“Once in awhile it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.”                 — Alan Keightley

From aviation security to personal safety in cities and resorts around the world, travelers are acutely aware of the risks inherent around the world.  Learning how to discern the truth about where and when to travel can be a daunting task.   Travelers know that they have to have a risk management plan for traveling close to home and abroad.  Navigating places smartly and developing interpersonal skills can help travelers overcome the almost inevitable challenges and crisis situations that have sadly made their way into modern travel.

China Travel Ban - China coronavirus alert

Australian PM Issues Extended Ban On China Travel

China is not happy with Australia after its prime minister extended its travel ban of foreign nationals leaving the country for seven additional days in the wake of a deepening Coronavirus crisis. There will be a weekly review of the China Travel ban, and its decision is the result of … Read more   Read more

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Empty airport

Travelers Canceling Trips Amid Coronavirus Fears

Prospective travelers, concerned about the coronavirus, are reconsidering their plans of travel and canceling trips. And, with that, some are seriously thinking about travel insurance. The virus, which has brought China to nearly a standstill in both outbound and inbound travel, is having a significant effect on the entire travel … Read more   Read more

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boeing-737 Max jet

Discounts Unlikely When Max Fleet Returns To Service

If you hope Southwest Airlines, United, American and other airlines would give travelers a discount for when they bring back the 737 Max Jet, you can forget it for now.  According to Tom Nealon, presidents of Southwest Airlines, said discounts are not being considered at this time. He said the … Read more   Read more


How Travel Industry Could Be Affected By Coronavirus

With the rise in coronavirus numbers, the travel industry is bracing itself for the negative impact.   According to Chinese officials, there are thousands of cases and over 30 deaths with confirmed cases in other countries: Japan, South Korea, Thailand and the U.S. China expanded its quarantine to 12 cities in … Read more   Read more

Puerto Rico

Traveling to Puerto Rico and Cuba

The island of Puerto Rico was still recovering from the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria when a Magnitude 6.4 earthquake shook the island.  As of this taping, Puerto Rico was hit by a 5.3 quake. Yet, despite these natural disasters Sarah Ratliff, owner of Purple Coqui tours and a resident … Read more   Read more

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Minnie Mouse

Multiple Disney Characters File Inappropriate Touching Charges With Sheriff’s Office

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck portrayers at Walt Disney World have all filed police reports on claims tourists are inappropriately touching them. The reports, filed with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, note the following: Mickey Mouse’s portrayer said she suffered neck injuries, seeking hospital care after a grandmother … Read more   Read more

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Australia 's wildfires

Deaths Climb and State of Emergency Issued in New South Wales

With the wildfires still raging something fierce, Australia’s New South Wales (NSW) government declared a week-long emergency with the region ravaged by the bushfires and the number of deaths still climbing. And, the dangerous conditions will persist into the weekend with strong winds, low humidity and high temperatures expected. The … Read more   Read more

Rwanda Tribal Dancer

Why Rwanda is a great destination for solo female travelers

By Lydia Klemensowicz

When I visited Rwanda as a solo female traveler, I was pleasantly assured by how secure I felt, and empowered by how confidently I was able to move around this beautiful country.   Read more

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Handcuffed with sky background reflects a night in a Mexico jail

One Night in Jail: A Travel Horror Story

By Katherine Bertrand

Suddenly, below several work emails and app notifications, a Whatsapp message from your mother catches your eye: “Well… I just had the longest shower…ate breakfast and drinking 3 cups of coffee… I just spent my first night ‘ever’ in jail.”   Read more

Mexico Insights
American Airline

American Airlines Will Continue To Ground Max Fleet Through Labor Day

American Airlines has decided to remove even more of its Boeing 737 Max aircraft fleet from its flight schedule through Sept. 3. The move may be a suggestion that recertifying the grounded fleet is going much more slowly than the company was hoping for. This means American Airlines is going … Read more   Read more

North Korea

Living in Mexico, Exploring North Korea, Malta and Barbados

Enjoy a transformative travel experience as we travel to North Korea, Malta, Mexico and Barbados. Wendy Simmons is an intrepid traveler whose solo adventures have taken her from Ethiopia to North Korea and beyond.  She joins World Footprints radio to share her wealth of travel advice and gives us a … Read more   Read more

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Travel Insurance graphic.

Travel Insurance: Take A Vacation With Some Additional Peace Of Mind

According to a survey by travel insurer Squaremouth, about 24 percent more people will be insuring their international travels, spending about $140 per trip for the insurance. What is travel insurance? It’s protection from the unexpected that could arise when traveling – things that your health insurance may not cover. … Read more   Read more

Kayak Travel | airplane-.jpg

Kayak Users Can Now Filter By Aircraft Model in Wake Of Fatal Disasters

Prospective travelers who use the Kayak travel website can now filter their trips by aircraft model. The company has introduced the feature in the wake of an Ethiopian Airlines’ Boeing 737 Max 8 crash on March 8 that killed everybody onboard. This was the second fatal crash for that model … Read more   Read more

Health and Wellness yoga retreats in Canada

6 Canadian Women’s Retreats Perfect for a Weekend Getaway

By Sam Treacy

After a long and exhausting work week, months filled with stressful schoolwork, or many hours spent with your children and family, many of us need a break from reality. A retreat can be the perfect way to do this, whether alone, or with close friends.   Read more

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Amazing race - Global Entry kiosk.

Adventurous Women, The Amazing Race, Trusted Traveler Program

The multi award-winning CBS reality show, The Amazing Race, has been entertaining audiences since 2001.  The show was created by partners Eleise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster as part of a bet.  Viewers have traveled around the world vicariously through The Amazing Race teams as they race for the $1 … Read more   Read more

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