Dominica Jazz Festival. Photo: Tonya Fitzpatrick

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

Susan Sontag

From villages to big cities, festivals and events bring people together to celebrate culture, heritage, cuisine or just about anything.  From religion to music, from agriculture to sports, from food to just plain fun, festivals and events sustain communities and encourage travel all over the world.

A trip or a small drive to an event with friends or with family needs no reason except just fun. And most importantly we can take a break from our daily routines and experience some celebration without going away too far. Festivals reminds us of our cultures, traditions, and above all is a time to celebrate with family.

Celebrating travel during National Travel and Tourism Week in the United States.

LEGACY SHOW: National Travel and Tourism Week

This broadcast is a favorite legacy show that was produced under our old Travel’n On name and format before re-branding as WORLD FOOTPRINTS. This year’s National Travel and Tourism Week features the first-ever U.S. Travel Rally Day on Tuesday, May 12. On that day, cities across the country will unite … Read more   Read more

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The Great Circus in Milwaukee

We traveled to Milwaukee in 2010 and experienced one of the last of "The Great Circus" events that the city was to hold.  Every year the legendary actor Ernest Borgnine threw on some face paint, clown shoes and his natural smile to lead the parade.  We were so blessed to … Read more   Read more

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Ian and Tonya with show guests and Shreveport, LA reps at the Mudbug Madness Festival live broadcast.

LEGACY SHOW: A Taste of Shreveport

LEGACY SHOW: This show was broadcast LIVE through a former platform and under our former Travel’n On name. What began in 1984 as a 2-day street festival has blossomed into one of Louisiana’s most popular Cajun festivals. We shared the tastes and sounds of the 25th Anniversary of the Mudbug … Read more   Read more

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