Inside the St. Louis Art Museum.  Photo:  Tonya Fitzpatrick

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”               -Henry David Thoreau

From exploring galleries to museums, to attending festivals and visual arts exhibitions, art travel can fulfill and stimulate travelers on many levels.  Major cities around the world have museums housing the works of the great masters.  Cities such as Basel, Miami and Hong Kong host art fairs that draw thousands of collectors, curators and casual observers.   Even when part of a broader travel itinerary, art can energize and engage travelers in surprising and unexpected ways.

Taos Pueblo

Discover the Authentic Heritage of Taos Pueblo

By Tonya Fitzpatrick

Visiting the United States, most people focus on travel to the east or west coast or to popular natural resources like famous national parks.  They overlook the lesser known cities that offer a real Americana experience with indigenous heritage and cultural immersion opportunities–places like Taos Pueblo. Church ruins and cemetery.  … Read more   Read more

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Outdoor art. Photo: Kathleen Walls

Kinston, North Carolina: A Farming and Industrial City Turned Arts Hub

By Kathleen Walls

They say art is in the eye of the beholder. When you visit Kinston, North Carolina, art will be in your eyes, ears, and taste buds too. Art is everywhere. The city, with a population of 22,000, southeast of Raleigh, wasn’t always like that. Kinston started life in 1762 named … Read more   Read more

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Eau Claire’s Artistic Wonders

By Robin Raven

The American heartland city of Eau Claire is enjoying an artistic renaissance. Sitting at the junction of the Eau Claire and Chippewa Rivers in Wisconsin, Eau Claire is French for “clear water,” and water is a defining physical feature of the city. Its natural beauty was the backdrop for my … Read more   Read more

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The Art & Architectural Renaissance of Lynchburg, Virginia

Join World Footprints as we explore Lynchburg, Virginia’s history on an art and architectural tour including spotlight stops at the Point of Honor historic home and the Riverviews Artspace. Located in the center of Virginia, Lynchburg is within a day’s drive of most major east coast cities and it’s a … Read more   Read more

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i see the rhythm of the gospel.jpg

Travels with Maya Angelou, Ellis Marsalis, Sandra Izsadore and Michele Wood

In one of her last interviews, the late Dr. Maya Angelou spent time with us to share her early life, lessons learned along her adult journey and golden nuggets of wisdom. Artist Michele Wood is a Coretta Scott King award-winning illustrator who joins us to explore American history through Gospel … Read more   Read more

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Travel Photography, Patricia Cornwell, Children’s Museum, David Rockefeller, Jr.

The fisherman photo courtesy of “The Photographing Tourist” by David Noyes. Award-winning travel writer and photographer David Noyes has learned to experience the world through more than his lens and pen.  He says that in order to appreciate our world we must investigate a destination as part of the human … Read more   Read more

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Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. Photo by Tonya Fitzpatrick, World Footprints

Walking through Rio – A tale of many cities

Rio de Janeiro (named a top place to visit) is a city of vibrant neighborhoods and districts. We wanted to experience the city’s culture Decorative stairs in Lapa. and history up close so we embarked on an exploration of Rio by foot. Historian Dr. Luciana Fagundes led our walking tour, … Read more   Read more

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5 Popular Attractions To Check Out While In Lyon, France

By Tonya Fitzpatrick

Lyon, France – it’s the country’s second biggest city, situated between Paris and Marseille.  Although it’s regarded as the gastronomy capital of the country, there are fewer restaurants than attractions for tourists to see. In 1992, due to the plethora of cultural and historical sites, the city was acknowledged as … Read more   Read more

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Along the bund in Shanghai

Shanghai – Where the Ancient Meets the New

By Jackie Jones

From historical significance, to popular culture, Shanghai is a Chinese city that intrigues millions. The seamless blend of ancient and modern add to its impressive infrastructure, and places like Nanjing Road, known as “China’s No.1 Street” because of its highly commercial aesthetic, play up this lure. YuYuan Garden.  Photo:  MojoBaron … Read more   Read more

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phantom of the opera mask.jpg

TODAY IN HISTORY: Phantom makes Broadway debut (Jan. 26, 1988)

On this day in history, January 26, 1988, Andrew Lloyd Webber's "The Phantom of the Opera" opened on Broadway.  It would go on to become one of our personal favorites but, more importantly, the longest-running Broadway show. To date there have been nearly 11,000 performances (of which we've seen a good percentage of … Read more   Read more

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Grounds of the Hatfield House

Walking in the footsteps of Elizabeth I

By Tonya Fitzpatrick

Elizabeth I remains one of the most popular English monarchs more than 400 years after her death. So much about this first woman to reign England in her own right intrigues and captivates us. The daughter of boisterous Henry VIII and his infamous second wife, Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth learned early … Read more   Read more

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View of Monaco

Magnificent Monaco

By Jackie Jones

Haven’t been to Monaco yet? Then you’re missing out. There are numerous reasons to visit the principality, including the Grand Prix (usually held in May), Michelin-star restaurants, great casinos, amazing luxury shopping possibilities, and beaches straight from the pages of a travel magazine. However, another that stands out is the … Read more   Read more

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Morocco dessert

The 5 Most Breathtaking Attractions in Morocco

By Ivanka Yurchenko

It’s hard to imagine a more versatile and exuberant land that is filled with all kinds of experiences than Northern Africa. With piles of treasures, dozens of snake charmers, and endless glasses of flavorful mint tea, there’s no better place to immerse yourself into the vibrant mix of African and … Read more   Read more

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Vieux Lille, France

Beautiful Vieux Lille & the French Flanders

By Jackie Jones

Lille was often associated with industry and trade, yet centuries of history have formed a charming city which lures to the French Flanders region and those who visit soon realize that a day-trip is just not enough.   Read more

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Painting in Lascaux Cave. Photo Jack Versloot

Prehistoric Art of Lascaux Cave

By Tonya Fitzpatrick

One of the greatest tourism attractions in France takes visitors thousands of years into the past and offers a unique insight into the lives of prehistoric humans.  This attraction are the famous Paleolithic cave paintings inside the Lascaux cave, located in the Dordogne district of France and near the village … Read more   Read more

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