Best of Ireland, Portraits from Cuba, Exploring Mid-Michigan

Explore the treasures of Ireland, Cuba and Detroit.

Nialls Gibbons, CEO of Tourism Ireland, will take us on a historical journey through the Emerald Isles.  Nialls will introduce some of Ireland’s lesser known stories, including the country’s ancient monastic history and language heritage.

For Americans, the island of Cuba has been the forbidden fruit that many have desired to taste.  Some Americans have risked the threat of jail and others have spent a small fortune to travel to the land where time has stood still.  For photographer Jay Seldin, one trip to Cuba was never enough and now he has compiled hundreds of photos from years of traveling to the island in a powerful photo book called The Cubans.

Travel journalist Bijan Bayne recently experienced the explosion of Detroit, Michigan’s revitalization and growth.  He also ventured to port cities along Michigan’s coastline and uncovered some interesting maritime history.  Bijan returns to World Footprints to share what Detroit and adjacent mid-Michigan port cities have to offer to travelers who want to experience the rebirth of the “Big D” and Michigan’s unique history.

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