When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.                 — Susan Heller

Whether you do it yourself or leave it to a travel agent, trip planning is not only necessary but can be part of the fun before embarking on a long or short journey.  Trip planning encompasses more than what to see and do wherever it takes you.  It includes finding travel insurance, obtaining visas, addressing medical concerns, and how to pay for things when you get there.  Whether perusing the online comments of travelers about their experiences or finding the best tour company to ease your mind, planning is an essential part of every journey.

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U.S. State Department Lifts Global International Travel Advisory

The travel advisory which had been put in place for 5 months, advising against international travel, has been lifted by the US State Department. In a news release on Thursday, the state agency said it had coordinated the lifting of the travel advisory the Center for Disease Control and Prevention … Read more   Read more

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Moments in Monaco: Impressive Historical Sites to See During Your Next Trip

If you’ve set off on a euro trip anytime in your life, you’ve probably visited some of the most-frequented countries on the continent: France, Spain, Italy, or the United Kingdom, just to name a few. However, many travelers tend to skip over the locations that elicit some of the most unique … Read more   Read more

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Air Travel Becomes A New Experience

The coronavirus pandemic has treated the world to new norms that have never before occurred. The total shutdown of essential services and normal life during the total lockdown directives and a massive meltdown of economies leading to job losses and restructuring of revenue streams are scenarios that have not been … Read more   Read more

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Travel’s New Normal

When travel writing is your profession, adjusting to a new normal of not traveling can be tough and even downright weird. The Covid Pandemic has caused massive changes in our daily lives and it has surely affected the way we used to travel then and now. The lifestyle changes have … Read more   Read more

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Luxembourg: Spotlight on Sustainability

By Katy Spratte Joyce

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a lesser-known European entity sandwiched between France, Belgium, and Germany.   Read more

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A Travel Editor’s perspective on post-corona travel

What will travel look like post-coronavirus; especially for travel writers who make their living by traveling? We went to a travel journalist friend and colleague for answers. Tim Leffel is an award-winning travel writer, editor and published author. He publishes multiple blogs and online magazines including Perceptive Travel – an … Read more   Read more

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Satisfying Wanderlust during COVID-19

This mandatory pause that’s been imposed on us because of COVID-19 is very challenging; especially for those of us who travel frequently. But a fellow travel journalist, Terri Marshall of Tripping with Terri says that technology has offered us ways to feed our wanderlust at home even during Covid-19. Learn … Read more   Read more

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Exploring Until the World Opens Back Up

We can’t travel at the moment…but it’s OK because we’ll be able to again soon. Right now it’s important that we stay home. While home we can satisfy our wanderlust by traveling virtually. We can enjoy a safari or visit places we’ve only dreamed about –all online. We can also … Read more   Read more

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What travel will look like in a post-pandemic world

By Tara Tadlock

Rest assured, the tourism industry is remarkably resilient. Whether for work or leisure, once travel bans are in the rear-view mirror, it is likely that people will be back out and at it, albeit traveling a little differently than before.   Read more

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Traveling Virtually during COVID-19

Thanks to travel journalist Terri Marshall, she is sharing some great resources that are sure to curb the wanderlust inside that is screaming go somewhere—ANYWHERE! We know this lockdown is for the best and we know it is our responsibility to stay home in order to help save lives. But … Read more   Read more

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5 Tips To Enjoy A Spring Break Vacation Without Breaking The Budget

Many prospective travelers enduring the wintertime blues look forward to Spring Break to get away from the cold and snow. However, most people stay home because of the mistaken impression that spring break vacation costs too much to get away. Thankfully, this is a misconception. If you need to get … Read more   Read more

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Planning the Perfect Trip to Maui

Maui is the second largest island in Hawaii and undoubtedly is a paradise in a lot of aspects. Maui is not Disneyland so for best enjoyment and safety, a trip to this Hawaiian island requires some planning.   This article offers some helpful tips to guide you to planning your trip … Read more   Read more

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Preparing to Live and/or Study Abroad

Being well traveled doesn’t prepare you to live in another country and/or study abroad. In addition to learning a new language there is subtle cultural differences that require some adjustment. Susan Haskins and Dan Pressure, International Living writers and authors of the new book, Live Richer, Spend Less, moved from … Read more   Read more

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Deaths Climb and State of Emergency Issued in New South Wales

With the wildfires still raging something fierce, Australia’s New South Wales (NSW) government declared a week-long emergency with the region ravaged by the bushfires and the number of deaths still climbing. And, the dangerous conditions will persist into the weekend with strong winds, low humidity and high temperatures expected. The … Read more   Read more

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Barter Your Skills For Free Accommodations

The second international Barter Week saw over 600 hotels and self-catering businesses around the world sign up for the event that will occur Nov. 18 to 24. The initiative encourages accommodation owners to provide free stays to guests who share their goods or skills. Hosts register their wish in exchange … Read more   Read more

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