“I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it.”               – Rosalia de Castro

How we get to where we want to be is fundamental to any traveler and transportation makes that happen.  Whether by plane, train, automobile, boat or spaceship—coming soon to a spaceport near you—getting around safely and securely is at the forefront of any traveler’s mind.   Because of the explosion of affordable travel in developed and emerging economies, global air networks, public transport systems and ride sharing services have made it easier to go anywhere than at any point in human history.  


Kayak Users Can Now Filter By Aircraft Model in Wake Of Fatal Disasters

Prospective travelers who use the Kayak travel website can now filter their trips by aircraft model. The company has introduced the feature in the wake of an Ethiopian Airlines’ Boeing 737 Max 8 crash on March 8 that killed everybody onboard. This was the second fatal crash for that model … Read more   Read more

River cruise in Venice, Italy

Holidays Afloat on a European River Cruise

By Jackie Jones

Cruising holidays are becoming increasingly popular year on year. Travelers who long for a romantic and intimate setting praise river cruises. It is comfortable and exciting, and perfect for families as well as couples and groups.   Read more

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Flying Under The Influence

If you ever see a bird flying erratically as if it were inebriated, you're probably not seeing things! Birds in Whitehorse have been getting drunk and disorderly, forcing Environment Yukon to improvise avian drunk tanks where they can sober up.Fruit-eating birds like the Bohemian Waxwing feast on berries at this … Read more   Read more


Saving the Cheetah, Reviving Detroit, Sailing with Rick Steves

Travel around the globe with World Footprints today as we go to Namibia, the Mediterranean and Detroit. First stop…Namibia with Dr. Laurie Marker, Founder of the Cheetah Conservation Fund.   Read more

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Crystal Cruises launches free “give-back” shore excursions

Luxury cruise line Crystal Cruises has launched 16 shore excursions for passengers who want to “give back” during port stops.  These humanitarian and conservation excursions are free to guests and crew under the cruise line’s program “You Care, We Care.”Among the many options, passengers can choose to work at a … Read more   Read more

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Chatting with actress/singer Gloria Loring and Cruising the Amazon

Actress/singer Gloria Loring.Fans of the daytime drama "Days of Our Lives" (DOOL) will enjoy another one of our conversations with actress, singer and author Gloria Loring who played Liz Chandler for seven years on the soap opera.  Gloria spends some time today talking about her spiritual autobiography "Coincidence is God's … Read more   Read more

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Michigan historical travel from Detroit to Mackinac Island

Join World Footprints as we explore the Great Lakes State of Michigan and travel from Mackinac City to Detroit. Our audio tour will start with a visit to the Michigan Historical Center and Museum in Lansing where we will offer a flavor of every place in the State between the … Read more   Read more

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Gary Chapman’s Love Languages, Global Volunteers and Circumnavigating the Globe

As travel experts we know that understanding new languages play an important part in the travel experience. But what about the journey of marriage?  World Footprints talks to best selling author Dr. Gary Chapman about his book, “The 5 Love Languages” and he'll walk us through the different languages that … Read more   Read more

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De Caravan: Serving Pie on Vintage Vinyl Records

By Robbert Sas

Is the old family RV slowly gathering rust in the backyard? Want to help the world, make people happy and healthy, while at the same time spread the word on using recycled materials to create beautiful new items? That’s what a creative young Dutchwoman named Karlijn has done.   Read more

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BOOK CLUB: Tales from the Tarmac

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at our world’s airports, you’ll enjoy today’s book club reading “Tales from the Tarmac”.  Author Claudia Oxee is a former runway model turned airline industry aficionado and her new book offers great insight into the crazy world of airport terminals … Read more   Read more

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A Paralympian’s Story, California History & Ending Human Trafficking

Imagine being on the path of qualifying for the 1996 US Olympic Track and Field Team as a hurdler after becoming a 3-time All-American at the University of Arkansas to suffering a devastating injury that would lead to the loss of your leg.  Through faith and family, John Register overcame … Read more   Read more

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A few minutes with Air Force One and President Obama

We had a rare opportunity to film President Obama and Air Force One at Washington's Dulles International Airport. We were only yards from Air Force One which afforded us with a close-up of the President as he boarded.   Read more

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New Orleans Saints at the White House and flight of Marine One from the South Lawn

Aug. 9, 2010–Just a few extra clips from President Obama's welcome to the New Orleans Saints. As an extra bonus we witnessed the departure of POTUS on Marine One from the South Lawn.   Read more

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LEGACY SHOW: Conversation with former Virgin America CEO Fred Reid

This broadcast is a favorite legacy show that we produced under our old name Travel'n On and before re-branding as WORLD FOOTPRINTS.Ian and Tonya continue their convesation with Fred Reid, former CEO of Virgin America who discusses the state of the airline industry, Sir Richard Branson, and his own personal … Read more   Read more

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LEGACY SHOW: Cruising through Alaska’s Glacier National Park

This broadcast is a favorite legacy show that we produced under our old name Travel'n On and before rebranding as WORLD FOOTPRINTS.Travel with Travel’n On through Alaska’s Glacier National Park aboard the luxurious American Safari yacht. Tonya and Ian will chat with American Safari’s captain and expedition leaders as they … Read more   Read more

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