Mardi Gras parade

“In New Orleans, culture doesn’t come down from on high, it bubbles up from the streets.”

— Ellis Marsalis

No place anywhere on Earth is like New Orleans. When Ellis Marsalis appeared on the World Footprints podcast he echoed his quote above. James Carville told us that New Orleans is a place that just gets up in your skin. You’ll find their stories below.

Visit New Orleans, it is an ultimate place. There is so much more to New Orleans than Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras and the stories below touch on a variety of aspects that showcase the richness of The Big Easy.

You can learn about New Orleans‘ contribution to our rich American history (the full narratives), the music from jazz to zydeco, museums and food–ah, yes, the food!

Visit New Orleans, it is so big that it is known by many names:

  • The Big Easy.
  • Crescent City.
  • NOLA
  • Birthplace of Jazz.
  • The Hollywood South.
  • N’awlins.
  • Crawfish Town.
  • The Paris of the South.

Let the good times roll and you enjoy these stories about NOLA, a city that speaks to our heart and soul.

New Orleans French Quarter Festival Parade 2010

Each year World Footprints hosts a live broadcast during French Quarter Festival in New Orleans. This is one of our favorite events–music is everywhere, people are dancing and singing, and the food is plentiful. Certainly, a good time is had by all in New Orleans.   Read more

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