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Grammy-nominee Rene Marie sings Eartha Kit and Cheetah Conservation

Rene MarieWorld Footprints will walk in the footprints of two socially-conscious guests–a Grammy-nominated singer whose musical talents led her to change her life and live her passion, and we'll welcome back a good friend whose efforts are savings one of the most graceful and beautiful big cats on our planet.Rene Marie … Read more   Read more

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Hong Kong.

First Person Perspective: Hong Kong and Me

By Marie-Noelle Araella

It is fascinating to travel to Hong Kong. The city feels reborn, new, exciting, intriguing and is spectacular. Hong Kong and I have this love/hate relationship. You know that feeling when something makes you uncomfortable but yet you cannot stay away?  That is the relationship I have with Hong Kong. … Read more   Read more

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Tweed Valley.jpg

A Traveler’s Guide To Kingscliff

By Teena Celis

Kingscliff is a quaint, picturesque little coastal town in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales. Sparsely populated, this enchanting region has a magical coastline that cradles several golden beaches, each one a surfers’ paradise like you’ve never seen. Kingscliff beach.  Photo:  Eric Se Getting Here Kingscliff is located … Read more   Read more

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10 Things Passengers Can Ask for on an Airplane

By Tonya Fitzpatrick

If you don’t ask, you you won’t get. That’s a common sense approach to anything but with the implementation of smaller airline seats, reduced leg room, cheaper in-flight amenities and other cost-savings measures for airlines, the need to ask for things is crucial.  So, for those who dare to ask, … Read more   Read more

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Footprint in the sand

First person: The reverse (other) culture shock

By Marie-Noelle Araella

What happens when you go overseas for an extended period and return home to find that your 'home' has become more foreign to you than the country or countries you've visited?   Read more

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Distinguishing between a U.S. State Department Travel Warning and Travel Alert

By Tonya Fitzpatrick

The ability to travel and enjoy the world is one of the most enriching experiences one can ever have.  Although we’re noticing civil unrest in certain parts of the world today, every country presents some unpredictability.  A responsible traveler is also an informed traveler and the U.S. State Department regularly … Read more   Read more

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Black Patriots and Global Learning

World footprints showcases positive footprints around the world with today’s guests.  Dr. P. Bai Akridge talks about the importance of study aboard programs and how students can discover their potential through global learning.  Frank Martin, producer of the PBS documentary, For Love of Liberty: The Story of America’s Black Patriots, and Bill … Read more   Read more

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Eco-couture, Green Dubai & Stone Walls by Ansel Adams protege

Today on World Footprints we’ll contemplate the personal boundaries of Stone Walls with Ansel Adams protégé, photographer Mariana Cook.  We’ll also look at the fusion between eco-friendly couture and glamour.  We’ll talk to one traveler about her initiatives to fight human trafficking and we’ll learn about Dubai’s progressive sustainable initiatives. … Read more   Read more

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Actress Kate Linder, Peace through Tourism, Girlfriend Getaways and Mancations

Actress Kate Linder, best known for her role as Ester Valentine on The Young and the Restless (CBS Daytime), also travels for a living as a United Airlines flight attendant. Really! Kate didn’t leave her daytime job even after landing the popular role on Y&R. She takes a break from … Read more   Read more

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Venus Williams offers recipes for success

World Footprints has enjoyed interviewing many celebrities and newsmakers who epitomize global citizenship at its best. From David Rockefeller, Jr. to director Ken Burns, actress Stefanie Powers and more.We had the pleasure of meeting tennis great Venus Williams and her sister Isha at the National Press Club. Venus talked about … Read more   Read more

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Tales from the Tarmac.jpg

BOOK CLUB: Tales from the Tarmac

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at our world’s airports, you’ll enjoy today’s book club reading “Tales from the Tarmac”.  Author Claudia Oxee is a former runway model turned airline industry aficionado and her new book offers great insight into the crazy world of airport terminals … Read more   Read more

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Salmon dish.

Local culinary finds by Tonya on WUSA 9 television

Tonya appeared on W*USA 9 TV to share two culinary destinations in Washington DC: “A Taste of Iceland” at DC Coast Restaurant and “DeLightful” (lowcal French menu) at the Sofitel’s ICI Bistro. Join her as she continues to share the culinary treasures found around the world.   Read more

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Peter Greenberg offers common sense international travel tips

While covering the Travel and Adventure Show in Washington, D.C., we met Peter Greenberg who stopped by for an interview and also shared some important travel tips for the audience.  This clip showcases things we should know when traveling internationally. Make sure to listen to our interviews with Peter on … Read more   Read more

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The artist voice from Hollywood, New York and Beyond

World Footprints is joined by an all-star cast of artists who have traveled the world to realize their dreams.  Actress and Super Model, Natasha Alam joins World Footprints to talk about her latest role as “Yvetta”, Alexander’s new love interest, and her amazing journey of courage and determination that took … Read more   Read more

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Living Silent, Norway’s Perfume and Discovering Burma

 Join World Footprints as hosts Tonya and Ian explore the world of silence, the power of perfume and a new Burma.Imagine living for 17 years under a personal vow of silence.  Our first guest, National Geographic author John Francis, did just that.  After witnessing the devastating effects of the 1971 … Read more   Read more

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