Hiking Dominica's national trail. Photo: Tonya Fitzpatrick

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” 

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Off the Beaten Path travel  offers exceptional travel experiences and some unknown adventures. Whether wandering off the tourist drags, or getting off the superhighways to find a surprising “gem” of a restaurant, attraction or activity not well known to the traveling public, going off the beaten path rewards event the most intrepid traveler.  It may take a sense of adventure or courage—or both, but going where few travelers go can provide a fresh source of travel stories and memories, while helping to bring tourism to places often overlooked.

Some people just love to go for off the beaten path travel destinations, may be because the unexplored places gives them some unforgettable travel memories. And these memories take them to off the beaten path destinations again and again. Try some off beat locations yourself , take the journey to unknown travel destination and experience tourism in a whole new way.


The Azores – A little-known European destination

By Jackie Jones

The Azores is somehow forgotten European tourism destination. Lost in Atlantic the archipelago is a unique place. Hundreds of volcanoes, wonderful landscape and interesting architecture make it an interesting place to visit.   Read more

Europe Adventure Off the Beaten Path Preservation

Live the History in Romania’s Sighisoara Fortress

By Tonya Fitzpatrick

One of the last inhabited medieval fortresses of Europe lies in a small Romanian town, deep into the wonderful land of Transylvania, a land of legends and myths. Unknown to many tourists, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most interesting attractions of Romania, with a history that … Read more   Read more

Europe Off the Beaten Path Architecture History Preservation
Bangkok floating market

Asia’s marvelous floating markets

By Jackie Jones

Experiencing different cultures in all their diversity is one of the most fascinating aspects of exploring Asia. What all tourists ought to see there are local wondrous floating markets.   Read more

Asia Off the Beaten Path

The Raja Ampat Islands – A Marine Paradise

By Jackie Jones

Diving is a gateway to a different world revealing wonders of the natural kind. The list of top sites keeps on changing; however, those who have seen Raja Ampat look no further. This place is magical.   Read more

Asia Adventure Off the Beaten Path

When Travel Goes Bad: Death in Africa

By Richard Bangs

While scouting for the first descent of the Baro River in Ethiopia, a tributary of the White Nile, I heard about a Peace Corps volunteer, Bill Olsen, 25, a recent graduate of Cornell, who decided to take a dip in the river at Gambella, a village near the South Sudan … Read more   Read more

Africa Adventure Off the Beaten Path

The Underground Railroad through Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

We enjoyed a weekend exploring Gettysburg's history including the Battle of Gettysburg and the area's role in the underground railroad. Travel the road of history as we learn about key players in the underground railroad through Pennslyvania.   Read more

United States Experiences Off the Beaten Path History
Tortola. Britishvirgin-islands-pixabay.jpg

Tiniest “Everything” in Tortola

By Inka Piegsa-Quischotte

Whereas other travel destinations are famous for the tallest building, the highest mountain, etc. I have found in Roadtown, capital of the Caribbean island of Tortola (BVI) four attractions which are the tiniest of their kind I have ever come across. Small they maybe, but they are full of charm … Read more   Read more

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Dive Bequia sign.jpg photo by Tonya Fitzpatrick

Grenadine Islands of Bequia and Tobago Cays

Photo:  Tonya FitzpatrickThis World Footprints show will journey to the Grenadines and unlock the mysteries of the sea in a way few seldom see or experience.  The Grenadines are a haven for scuba divers, some of the world’s most spectacular aquatic scenery and much more.  Our first stop takes us … Read more   Read more

Caribbean and Atlantic Family Travel Luxury Travel Off the Beaten Path History Conservation

GOLD AWARD: On The Road to Freedom, a civil rights trail

World Footprints will travel along The Road To Freedom with author and former civil rights activist Charlie Cobb as he introduces us to the places of the movement and the personalities who made those places historically relevant. Then meet fellow travelers Scott Hartblay and Christine Bischoff as they recount their … Read more   Read more

North America Off the Beaten Path History Literature & Music

President Obama welcomes the Texas Baylor Bears

World Footprints had the pleasure of attending a ceremony at the White House when President Obama congratulated the 2012 NCAA Women's Basketball Champs, the Texas Baylor Bears.   Read more

United States Off the Beaten Path Sports Events & Festivals

The Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary on the island of Bequia

Meet "Brother" King from the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary on the island of Bequia and discover how he became an accidental champion of the sea turtle.   Read more

Caribbean and Atlantic Off the Beaten Path Volunteer Travel Preservation

Highlights from the 68th United Nations General Assembly

World Footprints was honored to attend the opening day of the 68th annual United Nations General Assembly in New York. President Obama provided opening remarks following a welcome by the Secretary General and President of Brazil.   Read more

United States Off the Beaten Path Events & Festivals

Mobbed by cute squirrel monkeys in the Amazon

If you visit Isla de los Micos (Monkeys Island) in the Amazon and you have a banana in hand, prepare to be mobbed by a band of squirrel monkeys who are seeking a midday snack.  Note:  they also like shiny things and one guy tried to make off with my … Read more   Read more

Central and South America Off the Beaten Path Social Responsibility

Sounds of the Amazon

On our first day in the Amazon (south of Leticia, Colombia), we explored some of our majestic surroundings in small wooden canoes. We were told that there were many eyes watching us even when we couldn’t see them.   Read more

Central and South America Adventure Off the Beaten Path

Unique Places to Celebrate Black History

By Tonya Fitzpatrick

During Black History Month, there are many lesser known sites around the country where you can celebrate the month in a unique way. The African-American Heritage Trail is quite long and the short list that follows doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of the attractions you can visit.   Read more

United States Off the Beaten Path History