leaders on Monday 27 July in which they requested broader Covid-19 testing that is also made quicker, returning results within 24-48 hours. The letter from the U.S. Travel Association asked that the improvements … Read more   Read more

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Single mask wearer on crowded beach

Traveling and Reporting in a World with COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter

By Sam White

The world has changed a lot in the last six months—which means we must change how we interact with it. Travel is different now. Journalism is different now.   Read more

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Refugees migrating to a safer country.

Smugglers Earning More during the COVID-19 Pandemic

It is easy to think that with over 60,000 mobility restrictions imposed over the world during the pandemic, it would be more difficult for smugglers to continue operating. Believing that such restrictions and the existence of the pandemic would deter smuggling activities is a far-reaching notion. Migrants continue to seek … Read more   Read more

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Map of Europe

Restoring the European Tourism Sector

The European tourism sector is one of the hardest-hit sectors among others in the world. The COVID -19 pandemic has been responsible for the restriction of movement among several countries in Europe vastly affecting the tourism industry. The tourism sector is responsible for the employment of millions of workers while … Read more   Read more

Black couple laughing in bw photo

Safer abroad? Black American travelers are glad to be outside the U.S.

By Tasha Prados

Feeling unsafe in the U.S., many Black Americans are glad to be in other countries — or eager to go abroad.   Read more

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