“Once in awhile it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.”                 — Alan Keightley

From aviation security to personal safety in cities and resorts around the world, travelers are acutely aware of the risks inherent around the world.  Learning how to discern the truth about where and when to travel can be a daunting task.   Travelers know that they have to have a risk management plan for traveling close to home and abroad.  Navigating places smartly and developing interpersonal skills can help travelers overcome the almost inevitable challenges and crisis situations that have sadly made their way into modern travel.

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Heroes Equipping Heroes in Arizona

Anybody out there ready to hear some good news, for once? 2020 seems to be all about the bad news. I see it all the time on Facebook, TV, and even in my inbox. It seems the only thing anybody wants to talk about these days is COVID-19 and why … Read more   Read more

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Statue of Nelson Mandela at Nelson Mandela Square in Johannesburg, South Africa.

COVID-19 report from Johannesburg, South Africa

Following our earlier interview with Johannes Syms from the Western Cape (Cape Town), South Africa, we interviewed a Johannesburg-based reporter, Anita Powell, to learn what is happening in that densely populated city. Some of what we learned about the healthcare concerns in South Africa surprised us. What didn’t surprise us … Read more   Read more

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New Normal - Guanajuato, Mexico monument

COVID-19 Report from Mexico

For weeks it seemed like Mexico wasn’t as impacted by COVID-19 as other countries around the world and, certainly, not as affected as it’s U.S. neighbor.  But what was happening in Mexico and how is the country handling the coronavirus pandemic today? Was Mexico just slow to respond to the … Read more   Read more

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Boardwalk closure due to covid-19

Exploring Until the World Opens Back Up

We can’t travel at the moment…but it’s OK because we’ll be able to again soon. Right now it’s important that we stay home. While home we can satisfy our wanderlust by traveling virtually. We can enjoy a safari or visit places we’ve only dreamed about –all online. We can also … Read more   Read more

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Pianist Kendol Bacchus gives the gift of music during covid-19

St. Vincent pianist, Kendol Bacchus, shares healing music and updates from the island

Pianist Kendol Bacchus, who hails from the island of St. Vincent, is riding out the COVID-19 pandemic in Florida. He had a concert tour planned when he arrived in the U.S. two months ago so he is hunkering down until he can resume his concert schedule. Until that time comes, … Read more   Read more

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La Casa Cottages, my self isolation base. Photo: Kellie Paxian

From lockdown to isolation: My COVID-19-fuelled journey home

By Kellie Paxian

My greeting at YVR International Airport’s customs desk is about as warm as my farewell from Cape Town 27 hours earlier.   Read more

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Safety Tips to Curb COVID-19 When Traveling or Going to the Gym

Traveling during this period can be difficult for most people, but if you follow the safety measures, you are good to go. As of now, medical experts have said that the virus spreads through the eyes, nose, and mouth. If contaminated hands touch the face, you will definitely contract coronavirus. … Read more   Read more

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Chambery, France is in the French Alps.

COVID-19 in the French Alps: Chambery, France

Recently France experienced the highest number of COVID-19 related deaths in any one day.  Like every other country in the world, France has not been immune to the spread of this virus.  And, in dense cities like Paris it is not surprising to see the devastation the coronavirus has left … Read more   Read more

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COVID-19 Report: Rome and the Vatican during Holy Week

For the Vatican and the City of Rome, Holy Week has been eerily quiet. The thousands who generally flock to St. Peter’s Square have stayed away because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, the Pope will be celebrating all services on his own with no audience.  And the Vatican’s offices remain … Read more   Read more

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Tower Bridge in London, England

COVID-19 Report from London including status of P.M. Boris Johnson

The coronavirus in London, England has had a vast impact on the health of Prince Charles and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is currently in intensive care. Henry Ridgwell, Voice of America correspondent from London says that COVID-19 has altered British societal norms for years to come and it has … Read more   Read more

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butterfly and hand

A COVID-19 Survivor’s Message

Travel journalist, Terri Marshall Holder, has recently come out on the other side of a coronavirus infection. Terri just returned from back-to-back trips—one international and one domestic—but she thinks she actually contracted the virus after returning home to New York. Terri joined World Footprints to share her experience with battling … Read more   Read more

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wooden-bridge-in Holland

COVID-19 Report from Holland

Coronavirus knows no boundaries but we were surprised to learn how the virus has devastated the Netherlands. With fields laden with tulips and landscapes dotted with windmills, Holland is a beautiful country that no one can fully enjoy these days. We speak to Holland resident Merijn Martens about the impact … Read more   Read more

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Sunset on San Juan Islands

Take the “Island Time” challenge with San Juan Islands during COVID-19

Even an island paradise is not immune to the coronavirus as we learned from San Juan Islands’ Barbara Marrett. But the virus has not significantly impacted the San Juan Islands despite the islands proximity to Seattle, Washington – a coronavirus cluster. This is attributed to the islands limited accessibility via … Read more   Read more

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elephant-Sosuth Africa

COVID-19 Report from the Western Cape of South Africa

The COVID-19 virus trickled down through the African Nations slower than other continents but South African recently went into lockdown. So what does the new normal look like in South Africa? We’ll hear from Western Cape resident, Johannes Syms, about the status of South Africa’s fight against the coronavirus and … Read more   Read more

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Traveling from Cape Town to Vancouver during a pandemic

Kellie Paxian just made it out of South Africa before the country went into lockdown. The country was expecting COVID-19 to take a hold on South Africans but was the country prepared?  What about Vancouver? Kellie joins World Footprints to answer these questions and more.  She provides some insights into … Read more   Read more

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