Hiking Dominica's national trail

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”                –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Whether wandering off the tourist drags, or getting off the superhighways to find a surprising “gem” of a restaurant, attraction or activity not well known to the traveling public, going off the beaten path rewards event the most intrepid traveler.   It may take a sense of adventure or courage—or both, but going where few travelers go can provide a fresh source of travel stories and memories, while helping to bring tourism to places often overlooked.

Globe of social media above travelers.

Elaborate Scam Targets Hundreds of Instagram Travel Influencers

Scammers and con artists are nothing new, and they’re used to targeted lost tourists and students. However, they’re actually used Instagram influencers to up their scamming level. According to various reports, somebody posed as Wendi Deng Murdock was deceiving popular social media figures out of their money while participating in … Read more   Read more

Off the Beaten Path
Tbilsi, Georgia

Georgia: Five Reasons to Choose it Over Neighboring Turkey

By Ali Jennings

Previously overlooked in favor of its neighbor Turkey, the Caucus country of Georgia, which sits at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, has become a hot destination in recent years, particularly with those who want to travel off the beaten track. Here are five reasons why you should … Read more   Read more

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Map of Poland and surrounding European Union countries.

Five Lesser-Known Polish Cities Worth A Visit

By Ali Jennings

When travelers think of Poland, Krakćw and Warsaw, the country’s two largest and most popular tourist centers are typically what come to mind. But Poland is a huge country with a myriad of interesting cities for visitors. Here are five alternative cities you should check out when in Poland. Łćdź … Read more   Read more

Europe Off the Beaten Path
Descent to Tagana. Photo: Diana Condrea

Tenerife Off the Beaten Track: Five Ideas to Escape the Crowds

By Diana Condrea

The volcanic island of Tenerife, the largest and most diverse of the Canary Island Archipelago, is a fabulous year-round destination with record-breaking numbers of visitors each year. With over six million tourists in 2017, Tenerife, known as the island of the eternal spring for its year-round warm temperatures, is one … Read more   Read more

Spain Off the Beaten Path Architecture

A Message of Harmony at the End of a Jamaican Dirt Road

By George Miller

I’m walking along a dirt lane in the Jamaican bush when I meet Franklin. We’re beyond the end of the paved road, miles from the closest phone or electricity. The only running water flows beside us in a little mountain stream. Franklin and I chat for a few minutes, long … Read more   Read more

Caribbean and Atlantic Off the Beaten Path

Following Dracula’s Trail, Paranormal Photography and Defeating Human Traffickers

Do you believe in ghosts or vampires? On today’s show you’ll meet two people that do—a paranormal photographer and a writer who traveled along dracula’s trail.   Read more

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View of Lake Chelan. Photo: Eliza Amon

No Roads Lead to Stehekin

By Eliza Amon

Tucked in the rugged North Cascade Mountains near the Canadian border, is a town unreachable except by ferry, foot or flight. Remote as Stehekin is, the Washington town is a hub for nature lovers looking to hike, kayak, ride horses or fish in a national park whose glacier-tipped peaks are … Read more   Read more

United States Off the Beaten Path
Solovki Airport

Wooden Airports in Russia let visitors go into a time-travelling experience

For constant travellers airports are an unavoidable part of their world-exploring experience but it is not the most enjoyable part of traveling.  Airports around the world are generally overcrowded, chaotic and stressful environments packed within a generic structure.  However, there are a few airports throughout the former Soviet Union that … Read more   Read more

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Spiral Jetty: Making the Trek to the Famed Utah Earthwork

By Eliza Amon

Seventeen miles down a gravel road that cuts through an empty expanse of desert to reach the northeastern edge of Utah’s Great Salt Lake is an enigmatic art destination that’s worth the pilgrimage. And pilgrimage it is. Robert Smithson’s environmental artwork, Spiral Jetty, is not someplace you happen upon. The … Read more   Read more

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Pea Island life-saving station. A historic site and museum. Photo: Tonya Fitzpatrick

Inside North Carolina’s Outer Banks

North Carolina’s Outer Banks offers everything from open-sea beaches, theatre, wildlife preserves and popular shipwreck diving sites to down home cooking and history. On today’s show we explore these barrier islands and put a spotlight on Thailand and Indonesia. The Outer Bank’s Roanoke Island was the site of the first … Read more   Read more

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Kakadu National Park. Darwin, Australia

Diversity is one of the many Faces of Darwin, Australia

By Jackie Jones

Darwin, the capital of Australian Northern Territory, is one of those places where people come for a visit and often decide to stay. Its diversity is fascinating and local atmosphere seems to always cheer up.   Read more

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Burundi village

A Burundian Lesson in Hospitality

By Breana Johnson

It’s evening in the small African nation of Burundi, and the waning sun throws shadows over the city of Bujumbura. In the old Land Rover, we bump and jostle our way through the crowded dirt roads of the capital. Before we left the mission station where my husband’s family lives, … Read more   Read more

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Mountain Gorilla of Uganda

Want to visit Africa? Uganda is everything and more

By Tonya Fitzpatrick

Although located in the very heart of East Africa, Uganda is much less visited than most countries in East Africa and receives just a fraction of the visitors who arrive in neighboring Kenya each year for an adventure into the Masaai Mara. At the same time, this is often what … Read more   Read more

Africa Off the Beaten Path
My People’s Market 2018

Exploring Portland’s Multicultural Offerings

By Becky Garrison

The cult TV show Portlandia pushed Portland, Oregon to hipster fame, but behind the city’s heralded “cool” veneer, lies a white supremacist history. Black people were explicitly forbidden from living in the city when the state entered the union in 1859. According to the 2010 census, the city still identified … Read more   Read more

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Five Bahamian Experiences Off-the-Beaten-Path

By Gregory Hogan (GB)

For many people around the world, the Bahamas are emblematic of the Caribbean’s charms. When we think of these islands we generally picture pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush green forests. The Bahamas offer all that and more and that makes the islands one of the most popular Caribbean destinations. … Read more   Read more

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